10 Creative Ways to Use White Eyeliner

white eyeliner

There’s nothing I love more than a good multitasking beauty product…a do-it-all item really gives you the biggest bang for your buck. White eyeliner may seem pretty inconspicuous. Most people think of it as a unique shade of liner that can help you play around with your look every once in a while, but it is so much more than that. White liner can be used for everything from opening up your eyes to concealing blemishes to making your lips look bigger. Keep reading for the best, most creative ways to use white eyeliner.

INNER CORNER HIGHLIGHT: One of the first rules of eyeshadow is that you should put a light color in the inner corner of your eye. It creates the illusion of brighter, wider eyes. I like to draw a sideways ‘V’ on my inner corner, then blend it out with my finger. It’s my go-to trick for any eyeshadow look, from a neutral eye to the most dramatic smoky. It’s the perfect finishing touch.

IN THE WATERLINE: Another way to open up your eyes is by applying white liner all over your waterline. Just like a good eye cream, it can instantly create a more ‘awake’ appearance. Your eyes will look bigger, wider and brighter. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo is a nice option. You should look for a liner that is richly pigmented and opaque for full impact.


FULLER LIPS: Want to create the illusion of full, plump lips? Apply some white liner to the center of your lips. Pat it in, then apply the color that you want to use to the sides of your lips. Apply a sheer gloss over the top to mesh the colors together, rub your lips together and blot. Instant lip plumper! (Photo via Trusper)


EYESHADOW BASE: If you want your eyeshadow to really pop, apply a creamy white pencil over your lid before the shadow and blend it in with your finger. This is an especially helpful hack for bright, vivid colors. Keep in mind that the pencil is purely for adjusting color; it’s not a primer. Apply a shadow primer (I love Benefit’s Air Patrol) beforehand to prevent creasing. (Photo via Good Housekeeping)


FOR A DRAMATIC EYE LOOK: There’s something so fresh and modern about using white liner for a cat eye or bold liner look. Look for a white gel or liquid liner for maximum impact. Some of the most pigmented, vivid options include ColourPop’s Exit, Stila’s Snow, Kat Von D’s Neruda and Inglot AMC Liner in 76. (Photo via The Fashion Medley)

LIGHTEN UP EYELINER: Is your eyeliner too dark or bold for the look you’re going for? Lighten it up with white eyeliner! It’s simple color theory. Line your lashes with white liner, then go over it with the colored liner of your choice. Turn a navy liner into a lighter shade of blue, black into gray, etc.


SUBTLE HIGHLIGHTER: Using a creamy white liner (NYX’s Milk is the best, in my opinion), draw some lines over the areas you want to highlight: forehead, bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow, etc. Blend it out with a BeautyBlender. You’ll be left with a subtle, matte finish — it will brighten up your entire face, shimmer-free. This is ideal for those with fair skin. If you have a deeper skin tone, go with a champagne pencil. (Photo via XoVain)


HIGHLIGHT YOUR BROWS: Apply white eyeliner around your brow – literally outline the brow – to subtly define and highlight it. Use a BeautyBlender or your finger to blend it out. It will create the illusion of perfectly groomed arches. (Photo via Makeup and Beauty)


FRESHEN UP YOUR NAILS: If you don’t have time to get a manicure, you can brighten up the look of your bare nails by using white eyeliner to draw underneath your nails. It will create the illusion of healthy nails…or even a fresh French manicure! Make sure to clean the back of your nails first. (Photo via PopSugar)

MAKESHIFT CONCEALER: Have a red spot you really want to cover up? Apply white liner to it first, then put your normal concealer on top. The white will counteract the redness and make the blemish virtually disappear. If you have a green concealer on hand, it’s even better – green and red are opposites on the color wheel – but the white pencil will work in a pinch.

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Cover image via Trusper

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