Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, is just around the corner. To get in the mood, we’ve rounded up ten sexy and seductive beauty products sure to get hearts racing.

1. Red Lips – It’s a classic for a reason. There is no beauty product more simply sexy and glam than a red lip. For a velvety smooth, matte finish, use Kevyn Aucoin’s Matte Lip Color in Eternal. – $32

2. Smokey Eyes – When you think of sexy eyes, you think smokey. It’s glamorous, dramatic and seductive at the same time. To achieve the perfect charcoal, try Too Faced Smokey Eye Shadow Collection. – $36

3. False Eyelashes – False lashes have been in style for quite some time, but this new set by Dior takes it to the next level. Lined with soft gold Swarovski crystals, your eyes will literally be sparkling. – $28

4. Dramatic Mascara – If falsies aren’t your thing, just swipe some volumizing mascara on your lashes to create a flirty, feminine look. Check out Dolce & Gabbana’s new Intenseyes Black Intensity Mascara. – $32

5. Compact Blush – To quickly add some rouge to your cheeks, use Clinique’s Quick Blush. The innovative blush swivels up like a lipstick to reveal a brush that’s filled with cheek color. Perfect for spontaneous encounters. – $23.50

6. Body Powder – Urban Decay’s edible sparkling body powder will leave you looking, smelling and tasting like a bombshell. Dust the powder on your collarbone, shoulders and décolleté for shimmering, radiant skin. – $20

7. Bust Serum – If you want to add a little oomph to your chest without going under the knife, try Talika’s Bust Serum. The serum lifts and firms breasts, and promises to add one cup in six weeks. – $49

8. Body Oil – Apply lightweight NARS Monoi Body Glow II to your skin for instantly luminous and moisturized skin. With its soft, delicate fragrance, Body Glow is irresistible. – $59

9. Massage Candle – Kiki de Montparnasse has created an aromatic massage candle that is undeniably romantic. Burn the candle until it is partly liquid and you can then use it as a massage oil. – $50

10. Red Polish – Even nails can be sexy. For vampy, red nails, try Essie’s Bordeaux polish. It’s a classic red, which exudes sex appeal. – $8


Believe it or not, even the most glamorous starlet doesn’t wake up red carpet ready. There’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into looking pristine and perfect. From detoxes to makeup and hair, here are the (sometimes crazy) steps actresses take to get ready for their primetime close-up.

Juice Cleanse: Celebs live and breathe diet and exercise, but right before a big awards show, they have to step up their game. Enter: a detoxifying juice cleanse. An instant belly slimmer, a three-day cleanse is a standard amongst actresses. The latest Hollywood craze is Pressed Juicery’s tasty drinks, which are both healthy and delicious. It’s a win-win.

The Red Carpet Facial: Adoured by celebrities with glowing skin, Tracie Martyn’s “Red Carpet Facial” is legendary. Stars leave with radiant skin, reduced puffiness, lifted eyes and cheekbones and a redefined jawline. It is basically a non-invasive facelift, and one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. 59 Fifth Avenue – 212.206.9333

Eyebrows: No matter the form of removal – waxing, threading, tweezing – every woman has had an eyebrow horror story, except the lucky few who get their brows done by expert Anastasia Soare. For January’s Golden Globes, she worked with JLo, Heidi Klum and Megan Fox, to name a few. For the brow shaping of a lifetime, visit her Beverly Hills salon. 438 North Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA – 310.273.3155

Perfect Blowout: The most talented hairstylists in the world flock to LA during awards season to create covetable looks for A-listers. From intricate chignons to retro waves, starlets have so many interesting options when it comes to hair. At the recent Globes ceremony, Lucy Liu took a risk that paid off with a messy fishtail braid created by Andy Lecompte. Andy Lecompte Salon, 616 North Almont Drive, West Hollywood, CA – 310.273.4100

Glowing Skin: Porcelain skin is in right now…Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain are dominating the red carpet with their Snow White complexions, but there are still stars who love looking like they just got back from a tropical vacation. For those ladies, like Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria, St. Tropez brand is the top choice. It leaves a healthy, vibrant glow with no streaks and none of the dangerous side effects that could result from tanning beds.

Quick Fix Spanx: Stars have virtually perfect figures thanks to extensive diets, exercise and detox, but you won’t find one celebrity who will step out on the red carpet without this undercover wonder. Spanx is a gift to actresses and regular women alike. It just creates smooth lines and brings out the best in any couture gown.

Makeup: Most leading ladies keep their makeup simple on the red carpet to avoid making any beauty faux pas, but the real standouts take a risk. Jessica Alba looked incredible at the Golden Globes with her bombshell tangerine pout. Her beauty look was created by Lauren Andersen.

All of these steps together create the glamorous looks we see at the Oscars, Globes and Grammys. The results clearly pay off, but it’s exhausting! Do you think you have what it takes to get ready like a celeb?

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1.  Deep Tissue Massage – Rather than a classic massage that simply feels great, deep tissue helps relieve chronic pain, injuries, postural problems, muscle tension and more. Deep tissue massages use deeper pressure and slower movements than classic massages, focusing on areas of tension and pain. Relax was New York Mag’s pick for the best deep tissue massage in the city, but don’t let the name fool you… this is made for the tough girls. 716 Greenwich Street – 212.206.9714

2. Floatation – The ultimate in relaxation, during floatation you peacefully drift atop water that is saturated with mineralized salts. Floating rejuvenates the brain and skin, lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation. Head over to La Casa Spa to try it out. 41 East 20th Street – 212.673.2272

3. Body scrubs – Use body scrubs to eliminate dead skin cells, exfoliate and reduce cellulite. The best part is there are tons of great homemade scrub recipes that smell amazing and will leave your skin glowing. Try mixing a cup of sugar, ¼ cup honey, 2 tbsp of brewed tea and ½ tsp of almond extract for a quick and easy recipe! For an organic sea salt or brown sugar scrub, try Dtox Day Spa in LA. 3206 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA – 323.665.3869

4. Reflexology – This gentle massage therapy, which is essentially a foot rub, is helpful for a wide array of issues including stress, arthritis, insomnia and back pain. It has even been proven to help pregnant women with delivery by reducing labor time. Check out any of the Bliss spas around the world for a great reflexology session. In NYC? There’s Bliss Soho – 568 Broadway – 877.862.5477

5. Mud bath – There’s no better feeling in the world than taking a mud bath in the Dead Sea, but if you don’t plan on going to Israel anytime soon, there’s a more convenient alternative. Head over to your local spa to submerge in one of these baths that soothe your skin and alleviate aches and muscle pains. Venture out of Manhattan to experience a great mud bath at Euphora Medi Spa & Salon – 3815 Northern Blvd, Astoria, NY – 718.786.4558

6. Seaweed wrap – While you may look silly all covered in green, seaweed wraps have countless benefits. From slimming effects to rejuvenating skin, this detoxifying process is incredible. Try the legendary wrap at Susan Ciminelli Day Spa & Salon – 120 East 56th Street – 212.750.4441

7. Thalassotherapy – Thalassotherapy uses seawater, as well as sand, mud, algae and other marine objects. Treatments ranging from mud baths to whirlpools to algae masks provide calm and rejuvenation to the body. While offering many benefits, the main goal is to improve blood circulation. For an unforgettable Thalasso experience, visit the Mezzatorre Resort & Spa in Ischia, Italy. +39.081.986.111

8. Saunas – For some, saunas can be a little too claustrophobic and a little too steamy, but if you like it, it is the most relaxing and calming experience. Saunas relieve stress, relax muscles, flush toxins and cleanse skin. You leave the sauna feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Juvenex Spa features a unique sauna that is open 24/7, so it is available for you any time you need to let off some steam. 25 West 32nd Street – 646.733.1330

9. Turkish bath – Similar to a sauna, a Turkish bath includes a scrub and massage as well. It’s essentially a combination of a few on the treatments previously mentioned. A Turkish bath reduces stress and improves circulation. Open since 1892, Russian & Turkish Baths is the go-to spot for the authentic experience. 268 East 10th Street – 212.674.9250

10. Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy refers to the use of water as treatment. Treatments include baths, showers and body wraps. Hydrotherapy dramatically aids detoxification, loosens tense muscles, and helps with stress, aches, acne and colds. If you happen to be in South Beach, check out The Standard Miami – 40 Island Avenue, Miami, FL – 305.673.1717

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For years, Botox has been a savior to women longing to freeze time, pun intended. It’s a quick and easy way to recapture the porcelain days of youth. However, Botox has also gained popularity for its medical uses, such as treating neck pain, eye twitching, crossed eyes and muscle stiffness.

Arguably the most interesting recent use for Botox is using it to combat severe clinical depression. The Daily Mail reported that recent studies have discovered that injecting Botox into frown lines can drastically improve your mood. Scientists concluded that when people physically stop frowning (which can trigger negative emotions), they feel better. In a clinical study, researchers found that when the effects of the Botox wore off, depression symptoms returned. There is clearly a correlation there.

The FDA recently approved Botox as a treatment for chronic migraines and headaches. Now that’s not to say that a dermatologist visit should replace a Tylenol, but if it is an ongoing and severe problem, Botox could be a viable solution. It is injected into seven different sites on the head and neck, dulling the symptoms that accompany massive headaches.

Botox has also come to the rescue for people with severe perspiration problems and sweaty palms and feet. It can be injected into the problem areas to stop the glands from producing secretions, blocking the nerve supply in the sweat glands, effectively reducing perspiration.

Who says that vanity can’t contribute to medicine?

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The best kept secret for radiant skin is often a good dermatologist. In the last decade, some of them have become real celebrities, catering to Hollywood actresses and socialites, and creating their own lines of skincare. These range from Dr. Murad’s anti-acne and anti-aging solutions to the “Baron of Botox” Dr. Brandt’s no needles potions to Dr. Perricone’s pills and diets.

Here are some of their best sellers:

Dr. Brandt pores no more pore refiner: Hides pores, absorbs oils and mattifies shine. $45 –

Dr. Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum: Restores clarity and evens skin tone. Reduces sun spots and age spots by 33% in 1 week. – $60 –

Dr. Perricone Blue Plasma: A non-acidic daily peel for brightness and glow. With Salmon Roe Enzyme and Copper. $95 –

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Peel- 45 Application Jar: This patented two-step facial peel diminishes wrinkles, reduces pore size and dark spots, and improves skin tone and texture. $128 –

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins – Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum: It helps defend against silent skin-agers, calms, soothe and makes skin more resilient. The result: visible aging is slowed. $115 –



If you thought women doing anything and everything for the sake of beauty was a new world problem, guess again. Women have had little beauty tricks for centuries. Here, in chronological order, is a list of classic beauty secrets.

1. Hair Extensions – Extensions and wigs have been around for a long time…even Cleopatra was a fan! The trend came back in the ‘70s, and it has been a celebrity staple ever since.

2. Hair Dye – Another beauty trick that stems from ancient Egypt. Egyptians would use henna to camouflage their grays.

3. Artificial Nails – During the Ming Dynasty of China (1368-1644), noblewomen wore very long artificial nails as a status symbol. Even though they have been around for literally centuries, fake nails had a resurgence in popularity in the late 20th century.

4. Vaseline – A true beauty multitasker, Vaseline was trademarked all the way back in 1872. From extending lashes to making skin silky smooth, it is truly a girl’s best friend.

5. Eyelash Extensions – False lashes were discovered in quite a glamorous way: in Hollywood, of course. In 1919, a director wanted his leading lady to have lashes that would “make her eyes shine larger than life.” The modern day technique of single lash application gained popularity in Korea in 2004.

6. Concealer – Max Factor launched the first commercially distributed concealer in 1938. This compact miracle worker covers everything from blemishes to dark circles. It’s really a makeup lifesaver.

7. Wonderbra – The Wonderbra brand was released in 1939, but the iconic push-up we’ve come to associate with the company was launched in the US almost sixty years later, in 1994.

8. Sunless tanning – Fake or spray tanning rose in popularity in the 1960s, after the public became aware of the negative effects of too much sun exposure. Just be careful not to turn orange…no one thinks an Oompa Loompa tan is attractive!

9. Laser hair removal – For many women, hair removal is just another errand, a part of their extensive beauty routine. In the mid-‘90s, laser removal was introduced and changed absolutely everything. It was the first hair removal technique that could yield permanent results.

10. Spanx – The most recent beauty trick is a product we can’t imagine ever living without! Sara Blakely launched Spanx only twelve years ago, in 2000, but it has truly made a difference in the way women get dressed. How could something so simple and genius take so long to be invented?

Wonder what’s coming next…

Photo: Eva Herzigova in Wonderbra’s Campaign circa 1994


By Kimberly Taylor

When you think of the beauty and skin care line Philosophy, one thing comes to mind: beauty comes from the inside out. Choosing skin care products is a very personal experience. There is loyalty involved, trust, and a price put on what beauty and skin care is worth. When cleansing and applying makeup, women are in their own space and frame of mind, taking time out for themselves. They’re reflecting on how they would like to present themselves to the world. With hectic schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, this time and these rituals can be easily dismissed as routine. Other than the quality of their award-winning skin care and cleansing products, Philosophy offers daily reminders that beauty is a gift a woman gives to herself. Their clever and inspiring packaging is a way of exercising positive skin care and a positive outlook on life. Some of their most famous product collections are: Hope in a Jar, When Hope is not Enough, Here Comes the Sun and, Full of Promise. The uplifting lengthy messages on each package are fabulous, but even the titles alone say it all.


My Personal Favourties:


Kiss Me exfoliating lip scrub. I used to use the old toothbrush and warm water trick to exfoliate my lips. While old habits die hard, this one went out the window when I discovered this product. It makes my lips soft and smooth, and it’s put to best use before applying a matte lipstick.


Keep The Peace protective color corrector with SPF20. I use this product as a primer to even out my skin tone. It leaves my skin feeling so silky I sometimes skip foundation altogether. Also, I’m particularly choosy when it comes to moisturizers that have sun protection. Here, I get the SPF without the greasy feeling.


Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleansing cloths. Having tried so many cleansing cloths on the market, this is by far my favorite. My grandmother always told me if the skin on your face is paper, the skin around your eyes is tissue paper – treat it as such! Those words of wisdom pop into my head every time I remove my eye makeup. With particularly sensitive eyes to begin with, these cloths do the job without any irritation whatsoever. You don’t even have to rinse after use, which is an added bonus.


Christine Chin, facialist – Legendary facialist Christine Chin has many high-profile fans (including Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Salma Hayek) who can vouch for her highly effective treatments. While the method is uncomfortable, clients are left with noticeably more radiant skin in about twelve hours. 82 Orchard Street -tel. 212.353.0503

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – The fun cosmetics at this Ludlow Street store are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. With tons of shadow and lip colors, the possible combinations are endless. 174 Ludlow Street – tel. 212.675.2572

FSC Barber – This retro barbershop in the back of Freeman’s clothing store is for guys who appreciate a skilled haircut with carefully curated products. 8 Rivington – tel. 212. 673.3209

Pimps and Pinups – Following the success of its London predecessor, Pimps & Pinups opened up on Stanton Street. Specializing in retro, glamorous looks, this salon has a devoted following. 101 Stanton Street – tel. 646.861.3766

Frank’s Chop Shop – This barbershop, located in a former yarmulke workshop, caters to local clients (from hipsters to hedge-fund dudes). 19 Essex Street – 212.228.7442

Fringe – Perfect place to get that ‘indie gal” cut. 248 Broome Street – 212.674.8383

Tommy Guns – The first location of this old school London barbershop, with skilled hair stylists for men and women. 138 Ludlow Street – 212.477.1151

Fox and Jane – Tiny three-seats salon is a favorite hangout for girls getting ready for a night on the town. 154 Orchard Street – 212.837.2774


Colorado-born Caitlin, author of this week’s Beauty Adventure, shares her beauty routine that ensures she’s always ready for her close-up.

First thing in the morning, I start off with Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Facial Hydrating Cleanser. It really wakes me up and feels so refreshing. I begin my makeup routine with NARS Sheer Matte foundation and oil-free primer. Another NARS product I love is their blush in Torrid. My go-to eye shadow brand is Givenchy. My favorite nail polish brand, though, is far less expensive: Forever 21! Another inexpensive product I ‘adour’ is Burt’s Bees chapstick.

My skin routine is very specific. I sometimes use Camellia Oil (which is often used by Japanese pregnant women) and almond oil to soothe my skin. I make a homemade facial out of a mix of lemon juice, brown sugar and honey. I exfoliate with red wine: I apply it as a mask and leave it on for ten minutes. It pulls the redness out of my skin! I also love CeraVe moisturizer. At the end of the day, I rely on Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir.

To keep my platinum blonde hair color intact, I use Joico Color Endure Violet shampoo. Dop Dop, on Mercer Street, is my favorite salon. Jo Preston is the only person I trust with my hair – she’s incredible.

Jen’s Beauty Fix Report

By Jennifer Hakimian

These are the moments that any woman dreads. The wax burning your skin, the orange fake tan, the embarassing haircut… you trusted them to make you beautiful but something went wrong and now you have to go into hiding. Here are some home remedies for real bad bad beauty.

Burned by wax

The first step to relieving a wax burn is to immediately run cool water over your skin. Let it run for at least five minutes. Next, put some ice on the burn. Apply pure aloe vera gel to sooth it. Continue applying aloe vera three or four times daily until the burn goes away. If the burn is on your body, cover it with a bandage. If the burn happened to your face, avoid putting makeup on the irritation. Let your skin breathe for a few days. You can also take ibuprofen to help relieve the pain.

Horrible fake tans

The issue with a fake tan is that when it’s good it’s great, but when it’s bad it’s a disaster. If you find yourself resembling Snooki, start the recovery process by putting baby oil all over. Wait thirty minutes, and then take a nice long bath. Use a washcloth to gently exfoliate your skin. The orange-y color should dissipate.

Bad dye job
If you used a semi-permanent dye, it is pretty easy to fix a bad dye job. Just wash your hair with a clarifying or dandruff shampoo a few times within the first 48 hours. These shampoos are known to strip hair of color.
If the dye is permanent, it’s harder to remove. Your best bet is to go to the salon where you dyed your hair, and have a color-correction specialist fix it up.
Bad haircut
There’s not much you can do to remedy a bad haircut. Either cut it shorter or wait until it grows out. But there are some tricks to make the growing out process less obvious.
First, don’t wear your hair straight – this accentuates uneven layers and makes a sloppy cut more apparent. Curly hair acts as a kind of camouflage. Also, experiment with your hair part. Parting your hair from the other side could hide unevenness. If you’re desperate for long hair quick, you could always put in extensions. Just make sure they look natural to avoid making one of our beauty faux pas!