When talking makeup, color cosmetics is usually what comes to mind. But where would we be without our beauty tools? From curlers to brushes to blenders, these products give us the looks we desire. Here, we talk about the tools we absolutely can’t live without.

Eyelash Curler: I love the look of false lashes. They instantly up the drama of your entire look. What I don’t love? The glue, the mess, the anxiety of ripping something off your delicate lids. That’s why I am so obsessed with the Shu Uemura Eyleash Curler. It easily gives you that ‘falsies’ look – use it before applying mascara, and you’ll never go back.

Contour Brush: In this Kardashian world, it’s all about contouring. Using bronzer to create the look of instantly sculpted cheekbones? Sign us up. To avoid having awkward brown splotches on your face, though, it’s important to use the right brush. Give Morphe Brushes’ Flat Contour brush a try, which eliminates the risk of creating lines that are too harsh.

Tweezers: I don’t know about you, but if I see one stray hair on my brows, I have a minor panic attack. That’s why Tweezerman tweezers are a mainstay in my bag at all times. It is the only pair of tweezers I’ve tried that picks up every little hair with ease. Perfect for dealing with unexpected hairy situations.

Flat Eyeliner Brush: There’s definitely a temptation to stick with pencil liner because it’s so damn easy to use, but liquid/gel/cream liners look SO much better. Make the process of achieving a precise line infinitely easier by investing in a good angled liner brush. Also, makes doing you own winged liner a piece of cake. ELF’s Studio Small Angled Brush is a great bang for your buck.

Beauty Blender: Makeup artists and beauty junkies agree – this little pink sponge is an absolute necessity. It doesn’t soak up your foundation like other sponges, and the innovative shape allows you to hit every tricky spot, like under your eyes. The final look is an airbrushed finish that looks professional.

Kabuki Brush: A kabuki brush has a short stem and dense bristles, making it perfect for applying powder all over your face. Perfect for quickly giving you all over color. Try Sephora’s retractable one.

Flat Iron: Ask any girl who has had to deal with frizzy hair what her must-have beauty tool is, and you’ll most definitely hear ‘flat iron’. It’s like having a salon in your room – turn your awkward frizz into super sleek, shiny, enviable strands. The CHI iron is fantastic and not too expensive.

Hair Dryer: There’s nothing more annoying that drying your hair for what feels like an eternity only to be left with a bird’s nest on your head. Invest in a good, turbo boost dryer that will work in minutes and create luscious locks. The Ferrari-designed BaByliss Volare V1 is an awesome option.