Being a makeup artist in Los Angeles is a unique opportunity. In her fascinating career, Christine Choi has worked on everything from film sets to magazine shoots and red carpets. She graciously took time out of her busy schedule to speak to The Daily Pamp about her chaotic and rewarding job. We also couldn’t help but notice her gorgeous and fierce hair, an attribute that caused her to a strange “encounter” on set with a skeptic celebrity.

You have worked on so many different sets, from editorial to TV to film. Which one is your favorite?

Film is definitely my favorite. Everyone’s like a little family on set and I really enjoy the energy. I’m able to get creative and come up with my own character designs including special makeup effects. Watching your work come to life with each character is rewarding.

What beauty products we can always find in your purse when you are not working? 

Lip lacquer, mascara and lip balm.

You have worked for Playboy. How was working with sexy pinup girls different from other models or celebrities?

The key difference was being comfortable around nudity and understanding and realizing the art behind it. Also, working with celebrities I bring personalities to life, whereas with Playboy models I bring a certain look to life.

What advice can you give to someone who would like to have a career as a makeup artist?

Number one step is to take a professional course and get the proper training. Do your homework and always listen to your mentors. Professionalism comes with experience so building your resume, portfolio and credentials is extremely important. Educate yourself with business etiquette as a makeup artist and always stay loyal to the ones that helped you launch your career.

What is your favorite Pampadour feature?

I really enjoy uploading images and sharing products and tips that the general public don’t know about. So many people ask me if I’ll ever put together beauty tutorials. I would love to one day, but with my demanding schedule I find it easier uploading images with tips on this site. Also, I’m able to answer questions quickly.

What’s your craziest Beauty Adventure?

I remember one time when I was working on a film a celebrity asked me if my hair was real. I said yes. She didn’t believe me and yanked on my hair to see if extensions would fall out.

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