ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips Have Arrived!


Our love for ColourPop has been well documented on the blog. ColourPop is a brand that is constantly striving to make their line bigger and better – they release new products or colors on a near-weekly basis and, no matter what, their prices remain affordable. While we obsess over pretty much all of their launches, we haven’t been so excited for a new CP release as we are for the new Ultra Satin Lips! Like their famous Ultra Matte Lips, this is a line of liquid lipsticks that comes in a wide variety of colors. The key difference is the new ones have a satin finish. If you’re wary of liquid lipsticks because they’re drying, give these Ultra Satins a try. All of the reviews have noted that they are super comfortable to wear (they’re a hybrid of a liquid lipstick and a creamy lippie) and long lasting. While they’re not completely transfer-proof like most liquid lippies, they will not fade – these will last from morning ’til night. Check out the swatches from Leslie Alverado, above – these lippies look good. Keep reading for more swatches, photos and videos…if you weren’t convinced you need Ultra Satin Lips in your life, you will be once you’re done with this post!


ColourPop knows that colors can look completely different on different skin tones. It’s usually a subtle difference, but it can sometimes be extreme depending on the lip color. To minimize the risk of any surprises (ordering what you think is a light pinky-nude and it turns up chocolatey brown on your lips), they always show swatches on three different skin tones. Check out these amazing swatches, above. From top down, the shades are Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, London Fog, Lyin King, The Rabbit, Panda and Marshmallow. Ultra Satin Lips will be available on on February 25. Each shade will retail for $6.


Here are swatches of all sixteen shades – though they will definitely be adding more colors to the collection if it’s a hit. ColourPop always has such a great variety of color options – multiple nudes, brights, deep and dark shades, and even bold hues like gray and lilac. (Photo via @makeupbyjesi)


pau dictado

Pau Dictado is wearing the shade Prim, and it is absolutely stunning. Combined with her beautiful silver hair, this is a showstopper. So glam.


Rose of @RoseandBen always thinks of the most flawless, creative, yet wearable looks. To complement her sparkly neutral eyes, she added the Ultra Satin Lip in Dopey. This mid-tone pink is the type of shade that would flatter almost everyone.

rose and ben

In this photo, Rose turned up the drama with a swipe of London Fog. What a striking true red. Bright and bold, this is a perfect red for a big night out.


This unique brown shade is a mix of two of the Ultra Satins: Toolips and Frick’n’Frack. ColourPop always comes up with the most creative names, and they usually give a hint as to what the name means in the product details. It’s like being in on a little inside joke with the CP community. (Photo via @naye0na)


makeup by jesi

Jesi of @makeupbyjesi is wearing Frick’n’Frack here, which I’m predicting will be one of the most popular shades in the line. It’s a wholly unique color – a browny-nude with a subtle orange undertone – yet it’s something that would look amazing on a wide range of skin tones.

If you need ‘live action’ swatches to really get an idea of the product, check out these incredible swatch and review videos, below.

Kathleen Lights is the best – she always gives her honest opinion on products. She’s not the biggest fan of the Ultra Mattes – a lot of people complain that they’re far too drying. That being said, she loves the new Ultra Satin Lips. According to Kathleen, the formula is phenomenal. It’s a mix of the Ultra Mattes and a creamy lipstick, and extremely comfortable to wear. It lasts all day, and has just a little bit of shine, though it becomes more matte as the day goes on. Check out her swatches, above.

Vicky Logan will make you want to purchase literally every single shade in this collection! Even the most bold colors look effortlessly cool on her. Check it out, above.

Liz Heart shares her thoughts and swatch of the entire Ultra Satin line. Check it out, especially if you have a medium-tan skin tone and want a better idea of how the shades would look on you.


What do you think of the Ultra Satin Lips? Will you be trying them out? Let us know in the comments below!