by Jennifer Hakimian

When it comes to beauty secrets I’m always one to share. If I’ve discovered a new product I will tell everyone who I think would benefit from it…I’m not one to keep the miracle to myself! That’s one of the reasons Pampadour came about. I wanted to create a special place to share beauty. 

Certain tricks however, are not fit to share with certain people. For instance, my four boys, one of them being my husband. We have been married for over 17 years. The days where I hide my beauty paraphernalia from him are long gone, but when we first got together I never wanted to disclose the things I needed to do to look half-normal enough to walk out the door. If he knew at the time, he may have run for the hills.

Just as I was getting comfortable with telling him that I was headed for electrolysis and laser treatments, my little babies were growing up and becoming increasingly curious. They rummaged through my drawers picking up tweezers, silicon bra inserts, and anything that didn’t look normal to them. Sometimes I had an answer to their curious questions, and other times I just ripped the embarrassing items out of their hands. Who wants to tell their son, “yes, that’s to make mommy’s breasts look perkier…”?!?!

I will never forget that day that I found my four year old son screaming, “Mommy, come here!!!” He was crying, pointing to my bundle of hair extensions in my closet drawer. He had a look of horror on his face. “What is that? It’s so scary!” I tried explaining my reasons for having them. He asked, “whose head do they come from? Is the person dead? Is it clean?” The conversation was never-ending. This is the same child who caught me gluing false Ardell eyelashes onto my lids. “Does everyone do that, Mom? Does Dad?” To avoid a disaster, I quickly explained to my puzzled son that this is very special glue. He should not try to glue anything to his face. He stood there watching me in amazement as I placed each lash in its proper place. Nevertheless, I hid all the Elmer’s Glue bottles.

Ever been caught with Jolen bleach on your face? Well, I have…countless times. Yes, the face masks, giant rollers and wax strips have all been discovered in use. My boys have certainly had an education in the beauty ritual department. Glad I could help out their future girlfriends. I don’t think anything would shock them at this point. Damn that door lock! Don’t the manufacturers know that a plastic butter knife can open the lock in two seconds flat?

Illustration by Elisa Stangalini


Candice Richards is the founder of LuliBox, a brand which offers the ultimate goodie bag for new mommies. She spoke to The Daily Pamp about her company, the best beauty for busy moms and more!

Daily Pamp: For our readers who aren’t familiar with your company, tell us about LuliBox.

Candice Richards: LuliBox is a simple box of must haves for your first days at home with your newborn baby. These items include items for dress, feeding, and wash. The special twist is that we include special gifts (which are focused in beauty and fitness) for mommy, who is always overlooked the first week home with baby. The box has been a sensation in the expectant parent community as it combats mommy’s feelings of intimidation in preparing for baby’s arrival, while also giving the feel of a “gift” for mommy.  

DP: What inspired you to create this all-in-one box for new and expectant mommies. 

CR: Well, with my first baby, I had absolutely no idea what I needed for her when she was born. I was working full time and had no time to research the top products. So…on the day we brought her home, I sent my husband out to “get a few things” and he came back with the whole store! He spent hundreds of dollars on things we really didn’t need! I knew there had to be a better way! So when Ava was about 6 months old, I put together a list of my 10 “must-haves” from swaddles to side-snap tees and created the LuliBox, with the intent of making many a new mommy’s life a whole lot easier. As a special twist, I added amazing beauty products into my LuliBox orders, as a treat for the new mommy who is always overlooked once baby arrives. It’s the ultimate mommy/baby goodie bag! 

DP: Amazing. Let’s talk about you…tell us about your beauty routine.

CR: I work full time and I’m constantly on the go – but skin care is number one for me. I always make sure to cleanse and hydrate and use my SPF! 

I also think a huge portion of our beauty routine is dependent upon what we eat, so I try to eat clean. Start my day with natural organic juices and green tea. 

DP: Has your routine changed ever since becoming a mom? 

CR: Naturally, yes because I have less time to pamp myself 😉

For example, I have less time to run out and have my brows done! Maintaining my brows is HARD – it’s not something I can just quickly do: the feeling of tweezing an eyebrow hair is strangely addicting and I find myself needing 45 minutes at the mirror – any tips? 

DP: Use a brow gel – that way your eyes will appear sculpted and beautiful, and you might not feel the need to tweeze them as much since they appear so well groomed. What beauty products should all moms keep in their diaper bags?

CR: Ponytail holders/clips! 

DP: What beauty products and brands can you not live without?

CR: When I was pregnant it was Naturopathica‘s entire skin care line, which is natural and organic and never uses any “nasties” like sulfate detergents, PEGs, DEA , TEA , parabens, glycols or urea in any of their products. My skin was amazing! 

These days I use Voya, an organic seaweed product. They have an amazing “Totally Balmy” anti-aging cleanser that is so hydrating and perfect for the winter months that dry skin out. I also can’t live without my Voya “Me Time” moisturizer! At $102 a pop it’s a hard buy, but it’s so worth it. My skin literally glows after using it!

I also need my MAC Refined Golden bronzer at all times.

DP: What advice do you have for new moms who want to still feel and look beautiful, but might not have as much time anymore.

CR: There’s no such thing. There’s always time for you. I think it’s important to take care of yourself. When you feel gorgeous, you act gorgeous! I find when I’m primped and feel good about myself, I’m better at my job with the kids. Regular facials are a must!

DP: Work and home life…how do you manage it all?

CR: It’s super hard! I think the key is to try to find a balance, or at least find a way to reward yourself. I’m all about treating myself now and then and I think that’s what keeps me sane! Having some alone time to work out or get a treatment makes a world of a difference! 

DP: Where do you see LuliBox going in the future?

CR: Baby’s needs and mommy’s WANTS. We see it expanding into beauty, fitness and fashion. “Every chic mommy’s must have” is the ultimate headline! 


The charming Chef Roblé, star of Bravo’s addicting Chef Roblé & Co., has ventured out on a rather unexpected side project. Launching in the spring of 2014, the beloved celebrity chef will be releasing a perfume, which he refers to as a “fragrance recipe.”

Food and perfume don’t naturally go hand-in-hand (anyone remember the Eau de Pizza Hut?!), but the chef, who spoke to us at BeautyPress, made his scent sound utterly delightful.

The citrusy sweet fragrance is a combination of some of his favorite courses and dishes. Some of the components were actually on display at BeautyPress, including “Sparkling Cocktail” and “French Toast Crunch.” Yum!

We asked the chef what he likes women to smell like. “I like a woman to smell like dessert! But I also like floral/oriental scents. I love Flowerbomb, Viva la Juicy, Angel by Thierry Mugler.”

As for his own beauty secrets? Roblé swears by hair products from Carol’s Daughter. “My hair has never felt so good!”

Keep an eye out for CLIQUE by Roblé this Spring. 


At the recent event for the launch of CureDiva, E! News host and breast cancer survivor Giuliana Rancic spoke about overcoming the toughest challenge of her life with grace and beauty. Read her story below, and share it with anyone who may be going through a similar battle.

“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was no history in my family so it came as a shock. I found out about it when I was going through my third round of IVF. My doctor told me to get checked before the IVF just as a precaution and I honestly thought it was a waste of time, as I was only thirty six years old. When I heard the unfortunate news, my whole world turned upside down. I actually had it in both of my breasts – which is rare, it only happens in 5% of cases – so I decided to have a double mastectomy.

After my diagnosis, I would always go on cancer support websites and end up on discussion boards, and find out information that wasn’t necessarily so reliable. It would make me second guess my doctors. It is so hard to find reliable information, and my husband Bill would always tell me that each woman has a different story and situation and I could not trust whatever I read online from people I didn’t know. I am grateful of the launch of CureDiva, which is so easy to navigate, I wish I had it at the time.

It sounds superficial, but I wasn’t feeling pretty. It’s so difficult to look in the mirror and not recognize the face looking back at you. When I went back to work and after doing my makeup (by my makeup artist Catalina Su), hair and wardrobe, I looked at myself and finally felt like, “hey, I am back!” I want women to feel good about themselves, and even though it’s not the most important thing, appearance can help with that.

This is why Fab-U-Wish, which grants wishes for women fighting cancer, was created. By granting women their dreams, we aim to give them back some of their confidence. It’s so difficult to look in the mirror and not recognize the face looking back at you. Personally, when I went back to work and got my makeup done by my makeup artist Catalina Su, I started to feel pretty and like myself again. I felt like, “hey, I am back!” I want women to feel good about themselves, and even though it’s not the most important thing, appearance can help .”

How do you feel about making your battle public knowledge? What do you think aout Angelina’s choice?

“I thought about it, and decided that even though I had the right to keep my fight private, that would be selfish. I have such a large platform and opportunity to help people; I had to do my part and use my voice for the better good. First it was hard and overwhelming, because people knew come to me and talked about it. But it shifted when women started telling me that thanks to me they did their first mammogram and they caught the cancer in early stages. I think that Angelina Jolie, one of the most famous and also most private celebrities, was incredible in sharing her story, she gave a very powerful message. I think to have the platform to help others and choosing not to do it is selfish”.

What is life like post-cancer?

“There are two ways you can live after cancer. The first way is to become much more health conscious – eat right, go to the gym every day, or go the other way. The thing is, I did have the clean diet and went to the gym every day and I still got the disease. I am actually much more relaxed now. I only go to the gym twice a week, I splurge with food every now and then. I realized that life is short, and I want to spend as much time as possible with my husband and my baby.”

Do you constantly worry?

The first year and a half, it was all I thought about. I thought my body would become a playground for disease. Time is truly the best medicine. Slowly tests started coming back in a reassuring way. Life works in crazy ways. You don’t have control, I just pray every day. It really helps. I’m so lucky to have an amazing support system and a fantastic husband. If you know people who are going through this alone, be there for them. It’s so difficult to do it on your own.

Would you try for baby number 2?

I would love it.

What would you do every day during your battle to make yourself feel better?

I love fashion, so I would wear my favorite clothes – a pair of heels, whatever made me feel beautiful. It helped to release my spirit. I love pampering and treating myself. Fab-U-Wish offers massages and things like that… I’m lucky that my husband Bill gives great massages!


matin maulawizada

Matin Maulawizada is one of the most recognizable celebrity makeup artists in the beauty industry. His work has been featured in the most prestigious fashion magazines and  count among his clients some of the hottest A-listers, like Claire Danes and Angelina Jolie. The project he is most passionate about, though, is his organization Afghan Hands, which gives underprivileged women in Afghanistan, in particular widows, the opportunity to support themselves and further their education. He discusses the cause, beauty and much more in our interview.

Tell us a little about what’s new with your charity, Afghan Hands.

By early summer we will launch our new exciting collection.  The embroidered scarves will have a more modem look. Even though the designs seem more simple to the eye, our girls were surprised to learn that they were more difficult to make, but the embraced the challenge! I It has been possible thanks to a great collaboration with a new designer duo, a mother and daughter, will soon announce soon who they are so stay tuned!  We are also hoping to speed up our production in the future. The one-of-a-kind concept is great but very hard to manage our inventory. We are considering having a limited edition collections of more affordable scarves, maybe using machines for part of the embroidery. Having more items of a same style would allow us to go retail and would help raise more for the cause.

How many women are employed by Afghan Hands?

About 100 women, though about 25 take off  in the summer to focus on their studies.

What kind of education opportunities do they have?

Our goal is for them to have at least a sixth grade education. At Afghan Hands, we give them the opportunity to continue working once they hit this milestone or continue their education. Very proud to say that three of the women have not only finished high school, but are applying to university. Two of the women who applied to college had to leave school because their mother were too old to work and their father were killed in war. Through this program, they were able to go back to school and further their education. These success stories make me very proud. Personally, I believe that charity should be solely reserved for children and animals. For adult, it’s far more beneficial to give them opportunities to strive to achieve more and open doors.

Why did you decide to create this charity?

For me, it’s so important to give a voice to people who are left behind. Most of the women who are employed by Afghan Hands are widows from the outskirts of Kabul. Back in 2004, when I started this cause, I also considered starting a charity for children. I was scared to work directly with them, though. There’s so much uncertainty since I can’t be there at all times – what if the people I hired to look out for them turned out to not be looking out for them? I couldn’t deal with that responsibility. I realized that Afghan Hands is the perfect way to indirectly help these children. Their mothers now have the strength and tools to support them.

A lot of the children of these women come from different ethnic groups that were at war in past generations. But they are growing together now as friends. It’s a beautiful thing.

Now let’s talk beauty… what has been your favorite beauty moment this year?

The recent Emmys and Claire Danes’ orange lip.  It’s nice to have a statement lip and leave the rest light, it’s more sophisticated that an overdone look. Claire wasn’t sure about the orange lip actually, but it grew on her. I thought that it would be a great juxtaposition to her flowing feminine gown, and made her look not too not princess-y. I want to make sure that women look not only beautiful, but smart.

I love orange lips, even though they’re tricky to pull off. On Claire, I used Mod by Laura Mercier. It’s matte, but weightless so your lips don’t look dry.

Do you think trends come more from the red carpet or the catwalk?

Definitely the runway. In general, NY catches up a little later, but in Japan, for example, runway trends hit the streets almost immediately.

Do you like working on editorial shoots?

I love editorial. I’m always given a directions, but I have the freedom to put my own touch on looks and have fun with it. I like the mix of working on both editorial and the red carpet. With editorial, I get to experiment and push boundaries.

What is your favorite look?

The undone look – that effortless vibe that French girls have. Not overdone is the formula for chic. It always looks sexy. Overly polished looks unreal and unapproachable. You want to look kissable, touchable.

What are some trends you’re loving right now?

I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful eye looks. Love dark, multi-layered eyes. A gradience that goes from black to gray with a hint of sparkle – a subtle smoky eye. Also, obviously love statement lips. Claire Danes took a big risk at the SAG Awards with her vampy, wine lips and it paid off big time.

Favorite products?

I have this kohl – it’s very black, but not toxic – made especially for me in Afghanistan. I can’t get it anywhere else. It contains almond oil and clarified butter, and creates a beautiful smoky eye. I also love Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier and Orlane’s Creme Royale. I use Creme Royale on both clients and myself!

On the red carpet, I start off with the Creme Royale. Then I layer more products, like Laura Mercier eye cream and primer. I slowly layer products to create a glowy look. I prefer to use these skincare products instead of piling on makeup.

Any last words of advice for our readers?

Take care of your skin. Limit the amount of makeup you use – you’re putting so many chemicals on your face and it’s so important to be conscious of that. Use makeup strategically – when you don’t need to wear too much, don’t. Also, choose your skincare products wisely. Be mindful of what you’re putting on your skin.

Matin Maulawizada may be a renowned beauty expert, but a large part of his heart lies with his nonprofit organization, Afghan Hands. The mission of this foundation is to give opportunities and voices to women who would have struggled to find them otherwise.

Afghan Hands helps Afghani widows gain independence and education. Underprivileged women in Kabul learn to create beautiful embroidered shawls and scarves, and all of the proceeds go directly back to them. At the Afghan Hands centers, these women are paid to further their education: they attend classes in the morning and embroider in the afternoon.

Don’t think of this as a charity – this is an opportunity for these women to become financially and mentally independent. If you would like to support the cause and purchase one of the beautiful handmade shawls, visit


Positano was the setting of Votre Vu Ann Brodette’s beauty adventure. Sounds lovely, right? Well, not really. Read her tragic yet hilarious tale of an uncomfortable massage.

I was in Italy with two girlfriends when I turned forty. Our husbands treated us to a special massage at the spa. I was first in line, and I entered the room. I was very surprised to see that another woman was there, having a pedicure. They gave me a net that I thought was meant for my hair – turned out it was a thong! I was expected to get completely naked and lay on the table with a tiny towel. That was very strange for me as I was used to having my body covered by a blanket when receiving the massage, be in a room by myself without people watching me, let alone having feet in front of my face! The masseuse came in and took off my tiny blanket, and started working on me while mosquitoes were flying around. Not only was she not good at all, she was joined by a colleague as it was supposed to be a four hand massage. They started talking to each other in Italian and giggling to add to my discomfort and making it one of my worst, most embarrassing experiences. Of course I told my girlfriends to forget the massage and have pedicures instead!


Meet Ann Brodette, who along with Votre Vu CEO, Harold Zimmerman, is a driving force behind the beauty brand that is sweeping the nation by combining high quality French skincare and American entrepreneurship. In her executive role at Votre Vu as Vice President of Sales Development, Ann not only educates American women to take care of their skin, she empowers them to succeed in their private business, staying beautiful of course.

Tell us about your career in the beauty industry.

Before Votre Vu, I was not associated with beauty. I was in direct sales, but I always helped women set up their own businesses. Harold and I decided to focus on beauty because the anti-aging market is enormous and growing continuously. Most beauty companies that did direct sales were in the low-middle market so we thought, why not offer high end products at an affordable price?  I remember always wanting to buy expensive luxurious creams but never being able to afford it and I knew many women felt the same. By going directly to the lab we knew this could become possible. We found a great lab just outside of Paris. It used to create products for European high end spas, the retail business was new to them. With our expertise in the sales and our knowledge of the US market, we knew we would be able to create something great together.

Votre Vu Brand Ambassadors are crucial to your success, can you tell us about them?

Our brand ambassadors don’t all have a standard profile. Some women join because they love the product and they can have it at a discounted price in the beginning, and then realize how our products sell very easily just by word of mouth. Some of the ambassadors are stay-at-home moms, others work full time and want the extra income. Some of them become real superstars and are able to really make a great profit.

What about the funny names of your products?

Jean Louise Lilly, Votre Vu Director of Product Development and Marketing, is the person behind the idea. When we started I brought her in. She’s so smart, clever and down to earth. She thought it would be nice to have product names that are not intimidating, it’s a sort of a “Frenglish.” As many of us don’t speak French, we don’t understand what the names of many cosmetic products mean, but Votre Vu names are easy to get and fun.

What are your best sellers?

Les Sorbet Advanced Ice Care pour Le Visage, which has the most potent ingredient, with 40% marine elastin and collagen. The Duette Luxe Lip and Hand Cream, our Face Base Regiment sets, the Specialeyes Specialize Intensive Eye Treatment, anti puff and anti dark circle, and the Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Cream. It’s addictive, especially with side sleepers that wake up with lines in the morning. Another amazing product is our Amour d’Ore, our multivitamin oil, with eleven essential oils and vitamin E, perfect for the body but also safe for hair and face. I wear it every day after the shower. 

What about makeup, which was launched about a year ago?

We did not think that we would do color in the beginning, but we saw some clients wear our skincare and then use junkie cosmetics on their skin! We now offer a line of products with natural, high quality ingredients.

What are the new products to look for this fall season?

The new blue shade of eyeliner coming out in November and our fragrances. We just launched Les Naturelles Collections, two natural essential oils for fall, one citrusy and one with white lilly notes, all naturally based and allergy tested. People with allergies that have never wore perfume before are able to wear them! Finally our French Kiss gold lipstick that benefits the St Baldricks Foundation for pediatric cancer research: this week we are doubling the donation from $1 to $2 for each lipstick sold, and $3 to $6 for each set!

Do you have a beauty routine? 

Before I worked in beauty, I did not have a good routine. I feel that American women don’t take enough time for themselves, my mother never taught me how to take care of my skin. I always do the four step system, once you start doing it, you get used to it. It takes very little time and keeps my skin healthy. I really need it as I travel so much. I started doing some extra things on Wednesdays and Sundays, in particular an exfoliating mask and a extra serum. I have three kids that are now in college, a boy and two girls, and I make sure to educate them and help them have beautiful skin!


Do you ever think about skincare down under? Founded by Emily Morse and Tony Sosnick, their eponymous product line, Emily & Tony, combines the worlds of sex and beauty.

The name Emily Morse may ring a bell. The self-proclaimed ‘sexpert’ is a Bravo TV personality. She stars in Miss Advised, which follows the interesting lives of three relationship experts navigating through their own dating issues. She is also an author, hosts a popular radio show, Sex with Emily, and is a ‘Kegel Camp’ counselor. You read that, right… find out more about that in this funny video. Emily has managed to find time in her busy schedule to team up with premier skincare company, Anthony Brands. Anthony is know for its phenomenal line of men’s skincare and grooming, so Emily & Tony adds a fun and rather unexpected twist to their line of products.

One eye-catching product of note is DownUnder Comfort, which pretty much does what the name suggests. This cream transforms into a light powder to keep everything fresh and clean. A little secret: this product is actually multipurpose and can be used all over your body, even as a makeshift deodorant to prevent sweat stains.

Explore their entire line of products here.


“Beauty products are the frosting on a cake of natural beauty that is you.” Here is a motto that we can certainly live by! Meet the sweetest beauty blogger, Dawn McCoy, the fabulous host of this week’s Pamp Party. Her passion for beauty and baking brought us BeautyFrosting, a blog filled with “beauty recipes”, her favorite products, everyday candid beauty, as well as a good helping of baking and life.  

What led you to create your blog, BeautyFrosting?

The story starts when I was eleven and my bible was Allure magazine, I bought it every month and tried to emulate the looks. As a teenager,  I would have my makeup done for every occasion at makeup counters, which was unusual for a young girl. I loved Bobbi Brown and Trish McEvoy. When I was nineteen I met Trish McEvoy at a cocktail party and she asked me to start working for her as a makeup artist, which I did for about three years at Neiman Marcus Northpark in Dallas and Saks in Beverly Hills. I worked for other great lines, such as Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani at Woo Skincare in Nashville. All of this led to  me being beauty personal shopper, and had the pleasure to work for many years with Barbra Streisand. Friends and clients asked me to help them with shopping for makeup, do their face charts, and suggested that I share my advice on a professional blog. BeautyFrosting was born a year and half ago. It has been so much fun.

Which came first? Love for beauty or love for baking?

When I was young I use to go with my mom to buy makeup at Neiman Marcus and it was always followed by a cookie, so the love for beauty and sweets has always been intertwined for me.

You are a beauty and food blogger, a voiceover actor, a country singer, an author and radio host. How can you wear so many hats?

I try to live my life according to my favorite philosophy which just so happens to come from Kenny Rogers: “The truth is – in this life – you only need 3 things to be happy: you need someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.” 

Many beauty products smell like delicious desserts. Any favorites?

Nº9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk fragrance from Trish McEvoy, Jaqua bath and body products, Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Soufflé body crème, B & E Soap and Scrub Co. Vanilla Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub and, my favorite this summer, Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Coconut.

Your blog is beautiful, as fun and colorful as a delicious bakery. Does it reflect your personal style?

My home is a bit like “Pushing Daisies” and a candy shop. Many say it looks an Anthropologie store. When I dress I gravitate to pastels like pink and green dresses. I think it’s fun to be feminine. I love the Fifties and the grace of iconic women like Doris Day, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Which are your favorite desserts?

A frosted sugar cookie always does it for me. Of course it has to be a good one, I am very picky. For example, I don’t do sprinkles! I really love to bake, it’s like therapy to me. I do a mean southern peach cobbler, cupcakes and I have the best icing recipe.

Your favorite beauty stores?

In Beverly Hills, Barneys NY, where I always advise to consult with Patrick Foley, in Los Angeles, La Peer Beauty and Larchmont Beauty in Larchmont and Woo Skincare & Cosmetics in Nashville, where I worked in my country singer days. But the mothership will always be Neiman Marcus in Dallas, it’s where I grew up!

It’s time to reveal your favorite bake shops!

In LA, Magnolia Bakery on Third Street and Vanilla Bake Shop in Century City. In Texas, Tart Bakery in Dallas, Lovin Oven in Lancaster (they have the best frosting, I hope to get my hands on the recipe one day!). Plus, Puffy Muffin in Nashville. 

Best and worst beauty story?

My best story started sixteen years ago when I first bought Creme de la Mer, I still use it and swear by it. I could do its commercial! I also use oils for my skin like Talika and Darphin.

The worst beauty adventure happened when I tried to give myself highlights using Sun In Hair Lightener…my hair turned orange!

Tell us more about the charity that you are supporting through this week’s Pamp Party.

Step Up Women helps women to start careers, get an education, and fulfill their potential with the help of other women with established careers. I went to few of their events and I recently became a mentor. it’s very rewarding.

Connect with Dawn on Pampadour!