20 Cheat Sheets to Help You Up Your Makeup Game

20 beauty cheat sheets

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and that’s especially true when it comes to makeup. From infographs to pictorials, we’ve rounded up twenty visuals that will help you make sense of your makeup. Whether you’re a newbie who wants to learn the basics or a total beauty addict who wouldn’t mind a refresher course, we can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new! Keep reading to discover these game-changing beauty charts.

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Break Away from Neutrals: 20 Colorful Smoky Eye Looks


A classic smoky eye is, well, classic for a reason. Beautiful, elegant and evening-appropriate, it’s always a safe bet for a night out…but what’s the fun in playing it safe? One of the most exciting parts of doing your makeup is experimenting and playing around with different colors and styles to see what works best for you. Scroll through for twenty of the most stunning colorful smoky eye ideas to inspire you to put the black shadow down and get creative!

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