Positano was the setting of Votre Vu Ann Brodette’s beauty adventure. Sounds lovely, right? Well, not really. Read her tragic yet hilarious tale of an uncomfortable massage.

I was in Italy with two girlfriends when I turned forty. Our husbands treated us to a special massage at the spa. I was first in line, and I entered the room. I was very surprised to see that another woman was there, having a pedicure. They gave me a net that I thought was meant for my hair – turned out it was a thong! I was expected to get completely naked and lay on the table with a tiny towel. That was very strange for me as I was used to having my body covered by a blanket when receiving the massage, be in a room by myself without people watching me, let alone having feet in front of my face! The masseuse came in and took off my tiny blanket, and started working on me while mosquitoes were flying around. Not only was she not good at all, she was joined by a colleague as it was supposed to be a four hand massage. They started talking to each other in Italian and giggling to add to my discomfort and making it one of my worst, most embarrassing experiences. Of course I told my girlfriends to forget the massage and have pedicures instead!