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Third time’s a charm! We’ve had such great feedback on our Beauty Hacks posts (you can read the first and second installments), that we’re back with twenty new hacks to make your beauty routine a little easier. Read on for our latest makeup, hair, skin and nail tips and tricks.


1. You’re wearing a bold red lipstick (like MAC’s classic Ruby Woo), feeling confident…and then you walk into the bathroom and see that your teeth are covered with lipstick. We’ve all been there. To prevent this, stick your finger in your mouth after you’ve applied your lipstick and pull it out. This removes all the excess, leaving your pearly whites lippy-free!

2. Run out of eyeliner? In a pinch, sweep a liner brush along your mascara wand and use your mascara as liner! Use Clinique’s High Impact mascara, which is great for sensitive eyes.

3. Apply your concealer in a triangular shape, rather than a half moon. This will cover up dark circles better, look more natural and brighten up your entire face!

4. Apply a lighter lip pencil to the center of the lips, then top with gloss, to create the illusion of fuller lips.

5. Don’t want your lipstick to smudge? Hold a tissue against your lips after you’ve applied lipstick and dust with translucent powder, like bareMinerals’ Mineral Veil. Lips that stay in place all day!


6. Add some oomph to your ponytail by applying two bobby pins underneath it (or more depending on how heavy your hair is). This will perk it up and make it appear more voluminous.

hands free hair dryer

7. Pressed for time? A hands-free hairdryer exists! Buy it here.

how to curl your hair

8. The number one secret of long-lasting curls? Curl from the middle, not the ends of your hair.

9. Hairbrushes need to be cleaned too! To clean them properly, remove all the hair caught in them, soak the brushes under warm water and work a little shampoo into the bristles. Once you’ve done that, rinse them and lay out on a towel to dry.

Hairbrush Guide

10. Check out this great guide from The Beauty Department on which brush is made for what.


11. In the frigid cold, skin tends to get dry. Keep your skin moisturized by mixing Argan Oil to your foundation/tinted moisturizer. Josie Maran’s is a classic.

12. It’s not just what you put into your skin. During the winter, consider swapping out that second cup of coffee for hydrating water. Caffeine dehydrates skin, making it appear even drier.

13. While baths are arguably the most relaxing activity ever, it does remove moisture from skin. Set a timer to take fifteen minute baths, and apply lotion liberally afterwards.

14. If you are going to take a bath, make sure to add in some soothing oatmeal…yes, like you used to when you were a baby. Oats are full of vitamins and minerals that nourish dry skin. It’s great for a multitude of skin issues, like eczema and rosacea.

15. Turn Chapstick into your winter multitasker! Use it on your eyebrows, elbows, eyelids and any other dry area for an added boost of moisture.


Vaseline on Cuticles

16. Vaseline to the rescue once again! Line your nails with petroleum jelly before painting (use a Q-tip) to make clean up easier. The Vaseline will act as a barrier between your skin and polish mistakes.

17. For extra protection against chipping, apply two layers of base coat. Once on the top half of your nails, then over the entire nail. Proceed with your color polish and top coat, as usual.

18. To create perfect negative space or half-moon manis at home, place reinforcement stickers on the bases of your nails. After your nails dry, carefully remove the stickers.

Rubber Band for French Tips

19. For an easy, at-home French manicure

, use a rubber band as a guide.

20. I’ve been using this easy trick for years: fix a smudged nail by using your tongue to adjust the fresh polish. It’s also a great indicator of figuring out if your nails are dry.

We hope you found this guide helpful! Share your own favorite beauty hacks in the comments below and on!

  • kim

    Thank you for all the tips. My favorite is the nail tips. The at home french manicure tip is such a great idea. I can’t wait to try it.

    • So happy you like the post, Kim! Let us know how the french manicure works out on Pampadour 🙂