Acne is a problem that almost everyone can relate to…and, unfortunately, your skin is even more prone to it during the warmer months. Heat and humidity increase oil production…not good news for those who suffer from breakouts. How do you deal with this? Don’t worry – we’re sharing the best makeup to cover up, reduce and prevent blemishes.

First things first, it’s important to wash your brushes often. The cleaner the brush, the less chance of a breakout. Avoid using your fingers, as touching your face can increase oils and bacteria. Also, look for key words in your search for products – always look at the ingredients. If you see sulfate-free, oil-free, paraben-free, you’ve found something that probably won’t irritate your skin.

PRIMERS are great for combatting oily skin, and the perfect first step in achieving a flawless complexion. Cover FX’s Mattifying Primer works wonders on oily skin. It’s lightweight and minimizes the appearance of pores. On top of that, it contains a special anti-acne treatment that gently exfoliates and clarifies the skin. Smashbox has a wide range of primers…including one that focuses on blemish control. It contains salicylic acid, so it treats problematic skin while providing hydration. The Colorscience Line Tamer primer contains SPF 20 — great for EVERYONE’s skin, acne or not. Aside from that, the formula is yellow, which counteracts against redness. Perfect for anyone suffering from blotchy acne or rosacea.

FOUNDATION is tricky. You need to find the right shade/consistency/coverage for you, and it’s only harder when you have to add acne control to the list. Here are some picks, ranging from drugstore to luxury… ELF has a range of acne fighting foundations. ELF’s foundation contains ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree and aloe, which can help prevent and treat acne. Plus, it’s only $6 for a pretty big bottle! If your skin is VERY prone to breakouts, it’s probably better to put the liquid foundations aside and use mineral instead. It definitely provides less coverage, but it’s much less likely to clog your pores and increase breakouts. bareMinerals‘ foundation is probably the most well-known of mineral foundations, and with good reason. The lightweight foundation doesn’t look cakey, and provides solid long-lasting medium coverage. Love L’Oreal’s True Match Mineral Foundation for its convenient built-in brush. Plus, it’s preservative-, talc- and fragrance-free AKA good for your skin.

Anyone who deals with acne knows how frustrating it can be to find the perfect CONCEALER. I personally went through about ten until I found one I was completely satisfied with (in case you’re wondering, it’s NARS’ Creamy Concealer – it’s paraben-, frgrance- and alcohol-free, so it shouldn’t irritate your delicate skin, plus it provides major coverage). Many concealers are specifically targeted towards dealing with acne problems – after all, concealers are made to cover up blemishes. Try these great options from CliniqueMark and MAC.

Remember, it’s Acne Awareness Month! Make sure to log on to Pampadour to see what acne-fighting products our users are raving about.