If the Fall 2013 runway shows are any indicator, the hairstyle that will be absolutely everywhere this season is the braid. French, fishtail or something completely innovative, this feminine hairstyle is taking over. More sophisticated than throwing your hair into a bun or pony, a braid will take only a few minutes and instantly elevate your entire look. How many creative iterations will you think of this fall? Pamp your beautiful braided looks!

(Clockwise, from top left: Christian Siriano, Alice & Olivia, Badgley Mischka, Viktor & Rolf, Valentino, Rodarte)


With the majority of the biggest actors and singers living there, you know LA has a pretty good grasp on gorgeous hair and beauty. We’ve rounded up the best hair, makeup and nail salons in California – make sure to pay a visit the next time you’re on the West Coast. Who knows… you could be getting a blowout next to Angelina!

BYRON’S BEAUTY ROOM – It would be a challenge to find a starlet who hasn’t gotten a blowout at this famous hair salon. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this salon also carries the luxe Byron line of hair products. 9294 Civic Center Drive – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – 310.276.4470

BLUSHINGTON – At this beauty lounge, makeup artists use the biggest brands like Stila, Becca and Temptu for flawless makeup application. Full face makeup is $40 – this is the equivalent of free in LA, basically.  8591 Sunset Blvd – West Hollywood, CA 90069 – 310.652.5874

esNAIL – This LA salon stems from a Japanese chain, and the influences are definitely there. The nail art is beautifully unique – it’s no wonder stars like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are clients! 8384 Melrose Ave – Los Angeles, CA 90069 – 323.655.5800

FACE PLACE – Why mess with something that works? Face Place only offers one facial treatment – no gimmicks, no tricks. Their signature facial has garnered many devoted fans, like Anne Hathaway and Sofia Coppola. 8701 Santa Monica Blvd – West Hollywood, CA 90069 – 310.855.1150

LA PRAIRIE – The ultimate in luxury. Enjoy a day of pampering at this incomparable spa located in the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel. Experience an unforgettable Caviar Facial, Diamond Massage and more. This names make you want to book a trip right now, no? 9641 Sunset Blvd – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – 310.887.2006

ANASTASIA – Pampadour adours Anastasia’s line of products, but in LA you have the unique opportunity of paying a visit to her own eponymous salon. Your eyebrows will never look this good again! 438 North Bedford Drive – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – 310.273.3155


Huile Secret de Beauté is a product that truly hits close to home for the Greyl family. Nicknamed “The Family Oil”, Caroline and her mother would apply it all the time.

Loosely translated to the Beauty Secret Oil, this almost-magical elixir combines natural vegetable oils to become a multipurpose savior for hair and body. The oil both protects and restores skin, while also strengthening hair and leaving it silky smooth.

Apply the oil to dry hair and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Follow by shampooing. You can also apply it to dry or damp hair and use it as a styling tool – hair will immediately detangle and get a boost of shine. For your body, simply massage all over – skin will be left hydrated and glowing.


Fans of the oil include models Joan Smalls and Kate Upton, director Sofia Coppola and more.


There are many more fantastic products from Leonor Greyl. Here are some of our favorites:


Eclat Naturel – This styling cream is a celebrity hairdresser favorite. It reconditions and detangles hair, and can be used to either curl or straighten strands, depending on the look you’re going for.


Masque Orchidee – Frizzy hair? Masque Orchidee is a must-have for thick hair. Blow-drying becomes more manageable and curls will be bouncy and full.


Huile de Palme – Use this oil pre-shampooing to detangle, soften and protect hair. This oil effectively counteracts the effects of sun, seawater and chlorine, so it’s a perfect travel accessory.


Shampooing au Miel – This shampoo adds major volume to hair to create a larger-than-life, glamorous effect. Plus, it’s honey-scented so hair will smell deliciously sweet.


For reviews, tagged photos and more featuring Leonor Greyl products, head over to


In Caroline Greyl’s interview, she briefly mentions French hairdresser Alexandre de Paris as one of the reasons the French seem to have such a passion for glamorous, haute couture hair. Read on to learn more about this legend.

Alexandre de Paris was born Louis Alexandre Raimon in 1922 in St. Tropez. He is one of the first hairdressers to turn hair into a form of art, and worked with the premier design houses and biggest starlets. His list of clients included Elizabeth Taylor (he created her iconic Cleopatra hair), Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo. The fashion houses he worked with included Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, among countless others.

He is credited as the creator of the chignon-as-art hairstyle, one of the most iconic and popular formal updos, even now. In fact, one of his most memorable works was placing diamonds in First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s chignon at a 1961 dinner at the Chateau de Versailles.

Alexandre passed away in 2008, but his legacy and contribution to the world of hair will not be forgotten.


By Lisa Estrella Yang

You have seen it this year on the Red Carpet and on various celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles. The Pompadour is a captivating and powerhouse hairstyle that simply cannot be missed!

Mistress of King Louis XV of France, Madame Pompadour, started this “extra volume at the crown” hair dressing in the early 20th century ( Her hair flair heavily influenced how the binary gender dressed their hair in that time period. Fast forward to the present, the Pompadour is still a hit among men and women!

Just a couple weeks ago I came across my first Pompadour hair tutorial created by Robin James and was completely awed by the hairstyle. If you’re a person that is up for a little positive hair attention, the Pompadour is the way to go, I mean, Beyonce definitely knew that! This hairstyle is a positive and confident statement that can only do you good! Say “yes” to the Pompadour and recreate the look at home.

To learn how to create the sexy Pompadour for people with mid length to long hair, watch the video below!

To learn how to create the sexy Pompadour for people with short hair, click here!



At Chantal Delorme’s charming boutique in Milan, the concept of old and new is slightly blurred. Precious table linens are matched with printed paper napkins, vintage ceramics are mixed with summery plastic cutlery and Mediterranean inspired fabrics are used for patchwork pillows that Chantal sewed herself. Like magic, everything works. It might be unexpected in an antique store, but once you meet Chantal, a beautiful French lady with striking gray hair and a witty sense of humor, things start making sense. Like her store, her personal style seems effortless, but every detail counts. She talks to The Daily Pamp about her life with gray hair and reveals all of her beauty secrets. As it appears, she has a very clear idea of what works in beauty as well.

When did you decide to wear your hair gray?

I decided to keep my hair gray two years ago. I was tired of thirty years of coloring slavery, and let go of my red, curly locks. I let it grow and for a period my tips were red, it looked great!

The texture has changed. I used to be very curly and now my hair is straight and more dry. With pollution, it can turn yellow so I use L’Oreal Silver shampoo to keep the color bright. I rarely use conditioner because it would get flat.

Gray hair or not, you look amazing! What are your beauty secrets? 

The best antidote for growing older is my passion for my boutique that gives me the the impression for the moment not to be on the margins, the love for my children Stéphanie and Emmanuel, and my grandkids. I was featured on a magazine thanks to my grey hair recently and they are all very proud of to say “you know, my grandmother is a model!”.

However… I do love beauty as well and spend hours playing around with the girls at Sephora.

In the morning I wash my face with cold water. For my eyes, I apply Herborist gel and Strivectin-SD Eye Concentrate. For my face, I apply StriVectin-EV Sérum Éclaircissant Uniformisant and StriVectin-SD for stretch marks and wrinkles. I have been using StriVectin for the last fifteen years and I can definitely see results.

For makeup, I used a white translucent powder from Chanel that was discontinued so I switched to Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. The powder allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t obstruct the pores. When i am very pale in the winter, a light touch of blush, Make Up For Ever Professional Blush n. 21.

For the eyes, the anti-dark circle stick Fake Up. It is very nourishing because it is both eye cream and colored concealer, and it doesn’t dry the skin under the eyes. My eye shadow is Make Up For Ever Professional in light brown, applied with a flat brush to lightly highlight the the outer lid, and then on the lid with a smaller brush. I use only black mascara, They’re Real by Benefit is an amazing product and brush. I also like Hypnose Doll Lashes from Lancome. For the eyebrows, I love Brow Zings by Benefit in Light.

On the lips, lipstick in winter, but most of the time lip balm. This spring I have discovered a great matte lipstick that doesn’t run on the little fine lines around the lips and stays on all day. Lip liner is Perfect Lips by Too Faced – It also doesn’t run.

My fragrances in the winter are L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, eau de toilette, deodorant and body cream. I alternate with Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel, also eau de toilette, deodorant and body cream.

In the summer, Un Jardin sur le Nil d’Hermes, which I also use as deodorant.

I get a manicure every week and a pedicure once every three weeks. My colors are gray or taupe from Chanel, sometimes purple. In the summer, strictly bordeaux or transparent.

You are French, but you were born in Algeria and traveled the world as a translator before settling in Italy. Why do you think French women always know best when it comes to beauty?

Because they have been doing it much longer!

Chantal Delorme’s boutique is located in Via Concordia 4, Milan- Italy – – tel. +3902799730

Photos by Kerstin Jacobsen-Rohde for Donna Moderna 



Keeping it cool in NYC while leaving Liberty Fair, T-Michael defining the art of gray.


It seems like everyone is going to the hair salon for gray hair recently – to get it, not hide it! Yes, gray hair seems to be taking over, from the runway to the red carpet. The trend got a major boost recently when Rihanna started sporting the look (above). Take a look at the celebs who have gone gray – on purpose!

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie absolutely killed it with this fierce, confident and edgy ‘do at this year’s Met Gala. She embodied the punk theme without trying too hard and looked like such a rock star. On a night where everyone was dressed to impress & stand out, she easily made the biggest statement.

Kelly Osbourne

Arguably the biggest fan of the gray hair trend, Kelly Osbourne has been spotted with over half a dozen shades of gray. From dark to light, to shades with hints of lilac and purple, Kelly has done it all. She sported a white-gray color at the 2011 Emmys, above.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding broke out in America as a blondie, but she’s been a fan of gray hair for quite some time. The singer looks stunning with the bold hue – maybe it’s time for a comeback?

Kate Moss

It’s not really a hit until Kate says so. The trendy superstar added gray streaks to her famous locks all the way back in 2010. Always ahead of the curve…

Lady Gaga

The hair/beauty/style chameleon has tried out basically everything, so it’s no surprise that she’s been spotted with gray hair on numerous occasions. She looked beautiful and elegant, but still distinctly Gaga, in Vanity Fair, above.

Mark Ronson

Looks like the boys are jumping on the bandwagon too! DJ Mark Ronson was photographed with this dapper ‘do. Definition of a silver fox, no?

You’ve seen the styles, now it’s time to make the call. Gray hair: a fabulous Do or a major Don’t?

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There’s something very confident about rocking shiny gray hair – Miranda Priestly, anyone?! Unfortunately, though, gray hair tends to be dry, which translates to frizz and a dull color. Follow these tips to ensure you get the most striking, beautiful shade of gray possible.

Increase Salon Trips: Grays usually split quickly, so make sure to keep up with those visits to your hairstylist. Get a trim every two months or so to make sure ends don’t fray and get messy.

There’s Something in the Air…: More than ever, pollutants in the environment and UV light can cause serious damage on your hair. Wash every other day to keep hair bright and luminous. Use a hydrating and brightening shampoo and conditioner, like Phyto Phytargent Brightening Shampoo and Aveda Blue Malva Color Conditioner. Since gray hair can take on a yellowish tone, many of these silver-specific shampoos have a violet toner which will counteract the shade.

Bare Minimum: One of the biggest perks of going gray? Less products to worry about! Ditch the gels, pomades and serums – these products can have a counter effect of coating grays and making them appear dull and dusty.

Go Bold: When it comes to makeup, wear a pinkish blush (a rose or peach shade), rather than something in the beige family. This prevents washing your skin out next to the striking silver.

Confidence!: Quite frankly it takes guts to step out with a hairstyle that others might be afraid to rock. Step out with a smile and show how chic, elegant and stunning gray hair can be. Who says only guys can be ‘a silver fox’?!

Get more gray inspiration by checking out Pampadour’s Gone Gray collection.


Thankfully, I have not yet encountered that fateful moment where I come across one long stray gray hair and proceed to have a full-blown panic attack. Yes, some women have the poise and self-confidence to proudly work a shiny, silver mane. I am not one of those women. I’ve heard wild stories – from quickly coating roots with jet black mascara to compulsively pulling out hair – that have made me completely dread that inevitable moment. Fortunately, we live in modern times where quick fixes to our first world problems come about every day. Let’s look into the solutions to going gray, shall we?

For the lazy girls, there’s the quick and easy Root Concealer by Rita Hazan. Available in five shades, this aerosol spray temporarily covers gray roots. Perfect for a touchup between salon visits… you can put that aforementioned mascara away. Or use it on, you know, your lashes…

Heading to the salon? You could take the simple route and dye it back to your natural color, but why not have some fun with it? Add some pink or bright highlights to your hair… go all out. Cut it into a trendy cut like ‘The Chop’ – hair that’s gone gray tends to become drier and more difficult to manage, so it’s the perfect excuse to go short. If these ideas scare you, remember it’s just hair – it grows.

And now may I present the ultimate dream that could potentially become reality: L’Oreal patented a secret formula that could ultimately prevent gray hair. This innovation sent shockwaves through the beauty industry last month. The actual patent is much more scientific and wordy than that, but that’s pretty much all you need to know, right? There aren’t many details right now, but even the idea of this is pretty incredible.

Hopefully these suggestions have calmed your fears over going gray and given you hope for a bright, glossy haired future. Panic attack averted – that is, until you find your first hair… down there. Ugh, sometimes it’s really tough to be a woman.

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