Candice Richards is the founder of LuliBox, a brand which offers the ultimate goodie bag for new mommies. She spoke to The Daily Pamp about her company, the best beauty for busy moms and more!

Daily Pamp: For our readers who aren’t familiar with your company, tell us about LuliBox.

Candice Richards: LuliBox is a simple box of must haves for your first days at home with your newborn baby. These items include items for dress, feeding, and wash. The special twist is that we include special gifts (which are focused in beauty and fitness) for mommy, who is always overlooked the first week home with baby. The box has been a sensation in the expectant parent community as it combats mommy’s feelings of intimidation in preparing for baby’s arrival, while also giving the feel of a “gift” for mommy.  

DP: What inspired you to create this all-in-one box for new and expectant mommies. 

CR: Well, with my first baby, I had absolutely no idea what I needed for her when she was born. I was working full time and had no time to research the top products. So…on the day we brought her home, I sent my husband out to “get a few things” and he came back with the whole store! He spent hundreds of dollars on things we really didn’t need! I knew there had to be a better way! So when Ava was about 6 months old, I put together a list of my 10 “must-haves” from swaddles to side-snap tees and created the LuliBox, with the intent of making many a new mommy’s life a whole lot easier. As a special twist, I added amazing beauty products into my LuliBox orders, as a treat for the new mommy who is always overlooked once baby arrives. It’s the ultimate mommy/baby goodie bag! 

DP: Amazing. Let’s talk about you…tell us about your beauty routine.

CR: I work full time and I’m constantly on the go – but skin care is number one for me. I always make sure to cleanse and hydrate and use my SPF! 

I also think a huge portion of our beauty routine is dependent upon what we eat, so I try to eat clean. Start my day with natural organic juices and green tea. 

DP: Has your routine changed ever since becoming a mom? 

CR: Naturally, yes because I have less time to pamp myself 😉

For example, I have less time to run out and have my brows done! Maintaining my brows is HARD – it’s not something I can just quickly do: the feeling of tweezing an eyebrow hair is strangely addicting and I find myself needing 45 minutes at the mirror – any tips? 

DP: Use a brow gel – that way your eyes will appear sculpted and beautiful, and you might not feel the need to tweeze them as much since they appear so well groomed. What beauty products should all moms keep in their diaper bags?

CR: Ponytail holders/clips! 

DP: What beauty products and brands can you not live without?

CR: When I was pregnant it was Naturopathica‘s entire skin care line, which is natural and organic and never uses any “nasties” like sulfate detergents, PEGs, DEA , TEA , parabens, glycols or urea in any of their products. My skin was amazing! 

These days I use Voya, an organic seaweed product. They have an amazing “Totally Balmy” anti-aging cleanser that is so hydrating and perfect for the winter months that dry skin out. I also can’t live without my Voya “Me Time” moisturizer! At $102 a pop it’s a hard buy, but it’s so worth it. My skin literally glows after using it!

I also need my MAC Refined Golden bronzer at all times.

DP: What advice do you have for new moms who want to still feel and look beautiful, but might not have as much time anymore.

CR: There’s no such thing. There’s always time for you. I think it’s important to take care of yourself. When you feel gorgeous, you act gorgeous! I find when I’m primped and feel good about myself, I’m better at my job with the kids. Regular facials are a must!

DP: Work and home life…how do you manage it all?

CR: It’s super hard! I think the key is to try to find a balance, or at least find a way to reward yourself. I’m all about treating myself now and then and I think that’s what keeps me sane! Having some alone time to work out or get a treatment makes a world of a difference! 

DP: Where do you see LuliBox going in the future?

CR: Baby’s needs and mommy’s WANTS. We see it expanding into beauty, fitness and fashion. “Every chic mommy’s must have” is the ultimate headline!