Beauty Essentials for a Night Out!

beauty essentials for a night out

As you’re getting ready for a night out, you probably mentally check off what you need to pack in your bag for touchups. With a mental checklist, it’s easy to forget a few essentials. Avoid the hassle, and read this list of must-haves to get you through your night out.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick: Let’s face it. No matter how great your lipstick or gloss is, after a long night it will wear off. I always keep a travel size lip gloss or lipstick in my bag, like Lime Crime’s Opaque Lipstick in Retrofuturist so it doesn’t look like I put on lip liner and forgot to fill it in!

Roll-Up Ballet Flats: You know those women who walk around in their heels like penguins because of the pain they’re in? Don’t let that be you! Why torture yourself? On your way back from your event, just slip on roll-up ballet flats that take up virtually no space in your bag.

Oil Blotting Sheets: Imagine you’re at a party and your makeup is on point. Naturally, in this modern world, you’ll reach for your iPhone to snap a few selfies. No problem, except for that shiny streak running down the center of your face. Crowded rooms produce heat, which leads to excess oil. Don’t ruin those selfies: keep oil-blotting sheets, like Neutrogena Oil Absorbing Sheets, in your bag!

Hair Ties: Do you enjoy big, puffy, frizzy hair? Pretty sure no one does. Always have a hair tie, or two, around your wrist. You never know the weather conditions you’re going to run into. Tying your hair back will transform a bad hair day into a chic, minmalist style.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner is probably my favorite makeup product ever, but it never lasts throughout my entire night. To maintain that pristine black line, I always keep a travel-size black liner in my bag! It will come in handy.

Earring Backs: Almost all women have experienced that horrifying feeling of realizing your earring back is missing when you’re out. There are many easy fixes to solve this pesky problem. Buy a few earring backs to keep in your purse, use an eraser tip or even fold up a piece of aluminum foil!

Floss: When I’m at an event with enticing, delicious food, I just can’t resist, but I don’t want that spinach stuck in the center of my teeth. Now I always keep floss in my bag, so I can enjoy the food without having to worry about looking like the Grinch is in my mouth when I smile!

Pocket Mirror: Every time I went to a party, I would borrow my friend’s pocket mirror. After God knows how many uses, she said, “get your own!” Now, with my handy-dandy pocket mirror, I can touch up my lipstick and not look like I work for the circus.

Stain Remover: Having a mini stain remover in your bag is always a good idea, no matter where you are. Small stain removers, like Tide To Go, quickly get rid of spills or makeup stains, and take up next to no space in your bag.

Perfume Roller-Ball/Sample Size: We all want our perfume to last the whole night, but it often wears off about halfway through. Always keep a roller-ball or sample size version of your perfume (mine’s is Jimmy Choo) in your purse for a touch up here and there.

Clear Nail Polish: It’s the oldest trick in the book, but a great one. Clear polish is more then just something to keep your nails from chipping. It can also stop a run in your tights so be sure to keep a clear nail polish, like E.l.f.‘s in your bag!

Safety Pins: Safety pins should have more credit than they do. Something so small can save you from a huge and embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. With a quick pin-up, your outfit will be good as new.

Mini Deodorant: It happens to the best of us. Your perfume fades away, the heat kicks in and you’re squeezing your arms down so that embarrassing whiff doesn’t escape from your underarms. A quick dab of deodorant, such as Dove Silk Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray, will do the trick and prevent any uncomfortable interactions.

Concealer: There are just some days where your skin does not want to cooperate. After many hours, blemishes can take over the concealer you carefully applied and just crease around it. Keep your concealer in your bag and dab a bit on every once in a while, so your blemish is covered up at all times.

With these tips, you should be good to go for any big night out. Let us know any more tips and tricks you have in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR!