WHY WE LOVE ORLANE (Plus, a Giveaway + Exclusive Gift with Purchase Code)

Orlane B21 Extraordinaire

Orlane is a French skincare brand that epitomizes elegance, luxury and beauty. Founded in 1947, the high-end brand is one of the premier leaders in anti-aging cosmetics. Their scientific approach to beauty truly sets them apart from other brands, and gives customers the ability to almost ‘cheat time’ in terms of how their skin radiates and glows. Keep reading for some of our favorite products from the legendary line, details on a phenomenal giveaway (valued at $290) and an exclusive promo code!


How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

get rid of puffy eyes

No amount of concealer in the world can hide puffy eyes. You can cover up dark circles and fine lines, but puffiness is not as easy to hide. It can be caused by a number of things from stress to allergies to, commonly, fatigue. The easiest way to reduce puff? Get a good night’s rest…but I know that’s easier said than done. Thankfully, there are many products, tips and remedies to de-puff and ensure your eyes look fresh and well-rested. So whether you’ve had ten hours of sleep or pulled an all-nighter, no one will be the wiser!


20 Cheat Sheets to Help You Up Your Makeup Game

20 beauty cheat sheets

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and that’s especially true when it comes to makeup. From infographs to pictorials, we’ve rounded up twenty visuals that will help you make sense of your makeup. Whether you’re a newbie who wants to learn the basics or a total beauty addict who wouldn’t mind a refresher course, we can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new! Keep reading to discover these game-changing beauty charts.


Why Women Should Consider Shaving Their Faces

women shaving face

The taboo has finally been broken. Women shaving their faces is one beauty ritual that has been done for decades behind closed doors. Both Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, two of the most legendary beauties in Hollywood, were fans of the hair removal technique. Facial shaving removes peach fuzz and takes off the top layer of dead skin, which allows skincare to absorb better and makeup to sit more naturally on your face. Shaving also increases cell turnover rates, essentially acting as an excellent anti-aging tool and exfoliator – ever wonder why men tend to look about five years younger than they really are? All kidding aside, keep reading to learn about facial shaving and see if it’s right for you.


Extravagant Holiday Gifts for the Ultimate Beauty Addict

extravagant holiday sets 2015

Holiday time is the season of giving, but what do you give the beauty lover who already has everything? Scroll through for the most opulent, extravagant, unnecessary-but-definitely-covetable beauty gifts out there. From a lifetime supply of La Mer to caviar-infused facial cream encased in an actual caviar server to a fifty-piece Tom Ford lipstick collection, each gift is more luxurious than the last!


25 Ways to Use Coconut Oil: Beauty Edition!

coconut oil

There are lots of multi-tasking beauty products out there: a lipstick that doubles as blush, shampoo that can work as a body wash…but how many products have literally dozens of possible uses? Coconut oil is one of a kind. While it was originally intended for cooking purposes, beauty addicts soon caught on. This cure-all product can do everything from moisturize skin to whiten teeth to keep hair shiny and healthy. One of the best things about this natural, organic oil is it’s easy to find: visit almost any supermarket or health food store, and odds are you’ll see coconut oil on the shelves. Grab a big tub, and use it for everything from your dinner to your skincare routine! Read on for 25 of our favorite beauty uses for the miracle product that is coconut oil.


I Tried a 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine…Here’s What Happened

korean beauty routine

For years, I’d accepted that I had good, not great or flawless, skin. I would get the occasional breakout, get a little oily in my T-zone – all things I could solve with a blemish treatment or toner. Over the past few months, I began seeing blog posts and photos of girls with perfect skin who attributed it to one thing: Korean skincare. Safe to say, I was intrigued. Could I potentially wake up to skin that wouldn’t have to be concealed and covered up with makeup? Could my dark spots fade without pricey laser treatments? I began looking into this miracle routine, to see if I could picture doing it everyday. When I saw that the typical regimen involved ten steps (twice a day!), it was daunting. Ten steps?! Before I began this routine, I would give myself a huge pat on the back if I managed to cleanse, tone and moisturize at night…now I’m expected to add seven more products to that routine? Twice a day? Insanity.

I gave up before I even started, but for whatever reason, Korean beauty wouldn’t escape my mind. I just had to give it a shot; see if it could really give me dewy, beautiful skin. About a month ago, I decided to take the plunge. I began doing the ten-step Korean skincare routine, and I’m proud to say I’ve kept it up. The first week was tough – so many steps – but it gets easier. I actually look forward to it now. At night, I take my time – I play music, put on masks a few times a week…it feels like a little spa day. During my hectic mornings, I go through the steps at a quicker pace: I can get through the entire process in 10-12 minutes. Keep reading for all of the steps, the products I use and how my skin has changed as a result of K-beauty!