Being that May is Melanoma Awareness Month, we will be sharing some of our favorite sunscreens and tips for keeping our skin healthy and looking good all month long. We want products that don’t make us look like a white-faced crazed sun hater or like a shiny, sticky, greasy beast. We want to feel clean and beautiful without fear of getting sunburned or wrinkled up like a Sunkist raisin.

The red banner of CoTZ sunscreen caught our attention at a recent BeautyPress Spotlight Day event. Well, I for one had never come across their products before and boy was I in for a treat. CoTZ stands for “Contains Only Titanium & Zinc Oxide.” This product was developed to provide maximum protection for individuals that need extra protection or may be photosensitive. This line of healthy mineral sunscreens offers a nice range of products: Pediatric, Sensitive, Face and Pure. These products have no synthetic ingredients, preservatives or chemicals. I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder of this sun care line, Dr. Harry Fallick. He began his career as a board certified plastic surgeon, didn’t love what he was doing, and began Cotz. Yay for us!


The first thing that came to mind when I heard zinc oxide were the summers my mom forced me to wear the white pasty zinc from the local pharmacy. Apparently my mom was one of the few who was ahead of her time. While our friends worked on their tans, she supplied our community pool with tubes of zinc and extra sun hats. The zinc would often end up in my eyes, and it wouldn’t wash off without carefully scrubbing my skin with a washcloth till it was almost raw. Let’s just say my memories of zinc oxide were less than favorable, and I was nowhere near getting voted cutest girl. But, this sunscreen is a far cry from what I used to use. CoTZ offers a soft, sheer matte finish and has virtually no smell at all. After applying it to my hand, I watched it disappear, leaving no residue at all. Being that it isn’t sticky, has no offensive smell, and doesn’t leave you with a white film on your face, I’m also thinking that my kids won’t object to wearing it. That means less time I have to spend chasing them on the beach with sunscreen in my hand and more time doing my favorite beachtime activities!