YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye – Pampadour users have been obsessing over this unique collection of top coats all month! The new line  which comes in coral, hot pink, purple and blue  gives off a gradient effect. Three different top coats are layered in the bottle  glitter on the bottom, a sheer tint in the middle and a clear polish on top  to create the ombre look.

Pierre Hardy for NARS Collection – The famed French shoe designer teamed up with the beauty giant for this new collection of polishes and blushes. The footwear line’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection has served as inspiration for the collaboration, which features six colorful pairings of polishes.

MAC x Hayley Williams Nail Lacquer – The Paramore lead singer’s highly anticipated MAC collection launched this month, and includes this gorgeous bright orange polish, called Riot Gear. Inspired by Hayley’s signature orange hair, the collection also features a lipstick, eye shadow and powder, but we’re crazy about the polish!

Ciaté Chalkboard Nail Art Kit – Ciaté is one of the trendiest nail companies out there, from caviar to velvet manicures, and their latest collection is no different: introducing chalkboard nails. The Chalkboard Nail Kit includes a matte base, 4 chalk pens (to doodle and let your creativity run wild) and a matte top coat.

Dior Nail Glow – This nail enhancer by Dior goes on sheer to create an instant French manicure effect. It’s essentially a top coat that you can wear on its own to brighten up your bare nails. The Kool-Aid effect of the polish gives off a nostalgic vibe.

Deborah Lippmann Staccato Collection – Deborah Lippmann’s ice cream-inspired collection looks good enough to eat. The polishes resemble Oreo, Mint Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Chip, respectively. With black glitter dispersed throughout the creamy lacquers, this collection is both unique and interesting.

Essie Resort 2013 Collection – Essie’s four-piece resort collection is made up of a neon coral, minty green, girly orchid and our personal favorite: an eye-catching aqua called ‘In the Cab-ana’.  It’s absolutely perfect for a tropical vacation or day at the beach.

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A week at the beach will make you look good no matter what. You can’t go wrong with  a mix of sun, ocean and good times. If you want to go the extra step and add a little pampering to your getaway, here is a guide to our favorite beauty spots in one of the top spring break destinations. Bienvenido a Miami!

Lace Nail Lab – With a full menu of treatments, including manicures, facials and blowouts, this spa has it all. The pink salon looks like a life size jewelry box, it is definitely worth checking out solely to see the adorable aesthetic. – 1935 West Avenue – 305-604-0111

Sobe Tan by Fabiola – While some like to build their tan gradually, others will refuse to spend even one day pasty in the sun. If you need a base tan, head to Sobe Tan by Fabiola, just off Lincoln Road. You may even cross paths with some Miami celebrities and socialites while getting a spray tan. – 1680 Michigan Avenue #901 – 305-532-0221

Todd Jameson Nue Studio – For the New Yorkers getting a little homesick, this salon has a very Brooklyn vibe. With a selection of vintage clothing and jewelry for sale, this laidback hair salon has seriously talented stylists. – 3470 East Coast Avenue – 305-322-8611

Cream Beauty – The beauty destination of South Beach, Cream carries a selection of cult collections such as Mario Badescu, Bond No. 9 and Seda France Candles. – 5820 Sunset Drive – 305-669-9220

Nail Bar – Girls in Miami are obsessed with nail art. For that reason, many nail salons in South Beach offer the most creative manicures. If you’re feeling funky, check out Nail Bar, where you can get “The Louboutin” inspired by the signature heels. Your long nails will be painted black, while the inside of your nails are painted ruby red to match the soles. – 3301 NE 1st Avenue – 305-514-0305


by Tiffany Etessami

Don’t think for a second that women are the only ones with beauty rituals. Men have beauty tricks also, and we’re not just talking about flamboyant guys with eyeliner and frosted tips. There is an entire world of secret beauty for men.

Tweezing – George W. Bush took care of his unibrow “issue” before he became leader of the free world. And it’s pretty clear that even heartthrob Zac Efron must tweeze or trim here and there to get that perfect full shape. Cleaning up those stray hairs in the middle of your face is not up for debate…shaping is not necessary, though, unless you’re going for the Jersey Shore look.

Waxing – Total manscaping can be a turnoff. Men should have some chest hair! But there’s a difference between looking masculine and looking like a caveman…that’s where waxing comes in. It has become completely acceptable, and even encouraged, for guys to remove unwanted hair. Looking like a gorilla is never cool.

Mani-Pedis – If you’re not comfortable heading down to the nail salon for a mani-pedi, that’s fine. Just please make sure to take care of your nails at home. Nothing is more unattractive than long, dirty fingernails. But take it from us, there’s nothing like spending an hour getting pampered at the salon. Try it once and you’ll never want to cut your nails yourself again. Rumor has it there are places that cater strictly to men.

Rogaine – The source of so much anxiety for men: hair loss. It’s a never-ending cycle… the more you stress over it, the more hair you lose. Enter Rogaine. Hair regrowth treatments are lifesavers for guys dealing with male pattern baldness. Just stay away from toupees – it never has and never will look real. You’re not fooling anyone.

Hair Color – Gray hair is distinguished, and if you have the confidence to rock it, it can be very sexy. That being said, many guys like the option of covering up those grays or even playing around with color just for fun. Plenty of girls have DIY dyeing horror stories though, so we suggest hitting the salon.

Ear and Nose Trimming – Here’s one beauty ritual that’s exclusive to the boys: cleaning up your ear and nose hairs. You might not think this is such an issue, but do you really thinks girls want to whisper into an ear full of hair? Yuck!

Photo: Impeccable Zac Efron captured in Nolita by Tania Hallak


Blogger Leandra Medine, better known as the Man Repeller, brought to the forefront the fact that men and women don’t always agree on what is beautiful in fashion. This certainly applies to beauty and got us thinking: “Are there any beauty looks that women ‘adour’ that actually repel men?” We surveyed seventy men to find out what looks drive them crazy (in a bad way). Turns out a red lip didn’t do too bad, while cakey foundation is a definite no-no. Ladies, would you ever guess that bangs would be in the top three?!

Here are the results:

1. Visible Foundation

2. Nail Art

3. Bangs

4. Short Hair

5. Blue Nails

6. Hair Extensions

7. Red Lips

8. Smoky Eyes

9. Rosy Cheeks

10. Eyelash Extensions


If the Lower East Side girl would give up on washing her hair for the dirty, undone look achieved with dry shampoo, an Upper East Side woman would do whatever it takes to look polished.

It takes time to get the proper maintenance for perfect hair and impeccable nails, a luxury that not many have, no matter if they are a career women or stay-at-home mom.

Fix Beauty Bar is coming to their rescue. The new Upper East Side salon is a one-stop shop where you can get a blowout, manicure and pedicure simultaneously. The entire process will only take 45 minutes.

The process is quick but never rushed, from the spa-like waiting area with magazines and snacks, to the pleasant scalp massage finishing your hair wash, to the cup of coffee or glass of wine offered while receiving your services.

For your hair, you can take a glance through their look book that features styles inspired by the biggest celebrity hair icons, from slick-straight tresses called the “Jen” to glam curls of “Kim”, or describe your own dream look. “Even when they go for beach waves, the hair will be flowy but still very well-controlled.” So even surf-girl hair is coiffed and UES-approved.

Owners and friends Michelle Breskin and Karol Markowicz, who always loved to get their hair blow dried together, conceived their salon as a throwback to the ‘60s when women would congregate at the salon to gossip and catch up. The architecture of the main station, built as a cube, encourages a conversation and makes it a perfect hangout place for girlfriends.The simultaneous mani-pedi is what sets this blow dry bar apart from the competition. You can even dry one hand while painting the other in the ingenious dryer built into the manicure table.

It may sound too good to be true, but the pricing is quite affordable. A blow dry is $40, while a simultaneous manicure is $15. Packages are available for members, starting at $75.

Fix Beauty Bar is located at 847 Lexington Avenue, 2nd floor – tel. 212-744-0800 –

Year after year, these beauty mishaps conquered celebrities, beauty junkies and the masses, leaving us asking the eternal question: “What were we thinking?”. Here are the worst beauty ‘faux pas’ to date, with their top offenders. Madonna is not in the list. She has sported many of these trends, from the teased bang to the lip liner to the over-plucked eyebrows…but she is the only one that, somehow, could pull them off.

1- Teased Bangs80s – Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Tiffani Amber Thiessen

2- The Mullet80s – Pat Benatar, Joyce DeWitt, John Stamos

3- The Perm80s – Glenn Close, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman

4- Plucked Eyebrows90s – Pamela Anderson, Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrimore

5- Dark Lip Liner  – 90s – Pamela Anderson, Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani

6- Spray Tanner – 2000s – Linday Lohan, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera

7- Hair Extensions2000s – Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan

8- Eyelash Extensions2000s – Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Adele

9- The Shrillex2010s – Rihanna, Cassie, Keisha

10 – Tacky Nail Art2010s – Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce

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MY BEAUTY ADVENTURE: Kimberly Taylor Gindi

Kimberly Taylor Gindi is not only our Beauty Diary muse, but a celebrated designer who launched an eponymous clothing line and is now working on her fine jewelry collection, Blac Diamond. In this week’s Beauty Adventure, Kim tells us all about beauty in Brooklyn.

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, you never said you were from “Brooklyn.” You said “NYC.” It didn’t seem like there was a big difference. The truth is, though, I was a bridge-and-tunnel girl.

When I began attending NYU and interning for Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Teen Vogue, I still had a typical Brooklyn beauty routine. Every Friday, I got my blowout and French Manicure, and I didn’t leave home without my lip liner. It was a way to belong and fit in. Little did I know, these trends had never made it over the bridge.

In Brooklyn, for your sixteenth birthday, you would get makeup lessons and a bag filled with cosmetics, and share the same passion for plum lip liner with baby pink gloss.

One day, one of my best friends looked at my lip liner and just wiped it off of my face. In this dramatic gesture she made me realize that my beauty look made me an outcast in NYC. I never wear lip liner anymore, even if it’s the same color, not even when the person doing my make-up swears that it will completely blend in my lipstick – it just makes me paranoid.

Up until recently, I’ve done my best to try to fit with my beauty look. I went to Zurich last month and put very low-profile nail polish on, as European women generally a laid back style. When I got there, all of the girls had blue nails! I realized you can never ensure that your look will fit in, so you should just be yourself and do what you like.

I have a lot of respect for the women in Brooklyn. They really take care of their appearance, from regular mani-pedis to Keratin treatments. I don’t find it shallow – for me, it’s a sign that a woman respects herself and her appearance. Even the men in Brooklyn are very well groomed. I know men that are always in a suit and tie, and they really believe that “the way you carry yourself reflects on the world around you.”

From the day that my friend wiped off my lip liner at 18, the beauty world as I knew it shattered. It was only okay in Brooklyn. It was Brooklyn’s look, not New York’s, not America’s, not the world’s. I’ve been trying to get my mom to leave these BK trends in the past, but she doesn’t listen!

To that, I would still say to each their own. Be yourself, express your beauty, but make sure that, no matter what your look is, it’s done well!

French Manicures: Yay or Nay?

By Tiffany Etessami

“As soon as we put an end to French manicures, they will come back in style again.” –Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist.

There is no beauty trend that has people more split than the French manicure. You either love it or you hate it, and it’s very rare that someone will change their stance on the issue. According to recent polls, 58.9% of Glamour readers love it, but a whopping 86% of InStyle readers said it was out!

In recent years, the French mani’s popularity has faded a bit. Devotees started migrating towards solid neutral shades like greige and soft pinks. More and more people started agreeing that it is a dated fad and not current or cool. Issue settled.

But, wait a second… pictures surfaced last month of trendsetter and undeniable cool girl, Rihanna, sporting not only a French mani, but a French pedicure! This look has always been an inarguable faux pas in the nail world – something that’s not up for debate – but since almost anything Rihanna does is considered cool, what does this mean for French nails?

Rihanna’s stamp of approval or not, I still find the French an outdated beauty look. To make the manicure more current, try using a sheer pink rather than stark white on the tips. Or try a funky reverse French manicure, which was seen all over the Fashion Week runways. Regardless of what I think, though, it seems like fans of the standard French manicure will remain forever devoted to this classic; so it looks like it’s here to stay!

Photo of E! ManiCam via  @amelieg


By Carole Hallac

It’s no question that in  New York, Jin Soon Choi, a native of Korea, is the absolute queen of nails. With three nail spas in Manhattan, Jin has been an institution in the industry for many years, a favorite on the set of international fashion campaigns and magazine covers (she is the go-to manicurist of Steven Meisel shoots), and has worked with a multitude of celebrities (Sarah Jessica Parker was her first client in her East Village salon) and models.

Models are, in fact, part of the Jin’s inspiration for her new exquisite nail collection, which is divided into two lines: the Quintessentials, with classic colors like red and nude, and A La Mode, which features the shades of the season, and were named by some of her model friends  such as Coco Rocha (“Rhapsody”), Caroline Trentini (“Austere”), Karlie Kloss (“Debonair”), Hyoni Kang (“Charade”), Jamie Bochert (“Auspiscious”), and Guinevere Van Seenus (“Metaphor”).

The JINSOON nail care collection is 5-free (non toxic), and includes twelve colors, a top coat and a strengthening basecoat infused with biotin and amino acids.

Available at Sephora and SpaceNK in September ($18 each).

View the A La Mode collection here.



JINSOON A La Mode collection has been named by models who inspired the colors. From the left: Austere (Caroline Trentini), Charade (Hyoni Kang), Rhapsody (Coco Rocha), Debonair (Karlie Kloss), Auspicious (Jamie Bochert), Metaphor (Guinevere van Seenus).

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