by Tiffany Etessami

Don’t think for a second that women are the only ones with beauty rituals. Men have beauty tricks also, and we’re not just talking about flamboyant guys with eyeliner and frosted tips. There is an entire world of secret beauty for men.

Tweezing – George W. Bush took care of his unibrow “issue” before he became leader of the free world. And it’s pretty clear that even heartthrob Zac Efron must tweeze or trim here and there to get that perfect full shape. Cleaning up those stray hairs in the middle of your face is not up for debate…shaping is not necessary, though, unless you’re going for the Jersey Shore look.

Waxing – Total manscaping can be a turnoff. Men should have some chest hair! But there’s a difference between looking masculine and looking like a caveman…that’s where waxing comes in. It has become completely acceptable, and even encouraged, for guys to remove unwanted hair. Looking like a gorilla is never cool.

Mani-Pedis – If you’re not comfortable heading down to the nail salon for a mani-pedi, that’s fine. Just please make sure to take care of your nails at home. Nothing is more unattractive than long, dirty fingernails. But take it from us, there’s nothing like spending an hour getting pampered at the salon. Try it once and you’ll never want to cut your nails yourself again. Rumor has it there are places that cater strictly to men.

Rogaine – The source of so much anxiety for men: hair loss. It’s a never-ending cycle… the more you stress over it, the more hair you lose. Enter Rogaine. Hair regrowth treatments are lifesavers for guys dealing with male pattern baldness. Just stay away from toupees – it never has and never will look real. You’re not fooling anyone.

Hair Color – Gray hair is distinguished, and if you have the confidence to rock it, it can be very sexy. That being said, many guys like the option of covering up those grays or even playing around with color just for fun. Plenty of girls have DIY dyeing horror stories though, so we suggest hitting the salon.

Ear and Nose Trimming – Here’s one beauty ritual that’s exclusive to the boys: cleaning up your ear and nose hairs. You might not think this is such an issue, but do you really thinks girls want to whisper into an ear full of hair? Yuck!

Photo: Impeccable Zac Efron captured in Nolita by Tania Hallak


In the world of beauty, nothing surprises us anymore. Case in point: the dentist’s office.

Dr. Justin Rashbaum doesn’t merely give New Yorkers pearly whites…his office offers Botox and Restylane injections, among other cutting edge procedures. How did he get involved in this seemingly random side project? “If you were to invest your money in a beautiful Picasso painting, you would want to frame it and display it in the best possible light,” explains the Doctor. “The same goes for beautiful teeth. I think Botox and fillers can be an easy, subtle way to frame your smile.”

You’re definitely thinking, “why should I have my dentist perform this when there’s a plethora of specialists who are more qualified?” Don’t worry about that because Dr. Rashbaum is more than qualified to perform the procedures. Plus, getting a little work done is not exactly something you want to shout from the rooftops. Nobody wants to be seen stepping out from the plastic surgeon office. And some women might not want any words implying “botox” or “plastic surgery” to show on their credit card bill.

This week’s Daily Pamp theme is Secret Beauty, and what embodies that more than this covert cover-up for the secret that may be keep these ladies looking young? If anyone asks, just say you were at the dentist’s office!

Dr. Justin Rashbaum – 1410 Broadway #3004  New York – Tel. 212.391.1385


For this week’s Beauty Adventure, we had the pleasure of speaking to Asya Varshisky, who works in business development at Sotheby’s and is a proud beauty enthusiast. She tells us about her passion for doing makeup and the joy it can bring.

“I always loved makeup. As a little girl, I would convince my mom to let me give her makeovers. Growing up in Greenwich, Connecticut, I would always head over to Saks Fifth Avenue and talk to the women by the cosmetics counters. There, I educated myself on all there is to know about beauty. I eventually became such a beauty expert that people started asking me for advice.

If my friends were feeling a little down – guy problems, work issues – I would cheer them up by doing their makeup. I found that these little makeover sessions were very therapeutic. It would really put both my friends and me in a better mood. I think it is a very giving and nurturing act to do someone’s makeup.

When my best friend, Liz told me she was getting married in Verona, Italy, I knew exactly what to offer her as a present: a class for both of us at the legendary Kimara makeup studio. We learned a few new tricks, like doing eyelash extensions, and discovered new color palettes. I have been doing her make-up for the past ten years, so I was the natural choice to prepare her for her wedding day. I did a soft makeup using tinted moisturizer, Cle de Peau concealer and a Kimara eye shadow palette. She looked beautiful. It was such a special experience, I am so happy to have been able to share it with my best friend.”


Sometimes the stress of finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones can trump the joy and beauty of this time of year. Your mom, your sister, your boyfriend… maybe even a friend who is a bride-to-be – there are so many people that it becomes exhausting! So why not gift them with something that you can both enjoy? (You deserve it!) Check out our suggestions for holiday Beauty Adventures you can go on together, below.

With your mom…

Many beauty products are targeted towards specific ages, but women of all generations can agree on one thing: polish colors. Chances are both you and your mom love Essie’s classic shades, like Wicked and Marshmallow. If so, book a mani-pedi for the two of you at Essie’s new flagship salon, located in the Samuel Shriqui salon, on the Upper East Side. 35 E 65th Street – 212.472.6805

With your girlfriends…

Looking pretty and sipping cocktails with your girls? Sounds like a perfect night out to us! Drybar will host the party, providing drinks and perfect blow outs for all guests; all you have to bring is girl talk and gossip! For locations in the US and to book a party visit Drybar online.

With your boyfriend…

Mention to your boyfriend that you want to take him on a Beauty Adventure, and he understandably might run for cover. “Can’t you get me Knicks tickets instead?!” So why not tempt him with something that can be mutually enjoyable: a couples massage. Make a little road trip out of the day, and go to Williamsburg’s Pure Qi Regimen Spa for the treatment. Afterward, head over to little-known Brooklyn gem La Nonna Trattoria for an authentic Italian dinner. 268 Driggs Avenue – 718.383.3822

With your sister…

For a fun, unique adventure with your sister, head to Barrett’s Braid Bar, located in the John Barrett Salon on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Work your way down from the penthouse: have a shopping spree afterward with your cute braided hair! 754 Fifth Avenue – 212.872.2700

With the bride-to-be…

Why spend your bridal shower eating cupcakes and gaining weight right before your special day, when you can enjoy a lush day of pampering with your best friends? Yes, technically, the bridal packages offered at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa are specifically designed for the bride, but who says friends can’t enjoy the luxurious offerings, too? Our pick is the ‘Diamonds are Forever’ package, which includes an Ultimate Arden facial, desert hot stone massage, signature mani-pedi and a spa lunch. 663 Fifth Avenue – 212.546.0200

Photo: Daily Pamp Editor Carole Hallac and bff Elisa Stangalini, author of Comic Pamp, sharing a pedi at Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa in NY


By Kimberly Taylor

When you think of the beauty and skin care line Philosophy, one thing comes to mind: beauty comes from the inside out. Choosing skin care products is a very personal experience. There is loyalty involved, trust, and a price put on what beauty and skin care is worth. When cleansing and applying makeup, women are in their own space and frame of mind, taking time out for themselves. They’re reflecting on how they would like to present themselves to the world. With hectic schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, this time and these rituals can be easily dismissed as routine. Other than the quality of their award-winning skin care and cleansing products, Philosophy offers daily reminders that beauty is a gift a woman gives to herself. Their clever and inspiring packaging is a way of exercising positive skin care and a positive outlook on life. Some of their most famous product collections are: Hope in a Jar, When Hope is not Enough, Here Comes the Sun and, Full of Promise. The uplifting lengthy messages on each package are fabulous, but even the titles alone say it all.


My Personal Favourties:


Kiss Me exfoliating lip scrub. I used to use the old toothbrush and warm water trick to exfoliate my lips. While old habits die hard, this one went out the window when I discovered this product. It makes my lips soft and smooth, and it’s put to best use before applying a matte lipstick.


Keep The Peace protective color corrector with SPF20. I use this product as a primer to even out my skin tone. It leaves my skin feeling so silky I sometimes skip foundation altogether. Also, I’m particularly choosy when it comes to moisturizers that have sun protection. Here, I get the SPF without the greasy feeling.


Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleansing cloths. Having tried so many cleansing cloths on the market, this is by far my favorite. My grandmother always told me if the skin on your face is paper, the skin around your eyes is tissue paper – treat it as such! Those words of wisdom pop into my head every time I remove my eye makeup. With particularly sensitive eyes to begin with, these cloths do the job without any irritation whatsoever. You don’t even have to rinse after use, which is an added bonus.


by Kimberly Taylor

Ben Fink Shapiro is a fashion and portrait photographer best known for his edgy fashion spreads, his unexpected play on portraiture and, of course, his dreamy nudes. I sat down with this 27-year-old Cincinnati native to find out what it’s like to work in a field where fantasy is created. He told me about a shoot where he had to rethink the relationship between beauty and styling. 

“I was photographing an aspiring young model/actress who was looking to take some sophisticated pictures to help her shed her innocent image.

The shoot went great, but as it turned out the makeup was overdone. The eyes were too smoky. The look was too severe. There is a fine line between using styling and cosmetics to bring out part of a subject’s underlying personality, versus totally inventing something from scratch. Dramatic makeup is an important tool in fashion photography, and can transform a model into an interesting work of art. In this situation, though, I felt like the makeup was taking away from this gorgeous girl’s appeal and natural beauty. When photographing portraits or nudes, I prefer a natural look.

As for my preferences in real life? I can definitely appreciate a woman who takes pride in her grooming and appearance, but bright red lipstick will always be perplexing to me.”

Photo credit: NYMag’s The Cut

Jen’s Red Lip Report

By Jennifer Hakimian


I’ve always admired a woman who wears red lipstick. There’s something so mesmerizing about a white smile framed with perfectly shaped red lips. The woman in red takes over the room. She is confident, elegant, sophisticated and leaves me wondering, “how does she do it?”

I get bit by the red lipstick bug at least once a year and it’s usually around the holiday season. Images of holiday glamour flood my mind. This is my turn; I can wear red! I begin my hunt for that perfect shade of red, there is no other beauty objective that day. It’s all about the lips. I don’t want it too orange or too purple, just red. I test them out on my hands, and a few make it to my lips. Each one getting smudged off leaving me with red-stained swollen lips and a handful of red tissues in my pocket. I always need a plan B,  so I purchase a handful of perfect tubes of redness, each shade more magnificent than the next. I return home giddy dreaming up an outfit to go along with my new red lips. Eyes must be soft and defined, cheeks barely there. Simple black or white attire and sleek ironed hair. Thoughts of my evening out, as the new me, dance through my mind.

I love red. Red is beauty. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to Red Beauty. It’s my favorite board. Red evokes power, strength, seduction and desire. Our Pampadour offices have red walls. The red inspires me and, strangely enough, comforts me. In coming up with a color scheme for our website, we chose red as one of the main colors. It’s on all of our call-to-action buttons: PampIt, AddIt, TagIt: all red. It is the one thing I would never change, our Pamp red. We recently acquired a piece of art for our office (“O” by Hans Uder). She is a woman with fire red hair and red lips. Red has definitely become part of Pampadour’s theme.

Here’s the best part. I’ve never actually succeeded in wearing it. Somewhere between my vanity table and the front door I get a passing glimpse of myself in the mirror and realize that the woman in the reflection isn’t me. I’m uncomfortable. Funny how a shade of color that I adore can make me feel so wrong when it’s on my face. I wipe off the rich beautiful hue with a tissue and replace it with my favorite shade of nude. Maybe next time.


In New York, each neighborhood comes with a certain style – from the prim and proper Uptown Girl to the hipster Blooklyn chick. When Ashley Turen opened A. Turen, a fashion and concept store in the Lower East Side, three years ago she quickly fell in love with the scene, and it began to inspire her.

I’ve always been a beauty junkie. Something I must have inherited from my mom and my grandmother, who was in fact a beauty queen in Alabama. I can spend hours in Sephora and C.O. Bigelow trying on new products. I’m especially obsessed with skincare products. I guess it came with the territory, but I used to be totally primped and polished. I would get manicures at Dashing Diva, had fake tan addictions, and loved getting my weekly blowout. My eyebrows always had to be meticulous, and I would get eyelash extensions. I would even occasionally have professionals come over to do my makeup!

When I moved further downtown, things started changing. I opened up my store on the Lower East Side, and quickly became immersed in the cool, relaxed scene. I always considered myself a downtown girl, but I was undeniably high maintenance.  I became drawn to the effortless LES style. I still love beauty, but it’s a different kind of look; I gave up on the idea of being ‘coiffed’ or too coiffed rather. Lower East Side girls veer towards an edgier look: eclectic nail art, tattoos, lots of eyeliner and even neon hair. One trend that’s really “in” is to use dry shampoo in lieu of regular shampoo – it gives you a dirty, grungy do.

I gave up some beauty luxuries when my style changed, but one perk I will never let go of is facials, something I discovered in my college years when I began breaking out (probably due to the unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and eating junk). Facials are really lifesavers for my skin.

One of my favorite downtown trends is nail art. I fell in love with it when I lived across the street from the famous Sakura nail salon. In fact, I loved it so much that I recently brought nail artist to the stars Momo to my store to do her special magic. It’s such a fun and creative experience – if I have a nail art idea, Momo will create it for me. It’s become my own version of a pop-up nail salon. From there, I decided to bring fabulous makeup artist Rosie Rodriguez to station in the back of my store, doing make-up for customers. My store is slowly morphing into more of a concept shop. Just like the fashion in my store, all of the beauty products are handpicked as reflection of my style. Though, I have foregone many of my luxuries of the past, I still manage to maintain some, but in my own LES way.

A. Turen is located at 85 Stanton Street – New York – tel. 212-533-8200


By Tiffany Etessami

Ringo Yip opened his namesake salon on the Lower East Side in 2005. You wouldn’t know by looking at the inconspicuous storefront that this little salon is beloved by downtown hair aficionados. We spoke to Ringo about the LES, his clientele and the changing scene.

Why did you decide to get into the hair industry?

For one reason: I like to make women look beautiful.

Why did you pick the Lower East Side as your salon location?

The Lower East Side… it’s low-key, and I feel like there’s always an adventure. There are always unpredictable things happening. The scene is changing a little, there’s a different culture, because we’ve gotten a lot of new bars and restaurants. It’s different, but I still like it.

What would you describe the Lower East Side look as?

I observe that it’s a younger and more individual scene. There aren’t too many families. It’s a really fun, young scene.

Tell us about your clientele.

My clientele is mostly people who have a job (laughs)… they’re more individual. They have taste. A lot of young professionals walk in.  It’s a ‘yuppie’ scene now – they have money to spare, and they want to be stylish. It’s not like Bushwick anymore.

Do you have a particular technique?

Parting the hair on dry cuts. I do this so I can see where the hair lies. I don’t like to wash it too much – I like the edge that gives.

What do you think of using dry shampoo to achieve that grungy, unwashed look?

Dry shampoo doesn’t work on everyone – it’s a personal preference. But definitely don’t wash hair every day… let the natural oils come in.

What are some new trendy hairstyles?

Long hair is always in, most women don’t like to go too short. But now loose, flowy hair is in, too.


Ringo is located in 126 Ludlow Street – New York – Tel. 212.228.8812


Caitlin Sloat is a 24 year old model from Colorado. Her edgy pixie cut makes her a perfect Pampadour model, but she didn’t always rock such a cool ‘do. This is her Beauty Adventure:

My Beauty Adventure started off as a bit of a disaster. I always had long platinum blonde hair. When I started modeling, I was advised to dye it brown. Let’s just say it did not work out.

I wanted to go back to my original sunny locks, but it didn’t go smoothly. My hair was completely fried. Horrible. I didn’t know what to do, so I made a drastic choice: I chopped it all off. My long mane was traded in for a super short pixie cut. It ended up being for the best: the cut became my signature look. I found more modeling success with this new hairstyle, and it gave me an edge. I love my short hair… it’s what makes me unique.