10 Beauty Resolutions to Make in 2017

beauty resolutions

New year, new you! Start 2017 off right by committing to some fun and simple beauty resolutions. From taking better care of your hair and skin to trying makeup that’s out of your comfort zone, keep reading for resolutions that will revitalize your routine. Let’s make this year a beautiful one.

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes

Take Off Your Makeup Every Night: Trust me, I know there’s nothing more annoying than having to take off your makeup at 3 AM, when you’re exhausted and – most likely – a bit tipsy, but it’s so important. Leaving your makeup on overnight is a recipe for waking up with clogged pores and a major breakout. If you’re eyes are half-shut and you can’t drag yourself to the bathroom, keep some makeup wipes on your nightstand. My personal favorite is Neutrogena’s classic Cleansing Towelettes. It gets the job done from the comfort of your cozy bed. ($4.49)

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment

Wear SPF Every Day: Even on the dreariest, cloudiest days, you should be wearing SPF. Sun damage can take a toll on your complexion during any season. Reach for a sunscreen or foundation with SPF every morning. Tarte’s BB Tinted Treatment has SPF 30 and enough coverage to act as your foundation during the day. It’s weightless, long-lasting and doesn’t have that pesky smell that comes with most sunscreens. ($36)

Bite Amuse Bouche

Invest in – and Use! – a Super-Bold Lipstick: There’s something powerful about rocking a super-bold lipstick. An instant confidence booster. It doesn’t matter if your idea of a ‘bold lip’ is a deep crimson, a shocking pink or a jet black – invest in a bold lippie that you love and wear it regularly. Bite’s Amuse Bouche range is packed with daring colors, including Kale, a deep hunter green with black undertones. Dare to be bold. ($26)

CHI Ceramic 1” Iron

Save Some Cash by Straightening Your Hair at Home: Learning how to straighten your hair at home is the biggest beauty money-saver. A typical blowout costs at least $30 — factor in getting your hair done about two or three times a month, and that’s easily a few hundred dollars every year. Save time and money by investing in a solid flat-iron. CHI’s Ceramic 1” Iron will last you for years, and it truly straightens your hair just as well as they do in the salon. ($89.95)

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Every Other Week: Cleaning your makeup brushes often is a must. It will preserve the life of your brushes, plus it will minimize your chance of suffering from pesky breakouts. Don’t think of it as a chore: blast some music while you do it, and it can actually be a fun way to spend some time. The Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner is a magic in a bottle – it will blow you away. For other fun, creative ways to clean your brushes, check out this blog post. ($24)

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Treat Yourself to Weekly At-Home Spa Night: Everyone should take some time once a week to forget about all of your stress and just relax. Light some candles, draw a bath, put on a face mask and treat yourself. If you enjoy the smell of rosewater, you’ll find Fresh’s Rose Face Mask to be intoxicating. It truly smells like freshly cut roses, and it visibly hydrates and tones your skin. It will soothe any redness or blemishes you may have, and works well on sensitive skin. ($62)

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask

Protect Your Color-Treated Hair: This new year, make an effort to take care of your color-treated hair and prolong your dye job. Blowdrying, straightening, stepping out in the sun – they all effect dye jobs. Use a weekly hair mask to keep your color in pristine condition. Not only will a good mask protect the color, it will also ensure hair feels silky smooth and knot-free. The MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask is a lifesaver. Leave the argan-oil-packed formula on for ten minutes weekly to add some life and bounce to your delicate tresses. ($16)

Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit

Try Something New: Whether it’s a new hairstyle, a funky eye look or an out-of-the-box lipstick color, the new year is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Half the fun of beauty is experimenting with your look, and finding unique things that work for you. Give Anastasia’s Moonchild Glow Kit a shot – it’s a highlighter palette filled with daring shades like lavender, mint and ice blue. You can also use the shades for an ultra-eye-catching shadow look. ($40)

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots

Stop Picking!: When you see a new pimple emerge, the normal reaction is to pick at it or pop it…don’t. As tempting as it is, popping a pimple can, and probably will, result in redness, a bigger breakout or even an infection. Control your picking urge by immediately placing one of Peter Thomas Roth’s Acne-Clear Invisible Dots on the spot. These innovative, little dots are so easy to use. Just place one of the patches – which are packed with salicylic acid, tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid – on the blemish and leave it on for eight hours. The spot will disappear overnight. ($30)


Drink More Water: This sounds so simple, but it’s imperative. What you put into your body truly has an effect on how your outside looks. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day for glowing, healthy, radiant skin. If you’re not the type to naturally reach for H2O to quench your thirst, set a reminder on your phone every two hours to drink up! (Image via Strittetforlin)

What are your beauty resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!