The Perfect DIY Home Manicure

Every woman knows the incredible feeling of getting a shiny, professionally-done manicure. It helps complete your look and feel refreshed…but salon manicures can be time-consuming and cost you upwards of $14. Why not save the time and money, and learn to give yourself a salon quality manicure in the comfort of your own home? Here are the 10 steps you need to know to give yourself a professional manicure!

1. Before you begin make sure you gather everything you need to avoid messing up your nails in the process. You will need nail polish remover, cotton balls, a nail file, a buffer, a cuticle pushercuticle remover, hand cream, a base coat, your choice of nail polish, precision tips and a topcoat.

2. Remove all excess nail polish and oils off your nails with a cotton ball and nail polish remover. Since nail polish remover, especially 100% acetone, removes all the moisture from your nails and the skin surrounding it, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after to get the acetone off your nails.

3. Next, file your nails. With any nail file that you feel comfortable with, start filing in one direction. You are probably used to going back and forth with the file but take some extra time and stay in one direction. This will give your nails a better overall shape and will prevent over-filing them.

4. Once you have gotten your desired nail length, buff your nails to remove the ridges caused by filing. Using a buffer will smooth your nails and give it a shine.

5. To get that pristine, ideal nail, removing cuticles is a must. Apply a cuticle remover to all the edges of your nails on one hand. Wait about 15 seconds and with a cuticle pusher remove the gel and wipe it off on a towel. Once you’re done with one hand, move on to your other one. After you have removed all the gel, rinse your hands to get off any excess. This is not a step you need to do each time you give yourself a manicure. Do it only when you see your cuticles are out of control.

6. At this point you have done a lot to your nails and its almost time to actually apply the nail polish. Before you do so, apply your favorite hand cream to rejuvenate your nails.

7. Now that your nails look fresh and ready to go, apply your favorite base coat. Apply the base coat to your non-dominant hand, then to your dominant hand. Base coat does not take a long time to dry so once you are done, quickly move on to apply your first coat of nail polish.

8. You will be applying two coats of nail polish, but your first coat is most important as it sets the place for your second coat. Slowly and carefully, with a thin layer of nail polish, paint your nail from right to left. After you are done with your first coat move on to the second coat, with the same process. Don’t worry if nail polish gets on the edges of your nail…we will fix that next!

9. Time to clean up all the nail polish that got on the edges of your nail. Now, I can’t tell you how many times I rushed this step and ended up taking off perfectly done nail polish, so my advice is to be patient and take it slow! Dip a precision tip into nail polish remover and slowly go around the edges of your nail without getting to close to your actual nail.

10. We are almost there! Finish up your professionally done manicure with a top coat of your choice. Depending on your top coat, it will take a few minutes for your nails to dry. Better be safe than sorry, so sit back and let them really dry.


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