It’s been quite a long time since the Pampadour team has used sponge-tip applicators to apply our eyeshadows. Thanks to brands like SigmaMorphe and Coastal Scents, there are many more sophisticated brushes on the market to get the perfect crease or smoked out look. When we found one lying around the office this week, we got to thinking…how can we make use of the plethora of little applicators we’ve collected over the years? Read on for our suggestions.

There are definitely advantages to having a solid brush collection. There’s nothing like a high quality brush to blend your shadows seamlessly and achieve defined, sophisticated eye looks. Surprisingly, there are plenty of benefits to sponge tips, too…check out these creative ideas:

  • Shadows with tons of fallout: No matter how beautiful or expensive a shadow is, some inevitably have fallout. Lots of it. For whatever reason, losing shadow decreases with the use of a sponge. It seems to grab onto the shadow and won’t let go. Make sponges your go-to for your holiday, glittery shadows.
  • Packing on shadow: I have yet to find a brush that is good at really packing on shadow (I tend to use either my finger or a sponge tip). If you’re going to a bold, dramatic look with lots of color for a night out, a sponge tip is your best friend.
  • Low quality shadow: If you have a cheap shadow (I have tons lying around) that won’t show up well on your lids, consider using a sponge. It will pick up the shadow and apply to its best potential. Great for chalky and dry shadows.
  • Lining: Yes, angled brushes are great for applying gel liner. In a pinch, though, sponge tips work pretty well. The pointed end is great for drawing a precise line, and the tiny wand gives you tons of control.
  • Hard to reach spots: Have you ever tried to apply a brightener or light shadow to highlight the inner corner and couldn’t get into that tiny, little nook? Sponge tips to the rescue! I’ve always used my finger for this tricky spot, but sponge tips do an even better job.
  • Baked shadows: When applying baked eyeshadows wet, sponge tips are incredible for getting the boldest, most intense eyes possible.
  • Flawless lipstick application: Another useful trick for sponge tips? Famed makeup artist Troy Surratt shared that he likes to use them as a blending and applying tool for lipstick. The sponge absorbs the oiliness of lipstick, turning it into a stain for a beautiful, unique effect.
  • Ombre nail art: Eyeshadow applicators are also perfect for creating ombre, gradient nail art. Wet the sponge, apply three colors onto the brush, press it onto your nails and cap it off with some clear top coat.

  • Cleaning your keyboard: Dampen your sponge tip to get into the tiny, little crevices of your keyboard. You won’t believe how much dust and dirt it will pick up!
  • Swatching: Want to test out a new palette, but don’t want to make your fingers all dirty? Use a sponge tip for swatching your new colors – it also picks up pigment better than your finger does, so the colors look more radiant.


Do you toss your sponge tips? Would you reconsider now? Tell us in the comments below and on!

Images via Bundle Monster and Brit