You can have a makeup bag brimming with all of the latest products, a vanity overflowing with skincare goods…but sometimes you just want a quick DIY or an updo that only looks like it took a long time to do. Read on for the first chapter in our new series, Beauty Hacks, your guide to shortcuts, tips and tricks to get you beautiful in a pinch.



It’s hard to admit it but Summer 2014 is really coming to an end. The only thing that can make us feel better is knowing that we can finally begin rocking the hottest fall beauty trends. From graphic liner to deep side parts to berry-stained lips, this is going to be a glamorous season for beauty. Click through the slideshow to discover the eight looks you need to know as temps drop.


  • THE GRAPHIC CAT EYE: The classic cat-eye is getting a modern upgrade for fall. Think bolder lines, bigger wings and creative colors - this is going to be a fun season for beauty risk-taking.

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VMAs & Emmys Beauty Roundup!

  • Gwen Stefani broke a major beauty rule - matching her lipstick to her outfit - and totally ROCKED it.

This has been a pretty stellar start to the week for any pop culture/beauty lover. Two major awards shows – VMAs and Emmys – means double the gorgeous hairstyles, double the breathtaking makeup…you get the picture. Click through the slideshow, above, to check out our favorite looks from the two events. Agree with our picks? Disagree? Tell us on Pampadour!