Brows on Fleek: Eyebrow Extensions

Brow Extensions

Bold brows have been on trend for a long time – it seems like everyone wants to look like Cara D! Yes, you can get the look with brow pencils, pomades and powders, but did you know that eyebrow extensions are actually a thing? You’ve probably heard of lash extensions, and this is a similar concept. Read on to discover how they work, how long they last and if it’s right for you.

Bye bye, brow gel? Every morning, I brush my eyebrows in place, set it with some Anastasia Clear Brow Gel and fill in sparse spots with my handy-dandy Brow Wiz…and I have naturally full brows! I can’t even begin to imagine the struggle for someone with sparse arches. Now, with brow extensions, you can put away your pencil and pomade and say hello to beautiful, thick brows!!

Many women struggle with hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, scars, over-plucking…even chemotherapy and alopecia…that cause them to have sparse or even entirely bare brows. It’s something that can really hurt someone’s confidence. I have seen this first-hand and it breaks my heart. When someone is dealing with an unbelievably difficult ordeal like cancer, the last thing they need is to also lose their hair and feel ‘less normal.’ No one should feel that way when they look at themselves. That’s why these extensions are not a solely vain procedure; it can truly bring up someone’s self-esteem.

Extensions are also an incredible time-saver. It takes away a full step in your beauty routine that many women just don’t have time for in the mornings. The process takes about an hour and a half, and you have to go every few weeks, but for most people, that feels like less of a hassle than five minutes every chaotic morning.

The process is quite interesting: you lay down and an aesthetician begins placing (natural or synthetic) hairs on your brows, one by one. Each hair is dipped in a surgical adhesive (used to close wounds in surgeries), then onto your arch. Best part? The process is entirely painless.

If you are very gentle, the brows can last a few weeks. Most people go in for a touch-up every two weeks or so. Keep in mind, this is not a budget-friendly process – it can range anywhere from $100-300, but if thick brows are what you’re looking for, here’s your best bet! Something you should know: you can go swimming with brow extensions, so don’t hesitate investing in them this summer. Just wait 24 hours after treatment to dive in, so the glue can fully set.

Eyebrow extensions haven’t hit the mainstream quite like lash extensions yet, but give it some time. If you live in a major city like LA or NYC, there are some fantastic brown extension specialists around. Check out Master Lash by Charity in LA, Wink Brow Bar in NYC and Nine Zero One Salon on Melrose Place in LA.

Would you get brow extensions? How do you currently groom your brows (check out our Brows 101 breakdown for all the different methods)? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR!

Image via Viva Plush