By a landslide, the most prominent beauty trend at Fall 2013 fashion week was minimalist chic. Bare faces (albeit with glowing skin) were everywhere – it embodies high self-esteem and confidence. Read on for the products to use to achieve this refreshing look.

The key to pulling off the minimal look is to have seemingly perfect, glowing skin. Don’t go overboard with the foundation to cover up imperfections. In fact, it’s a good idea to skip the foundation all together – it can weigh down your skin and make your entire look appear cakey. Cover up dark spots and blemishes by dabbing on some concealer (we love this waterproof one by Tarte). Then cover your face with a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier forever) or BB cream (Smashbox’s is fantastic). These should provide enough coverage, while allowing your skin to breathe.

The next step is to apply a bit of blush. It’s easy to go overboard with blush, so control is key. Apply just a bit of pink powder to your cheeks so you don’t look washed out. Try Lorac blush in Rose. That’s all you need for your face. Two to three products. Yes, really.

For your eyes, apply some lengthening black mascara so you look wide awake. We’re into this one by Estee Lauder, which separates and lengthens lashes for beautiful eyes. If your lips are moisturized, gloss or lipstick isn’t necessary. If you feel like you need a little something, though, try Josie Maran’s Hydrating Lipstick in Happy Honey, a rosy nude.

Feeling nail art overload? We have good news for you: nude nails are in. Yes, the major trend in the fall nail game is clean, simple, short, beige nails. There are tons of options, from Essie’s Mademoiselle to Priti NYC’s Ginger Snap Orchid. Most of these shades are sheer, so you’ll need an extra coat or two, but that seems a small price to pay compared to the claws, studs and glitter of days past!

To talk more fall beauty, head over to and check out our fall collection!


With the majority of the biggest actors and singers living there, you know LA has a pretty good grasp on gorgeous hair and beauty. We’ve rounded up the best hair, makeup and nail salons in California – make sure to pay a visit the next time you’re on the West Coast. Who knows… you could be getting a blowout next to Angelina!

BYRON’S BEAUTY ROOM – It would be a challenge to find a starlet who hasn’t gotten a blowout at this famous hair salon. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this salon also carries the luxe Byron line of hair products. 9294 Civic Center Drive – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – 310.276.4470

BLUSHINGTON – At this beauty lounge, makeup artists use the biggest brands like Stila, Becca and Temptu for flawless makeup application. Full face makeup is $40 – this is the equivalent of free in LA, basically.  8591 Sunset Blvd – West Hollywood, CA 90069 – 310.652.5874

esNAIL – This LA salon stems from a Japanese chain, and the influences are definitely there. The nail art is beautifully unique – it’s no wonder stars like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are clients! 8384 Melrose Ave – Los Angeles, CA 90069 – 323.655.5800

FACE PLACE – Why mess with something that works? Face Place only offers one facial treatment – no gimmicks, no tricks. Their signature facial has garnered many devoted fans, like Anne Hathaway and Sofia Coppola. 8701 Santa Monica Blvd – West Hollywood, CA 90069 – 310.855.1150

LA PRAIRIE – The ultimate in luxury. Enjoy a day of pampering at this incomparable spa located in the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel. Experience an unforgettable Caviar Facial, Diamond Massage and more. This names make you want to book a trip right now, no? 9641 Sunset Blvd – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – 310.887.2006

ANASTASIA – Pampadour adours Anastasia’s line of products, but in LA you have the unique opportunity of paying a visit to her own eponymous salon. Your eyebrows will never look this good again! 438 North Bedford Drive – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – 310.273.3155


By Lisa Estrella Yang

Beautiful things in life come in all sizes! Although nails may be a fraction of your beauty attire, this year they are holding the biggest microphone, stealing the spotlight in the beauty and fashion world with a fierce attitude. This fabulous summer is plastered with an array of nail expressions such as tribal print, neon colors, French manicures, and floral nail décor. Below are simple steps to dressing up your own nails with a timeless nail look. Get into the beauty of nail fashion by learning how to do your own French manicure at home!

You’ll need:

– Paper reinforcements

– Scissors

– 1 Cotton ball

– White distilled vinegar

– White nail lacquer (I used “White” by love & beauty from Forever 21)

– Sheer pale pink nail lacquer ( I used “Made to Honor” by Essie)

– Your favorite top coat (I used Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat)

*No base coat needed. Do not apply a base coat as it will counteract the function of the paper reinforcement stickers.


Directions to a beautiful French manicure:

1. Start by prepping your nails; doing so will help prolong the wear of any nail lacquer! With a cotton ball gently rub white distilled vinegar on your nail beds to naturally rid of oils. Rinse your nails under lukewarm water and pat dry.

2. Take a paper reinforcement sticker and place it where you desire the white tip. Make sure the ends of the sticker touch both ends of the nail.

3. Run your finger from one side of the sticker to the other to ensure a tightly sealed template.

4. Apply a white lacquer over the open space between the sticker and your nail tip. Immediately remove the sticker by gently peeling it from one end to the other.

5. Repeat #2 – #4 for the rest of your fingers. For your thumbnails, you may need a larger template. Cut a sticker in half with a pair of scissors, resulting in two half circles. Overlap the two half circles to create a larger version of the half circle.

6. After polishing your white tips, apply a sheer pale pink lacquer over your nails. Let nails dry for 5 minutes. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, add a nail art design on a finger for a little extra glam!

7. Seal the look with your favorite top coat. Voila! You’re nails are officially Frenched. 🙂 Now go out and rock your French mani!



Kimmie Keyes is one of the most requested nail artists in the entertainment industry. She is responsible for the best nail designs hitting the red carpet and the stage, from Adele’s copper nails at the Oscars to Rihanna and Katy Perry’s most inventive designs.

How do celeb clients pick their style and color?

Singers, like Katy Perry, are involved in the decision and are generally more adventurous. They like to change styles often and would go for gels that are faster to apply then acrylics. Actresses, on the other hand, choose traditional manicures. What they are wearing is, of course, very influential on choosing the style and color. For Adele’s Oscar copper nails, for example, the inspiration came from her dress lining that was a similar shade.

Who is the most innovative when it comes to nail design?

Definitely Rihanna, she is a trendsetter. She was the first to wear pointy nails, that became very popular in Hollywood and was seen on other celebrities like Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz. She then wore them long, square and narrow.

How long does it take to prepare them for an event?

The time dedicated to a manicure all depends on what they ask of me. Adele’s acrylics at the Oscars, for example, took about two hours. When we are gearing up for an awards show, many of my clients make the decision the night before so I can start preparing them and it will take less time to apply them the day of the event.

How difficult is it to prepare so many celebrities for awards shows?

It can get very crazy because many of my clients change looks from the red carpet to their stage exhibit. For example, at the American Music Awards I worked with four girls: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pink and Ke$ha. Most of them were performing so I had to do seven manis that day. After the red carpet I waited for them backstage and I was running from one to the other, praying that all went well!

What were your most successful nail designs?

The ones with fun themes, not necessarily the most complex ones. For example Rihanna’s neon yellow nails with smileys, or the face of Russell Brand on Katy Perry’s nails when they were still together.

Do you travel a lot?

I try not to travel too much because my material is very heavy. But I do it for my closest clients like Rihanna.

What are the hottest colors this summer?

Turquoise, emerald, mint… Essie has a great range of these shades.

Photo of Kimmie Keyes and Rihanna, courtesy of Kimmie Keyes



Nicole Scherzinger backstage with Kimmie Keyes.

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Keyes



“Kate Perry is adventurous when it comes to nail designs and often likes gel manicures.”

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Keyes



Reds, nudes and pinks may be timeless, but blue is slowly becoming a nail classic too! Read on for the hottest shades of blue this season… which one will you try out first?

COBALT – The most daring summer polish trend, electric blue, provides some excitement to your nails. Jin Soon in Blue Iris is beautiful and unique. There is no shade quite like it out there.

BABY BLUE – This sweet trend gives off an innocent, girly vibe. Wear it on your toes and juxtapose it with sexy heels for an unexpected twist. Try Illamasqua in Caress or Essie’s new shade Rock the Boat.

TURQUOISE – Nancy Houlmont mentioned Dior Vernis Nail Duo in Samba in her interview with us last week, and her word is beauty law: turquoise is hot! Aquatic colors are a summer staple. The Dior duo makes for a great, unexpected French mani: turquoise nails with shimmery teal on the tips.

DEEP BLUE – This rich, flirty color is too gorgeous to only wear in the fall and winter. Throw people for a loop by rocking it this season with your most summery outfits. There’s no better option than Essie’s MIdnight Cami… check out how stellar it looks in the picture above!

To learn more about the products mentioned and get some blue nail inspiration, check out our Feeling the Blues collection on Pampadour!

Gel manicures appear to be a nail trend that’s here to stay. Iffy about making the switch? Read on for the pros and cons of this nail phenomenon.


– The obvious major advantage of a gel manicure is that it simply will not chip. Even for those who manage to chip their nails after one day with a regular mani, your gel nails will stay intact for at least two weeks.

– Do you compulsively pick at or bite your nails? This is a great defense against curbing those habits. The gel is too strong to bite or pick off, so you will gradually lose that urge.

– Nails that are painted with regular polish lose their shine after a few days. This does not happen with gel painted nails. Up to three weeks after application, nails will look just as glossy as when you left the salon.

– It is an absolute no-brainer that you should get a gel manicure before major events like a vacation, wedding or graduation. I recently had a lot of weddings in a row – my burgundy gel mani lasted for three events!


– It’s pricey. If you look into it, there are varying deals, but in general, gel manicures cost roughly $15-20 more than a regular manicure. You have to decide if that is worth it for you.

– Even though there is no drying time, the entire process takes longer than a typical manicure. With all the extra filing, buffing and prepping, you’re going to be sitting in the salon chair for a while.

– Since gel is a newer technology, the colors available are far more limited. If you’re not super picky, this should not be a problem, but don’t expect to have ten different shades of fuchsia to choose from.

– Industry experts say that gel doesn’t damage your nails, but experience tells me that it does. Each time I get a regular manicure post-gel mani, it chips even quicker than usual, leading me to believe that the gel made my nails weaker. This is just an observation, everyone’s nail are different!



Make Up For Ever – Aqua Cream in 21 Turquoise


Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Jo’mina – Illamasqua has been going viral ever since their debut in Sephora stores. The consistency of these formulas is beginner friendly because they’re not messy or clumpy. Their varnishes do not take a long time to dry! Lastly, their colors are endless and timeless!

MAC Morange Lipstick – Morange by MAC is a vibrant red-orange that is guaranteed to look fabulous on anyone. The creamy texture does not leave your lips dry nor does it bleed over your lips. A gorgeous shade for any season!

Seche Vite Base and Top Coat – Seche Vite base and top coat is an affordable line that delivers the best drying time in the beauty market! If you’re always on the go or pressed for time, these products are what you need! Guaranteed to dry your nails under 5 minutes, this line will not fail you.

Stila All About the Eyes Set – Stila All About the Eyes Set is a great introduction set for new users, especially to get them hooked! Many may know how fabulous Stila eyeliners are because they’re smudge-free and waterproof; why not share the love?

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – Stila Eyeliner Pen is a great way to introduce a top-of-the-line black liner that is waterproof and smudge-free.

Tarte Smooth Operator HD Powder – This is the Holy Grail for all-day makeup. This powder includes Amazonian clay, which diminishes fine lines overtime. With this powder you receive instant results on diminished lines as the silica fills them in. As an added bonus this lightweight powder rids of shine — talk about picture perfect.