For this week’s Beauty Adventure, we had the pleasure of speaking to Asya Varshisky, who works in business development at Sotheby’s and is a proud beauty enthusiast. She tells us about her passion for doing makeup and the joy it can bring.

“I always loved makeup. As a little girl, I would convince my mom to let me give her makeovers. Growing up in Greenwich, Connecticut, I would always head over to Saks Fifth Avenue and talk to the women by the cosmetics counters. There, I educated myself on all there is to know about beauty. I eventually became such a beauty expert that people started asking me for advice.

If my friends were feeling a little down – guy problems, work issues – I would cheer them up by doing their makeup. I found that these little makeover sessions were very therapeutic. It would really put both my friends and me in a better mood. I think it is a very giving and nurturing act to do someone’s makeup.

When my best friend, Liz told me she was getting married in Verona, Italy, I knew exactly what to offer her as a present: a class for both of us at the legendary Kimara makeup studio. We learned a few new tricks, like doing eyelash extensions, and discovered new color palettes. I have been doing her make-up for the past ten years, so I was the natural choice to prepare her for her wedding day. I did a soft makeup using tinted moisturizer, Cle de Peau concealer and a Kimara eye shadow palette. She looked beautiful. It was such a special experience, I am so happy to have been able to share it with my best friend.”