Matteo Balzarini is a 24 year old Milano resident who started, a website dedicated to giving the ultimate advice to Italian men: How to seduce the woman you want to be with. With over 700 daily visitors, Matteo has built a core community of men, mainly in their late teens and 20s (some in their mid-30s), who come to his website to seek his advice, learn about ways to approach and socialize with women and ultimately find the guts to seduce girls they are into.

“Since I was in grade school, I had a very precocious talent of being shy, especially with girls. As I entered high school, I wanted to learn and understand how to be attractive to women or, in a way, attract women. I realized that my friends who got girls were not particularly good looking, but they had attitude and personality. I started reading philosophy and psychology books about human nature and people’s behavior. From there, I had to experiment, I had to learn the art of seduction, and I learned more about myself.

I started trying different tactics around girls. Doing a mini sociological study, getting out there, seeing what works with women, and also observing other guys. Soon enough I got the hang of it after various interesting and strange (to say the least) experiences with girls reacting differently based on my actions. Then, at a certain point, the act of speaking and “getting girls” came naturally.  When I started the website, I realized it needed to be targeted towards men because women inherently know how to socialize much better than men because they started at an earlier age. Men need more help. “

When did you launch your website?

“I started (a pun on the word seduce) in 2008 with a friend of mine.”

What’s the philosophy behind your practice and the type of behavior you promote on the site?

“The core of our philosophy is that seduction is not about physical appearance, but the way you behave around a girl. We want to help guys feel comfortable in their own skin and know how to socially behave around women. This self-confidence and astute self-awareness will ultimately attract women. Women are attracted to a guy when their real qualities come to life.”

Are men more superficial than women? 

“The first thing men look to in a woman is typically physical attraction and it’s completely normal, in my opinion, and women are guilty of it as well, though not as much. But there is a difference between attraction and seduction. For women it’s more important the way the man behaves around them. A woman can meet a guy who she is attracted to, but, the moment he opens his mouth, she can get completely turned off.”

Does a man need to wear perfume?

“YES! It’s extremely important to have a cologne because it reminds women of a particular smell and could trigger memories and other physical emotions.”

Are there particular things that men should be aware of with respect to their physical appearance?

“A man’s hands need to be in good shape. Women mainly pay attention to hands. Also, a beard is okay, but generally should be groomed after a few days.”

Do you notice any specific beauty elements of women that guys don’t like?

“Guys generally don’t like lip gloss and I don’t understand why the majority of women wear it. I personally like women to be more natural.  I prefer a woman with minimal make-up, no nail art, yet no lip gloss. Lipstick is okay, but no lip gloss, and men really aren’t into crazy nails.”

Any suggestions for women? 

“The best advice is to let the man chase and desire you. If you are too open and show your cards right away, the man won’t be as interested even if they were at the beginning. My experience and knowledge is more with Italians. However, having lived in New York City for the past few months, I definitely notice that American girls are much more aggressive. They don’t keep mystery. It’s a bit of a shame because there’s a loss of innocence.”

We can’t help but notice the resemblance between Matteo and the character from the movie Hitch. In fact, he recently started giving some of his online users one-on-one lessons. Very similar to the advice Will Smith’s character gave his clients in the movie. Though he is a natural at this point, he still wants to spread his wisdom and the love! 

Check out Matteo on his site