10 Makeup Looks You Need to Try Before Summer Ends!


This summer has been filled with some of the boldest, most creative and exciting beauty trends ever. From bright lips to colored graphic liner, the looks are eye-catching and gorgeous. Read on for our ten favorite summer beauty trends, and the products you need to recreate them yourself. Think of it as an end-of-summer beauty bucket list. How many can you try before Labor Day rolls around?



Liquid lipstick is, without a doubt, one of the biggest trends of the year. This innovative product is a true game-changer, and it seems like every brand is jumping on the liquid lippie bandwagon. Arguably the best part of using liquid lipstick? You can wear a bold color and not worry about it getting on your teeth, bleeding, feathering or getting on your teeth. The one downside? They can be drying – make sure to use a healthy dose of moisturizing lip balm before applying. Some of the best liquid lippies out there include Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, NYX Liquid Suede and Gerard Cosmetics’ Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick, seen above. To see more liquid lippie looks and get inspired, check out this roundup!



This summer, it was all about giving your standard black wing a rest and adding some color to your routine! With the release of Anastasia’s Waterproof Creme Colors in fun colors like Ice Blue and Barbie Pink, it seemed like everyone became an artist and their eyes became their canvas. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the creative graphic eye looks was a pure joy – to see our favorite colored liner looks, check out our blog post!




Strobing came in with a bang this summer. This trend literally exploded overnight, with hundreds of YouTube tutorials and Instagram photos showcasing the look. Still wondering what strobing is? Essentially, it’s extreme highlighting. Or contouring without the bronzing step. It’s quick, easy and, if done right, gives off an ethereal, lit-from-within effect. All you really need to get the look is a great highlighter, like BECCA’s iconic Opal, but for a detailed step-by-step tutorial, check out our how-to!


Slicked Back Hair

The slicked-back, wet-looking hairstyle has been a runway staple for a few seasons now, but is it wearable in real life? It definitely is! This cool and confident look is daring in the best way, and is pretty easy to recreate at home. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks drop dead gorgeous, pairing it with bold red lips. To get the look, all you need to do is apply a wet look gel to your hair (like this affordable one by LA Looks) and brush it back. Watch this video for a better idea of how to create the style!



I wonder if Beyonce knew she was starting a beauty revolution when she sang, “I woke up like this!” The no-makeup makeup look is as popular as ever, thanks to its less-is-more approach to beauty. This look is all about keeping your skin hydrated (make sure you drink those 8 cups a day) and flawless (find a great BB cream or tinted moisturizer, like Laura Mercier’s). For a step-by-step how-to, check out our no-makeup makeup blog post.



Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest models in the world right now, known for her laid-back, Cali girl approach to beauty. After years of everyone trying out different side parts, the stark center part, Kendall’s signature style, has made a comeback! It’s all about shiny, frizz-free hair. You can wear the style with either beachy waves or stick-straight flat ironed locks. To learn how to perfectly flat iron your hair at home, click here!



Healthy, glowing, sun-kissed skin is a summer beauty staple. Grab your favorite bronzer (Christen Dominique, above, used Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil) and get that ‘just got back from a tropical vacation’ look, even if you didn’t step foot onto a beach! For more of the best bronzed beauty looks, check out this roundup!



This trend is not for the faint of heart, but if you consider yourself a beauty daredevil or are dying to try something out of your comfort zone, pastel brows are for you! Pastel, or mermaid, hair has been around for quite some time, but this new Instagram trend is just as fun and requires a lot less work. Plus, you can wash it off at the end of the day! Just grab some highly pigmented eyeshadow, like Urban Decay’s Electric Palette, and fill in your brows the same way you would use brow powder. Voila! Instantly bold and beautiful brows.



Beauty is all about experimenting with the unexpected. Berry lips are traditionally thought of as a fall/winter trend, so mix it up by going vampy during the summer heat! Stunning Carli Bybel created a tutorial on summertime berry lips, and as you can see from the picture above, it’s gorgeous. To see her tutorial, click here!



In the past, people would run for a box of hair dye at the first sight of a gray hair, but this summer, it’s all about the gray! Silver hair is in, as proven by the shiny locks of some of the biggest beauty gurus. Strikingly beautiful @Ssssamanthaa is one of the biggest supporters of the silver trend, and it’s clear why: she looks absolutely stunning with the unique color. If you want to make a major change, head into your local salon and go gray!

Which of these beauty trends will you try before summer comes to an end? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR.COM!

Images via @carolinebeautyinc, @makeupbymario, MiMiChatter, Irish Examiner, Beauty-Boks, Cosmopolitan UK, @ChristenDominique, @carlibel and @ssssamanthaa

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