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by Tiffany Etessami

Viviane Vidal’s Beauty Adventure made us curious about the process of the Brazilian manicure. We were able to speak to Fernanda Lacerda, owner of Maria Bonita Salon & Spa (the salon that Viviane swears by). She took us through the steps of this impeccable mani.

At Maria Bonita, the entire process takes about forty-five minutes – it is meticulously done, and worth the extra time. The treatment begins with a paraffin immersion (during the colder months) or a cooling masque (during the Summer). This is followed by exfoliation, and an intense hand massage.

Here’s the part that makes this manicure so unique: every single inner and exposed cuticle will be removed. Following that, your nails will be painted all over, leaving absolutely no corner behind. It is going to look sloppy at first – polish will go on your skin – but this is intentional. They want to make sure the entire nail is covered with lacquer. Finally, they will remove the excess polish with acetone remover.

In the end, your hands will feel smoother, and your nails will have a beautiful, lustrous finish!



Amazing Serena, winning Wimbledon and shooting for gold at the Olympics. Believe it or not, being the best tennis player in the world is not her only talent. She is also an awesome manicurist! Serena is known to be obsessed with her nails, getting a manicure every four days and a pedicure once a week. Then, two years ago, she had the brilliant idea to become a certified nail technician. Would you like to see her in action? Check this vintage video of Serena giving Oprah a pedicure.

Photo from Wimbledon 2012.


by Carole Hallac

What is the rule on wearing make-up for athletes? It’s a tough call. On one hand, all eyes are on them, with million of viewers watching all over the world, they’d rather look good. On the other hand, they wouldn’t want mascara to drip down their face when they are trying to beat a world record.

According to ESPN, athletes are in general wearing more make-up, but to avoid any embarrassment, many skip it, like tennis player Maria Sharapova, who always looks glammed up in red carpets and photo shoots, but keeps it clean on the court. Others find ways to use smart products that won’t let them down during performance, like hurdler star Lolo Jones, who confided to Fitness magazine that she skips face make-up on race days and only uses soft colored cream shadows that hold up in the heat, like Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow. US goalie Hope Solo, who recently became a spokesperson for Simple skincare, always has impeccable eyebrows, and loves her lash curler and lip balm.

We can always count on Serena Williams to look her best, with dark eyes and perfect manicures. Gymnasts wear lot of make-up, from Shawn Johnson, who loves sparkles, to Alicia Sacramore who matches her eye shadow to her leotard. While no nail polish is allowed during gymnastic competition, it has been the women swimmers favorite accessory for these Olympics, no matter the nation, from blu and red alternate nails on many girls from the US team to Olympic hoops on British Aimee Wilmott while her teammate Rebecca Adlington sported the British flag. Gold medal winner and new America sweetheart Missy Franklyn opted for red, with a US flag on her ring finger, a subtle classy nationalistic touch that won’t horrify the fashion police like Lochte’s flag grill.

Photo: Gymnist Evgeniya Kanaeva in Rhythmic Gymnastic at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Source: