I Finally Got Lash Extensions My journey from lash envy to lash love


It’s true. I’m obsessed with lashes. To me, no makeup look is complete without a good coating of mascara or some fabulous false lashes. If I’m staring at your eyes, I’m probably checking out your lashes. Yep. Sorry. It’s not you, it’s me.

I recall the first time I had even heard about lash extensions. A few years back, I was at a Fragrance Foundation event in Manhattan and Amber Katz of the awesome beauty blog Rouge18 was seated at my table. Her lashes were insane! I mean, they were full and gorgeous with just the right amount of curl. They weren’t clunky or spider-looking; they were simply magnificent. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over and asked her, “what mascara are you wearing?” I have to admit, I was kind of embarrassed as I didn’t know her that well, but I needed to have those lashes. She replied ever so sweetly, in a quiet whisper, “they are lash extensions” WHOA!!! This is where it all began. (more…)



Riding on a Vespa never looked so romantic! Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck cruised around town in the classic film, Roman Holiday.