Creative, Simple Ways to Organize Your Makeup

DIY Makeup Organizer

A few months ago, I finally hit my breaking point. I was fed up with reaching blindly into my messy makeup bags and drawers to find the beauty product I was looking for. I could go through six cabinets and drawers before finding my concealer…in my purse. I decided enough was enough – it was time to organize my makeup. I went to my local Bed, Bath & Beyond, bought some acrylic drawers, and I can honestly say it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. There’s nothing quite like finding the lipstick you’re looking for instantly. The time I spent doing my makeup in the morning was cut in half, and my AMs were much less chaotic. Read on for some of our favorite makeup organizers, plus fun DIY options!

Clarity Wide Stacking Collection

Clarity Wide Stacking Collection – This is what I use to organize my makeup. These stackable, acrylic drawers are perfect for storing products. I keep my lipsticks and the product I use daily on the top shelf and everything else in the drawers. Just buy more as you add to your beauty collection!

Lori Greiner Spinning Cosmetic Organizer

Lori Greiner Spinning Cosmetic Organizer – This spinning organizer is perfect for quick and easy access to the products you use the most. Keep your brushes and lipsticks in the top compartment, and bigger products on the base.

Door Solutions Over the Door Mirror and Cosmetic Organizer

Door Solutions Over the Door Mirror and Cosmetic OrganizerReally want to save space? Invest in this hanging organizer, which includes 5 trays, 5 removable clear purchase, a makeshift table with mirror and lighting. It’s roomy enough to fit everything from your makeup to your skincare to your hair products, but all the space you need is the back of a door!

byAlegory OrganizersbyAlegory OrganizersbyAlegory Organizers

byAlegory Organizers – If you have a lot of space, I highly recommend byAlegory’s organizers. They have tons of different shapes and sizes, plus a wide variety of colors. There are specific options for your lipsticksliners, eyeshadows and more. Get your neat freak on!

Lips-n-Eyes Two Piece Makeup Organizer

Lips-n-Eyes Two Piece Makeup Organizer – If I’m not careful, I can easily spend one to two hours behind my mirror, experimenting and playing around with my makeup…aka I’m almost always late. That’s what’s so great about this innovative organizer. With a quartz clock squarely in the middle of the organizer, never lose track of time again!

InterDesign Vanity Organizer Cosmetic Tray with Mirror

InterDesign Vanity Organizer Cosmetic Tray with Mirror – I need this ASAP. I’ve been on the lookout for a magnifying beauty mirror for a while…it makes eyeliner application immensely more precise and easy. Since the actual storage space is slightly small, limit this organizer to just your eye products – primer, single shadows, gel liners, some brushes, cotton balls and eye makeup remover. It can be your little eye makeup haven.

Are you more of a DIY lover? Scroll through these creative options we found on the web and get inspired!

DIY Makeup Dividers

Put dividers in your desk drawers. Group shadows with shadows, hair products with hair products. Instant organization!

DIY Makeup Organization

Stick acrylic holders on the back of cabinets to double your space.

DIY Makeup Organizer

Never deal with dusty brushes again! Use straw dispensers to keep your brushes clean and organized.

DIY Makeup Organization

The Sephora method: fill up jars with beads or coffee beans and stick your brushes in them. This will keep them separated and easy to spot. Great for anyone who has a different brush for everything.

DIY Makeup Organizer

I adore this idea. Repurpose empty mason jars or candle holders to make a chic and unique vanity. Add some of your pretty perfume bottles to the mix too!

DIY Makeup Organizer

Use a spice rack to showcase your most beautiful perfumes and bottles.

How to organize your makeup

…or even a cake tray!

How to organize your makeup

Definitely going to use this idea: I have so many palettes and nowhere to keep them. Use a magazine rack to keep all of your palettes in one place.

how to organize your makeup

Wow, wow, wow. Love this homemade vanity table! It’s the perfect way to see all of your products at once. To fully understand how to set it up, click here.

how to organize makeup

Possibly the most advanced of these DIY hacks: a magnetic makeup board. Stick a metal board on your wall or door and apply adhesive magnetic stripes onto the backs of your beauty products. Voila!

Hope these ideas inspired you to start spring cleaning your makeup! Let us know which method you decide to go with in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR!

  • Great Blog, because who doesn’t dream of organized makeup!!?? A big challenge with keeping makeup organized is when it “migrates” from the beautiful magnetic board or the awesome drawer that uses dividers to a purse to a makeup bag. We’ve all been there, I know my mascara is in here somewhere! Where’s my eyeliner? I can’t find my… only to make an emergency stop to pick up another item because it’s not with us when we need it.

    Google Beauty Butler and see for yourself another simple great solution for makeup organizing woes at home and on the go. When your makeup is clean and organized, it’s more fun to use… I Promise –Mr. BB

  • Love this, I always look up these posts, I have over 100 palettes and I always find myself coming up with new storage ideas

  • Chic

    Love these ideas. I have a few cosmetic bags and some clear boxes but these ideas are so pretty!!!! Going to redo my makeup area this weekend♡♡♡♡

  • Laurie

    LOL! No one solution will work for this makeup junkee! I need about 4! Ex Cosmetic Sales Person Diva with too much makeup