Dr. David Colbert, one of NYC’s most prominent dermatologists, counts some of the world’s most beautiful women (including Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley, Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts) amongst his clients. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to get an appointment with the doc, we can at least get a taste of his treatments with his stellar Colbert MD line of products. We asked him about the skin problems that afflict most of us with age, from dark spots to wrinkles to the loss of toning.

What would you recommend for getting rid of dark spots?

Firstly, always rule out anything suspicious or dangerous to your health. See a dermatologist and have them evaluated medically. If they are just age spots, or hyperpigmentation, one can use Retin-A plus a Hydroquinone bleaching agent. You can use Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs 3 times a week to speed along exfoliation of the pigment.

In my office we use various chemical peels and lasers, as well as the Triad Facial to reduce brown spots. The Triad Facial uses Microdermabrasion, Laser Toning and a light chemical peel to really deliver great results. The medlite laser, or the Varilite laser, will reduce brown pigments. For preventive care, wear your sunscreen religiously!

As far as anti-aging goes, can you recommend any products or tips for firming skin?

In general, it’s a good idea to target all the layers of tissue to get the best results. This means you need to target the skin, the dermis underneath and the fatty sheath under that. When all three are addressed, we get the best results and tightening. Modern cosmetic dermatology has come a long way to help keep you looking younger for longer. At my dermatology practice, New York Dermatology Group, I like to address these issues with:

– Titan: An infrared light which heats up the collagen in the skin itself.
– Ultherapy: An ultrasound that heats & tightens up the underlying muscle.
– Coolsculpting: It shrinks the fatty layer & hence tightens and firms even further.
– TruSculpt which is heat-generated fat cell disruption. It will tighten the lower layers of tissue on a long-term basis.

For skin toning with products, I developed Colbert MD Stimulate Serum to boost collagen and restore the skin’s vibrancy. It uses Glycolic Acid to enhance the overall quality and texture of skin and diminishes hyper-pigmentation as new skin is revealed.The Gotu Kola herb acts as a building block for collagen.

If wrinkles and fine lines have begun to appear, what would you suggest for making them less noticeable?

– Use Retin-A 3 times per week at night. See your dermatologist for a prescription.
– Use Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs 3 times per week on alternate days of Retin-A.
– Apply 2 drops of face oil twice a day. I added an anti-aging boost to Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil with Retinol & Vitamin C Esters.
– See a board certified dermatologist & undergo laser toning once every few months, or try monthly glyocolic acid peels.
– Always wear SPF 30+ every day.

Finally, if you have dark circles or puffiness around your eyes that seemingly doesn’t go away, what should you do?

Use a great eye cream, have an allergy test to rule it out as a cause. Lack of sleep & poor general health should be addressed. If your diet is junk food it can cause puffiness everywhere.

In my own line I tried to address these issues with carefully selected ingredients in Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream. I used Ascorbyl Glucoside (a potent Vitamin C derivative) to lighten dark circles & reverse aging dyspigmentation. I also added Aescin. It improves micro-circulation and reduces puffiness while fighting inflammation.

In office treatments for under-eye hollows are filled in with fillers, like Restylane.

If you have heavy fatty bags under your eyes, it needs to be addressed by an Oculoplastic Surgeon. They do an actual extraction of fat deposits from under the eyes.

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