Lately I have been obsessing over skin care products so when Pampadour received Perlier’s Imperial Honey line I jumped at the chance to try out their creams.

Whenever we think about nourishing creams, we usually look toward oils like coconut oil, but Perlier steps outside the box and uses black bee honey and Royal Jelly. What’s so special about these two ingredients? Black bee honey is no ordinary product – it is one of the most valuable and rare honeys in the world. The other key ingredient, Royal Jelly, is regarded in the beauty world as the “eternal youth elixir.” It is arguably the most effective anti-aging product, save for actual cosmetic procedures. To put it simply, these products WORK. Honey actually has a lot of properties that are beneficial for your skin. It nourishes, protects and softens your skin, while also being an anti-irritant. So if you have sensitive skin, honey-based products like Perlier’s Imperial Honey line can be your best bet. Honey includes humectant (which attracts and locks moisture into your skin), antibacterial substances for acne and antioxidants for anti-aging benefits.

Perlier was able to concentrate the sweet honey smell throughout the entire Imperial Honey line. If sweet smells are what you’re into, you’ll be sniffing this intoxicating cream all day.

From body butters to hand creams, this line features a wide variety of moisturizers for your body. After trying out some of their products, I must say that the Marvelous Nourishing Body ButterMarvelous Protection Hand Cream and Imperial Drops Marvelous Super-Nourishing Cream are my favorites of the line.

The Marvelous Nourishing Body Butter melts as it touches your skin. The texture is velvety and smooth and with the combination of black bee honey and royal jelly, this concentrated body butter is great for the cold winter when your skin may start to crack.

A travel-friendly hand cream is always a must. The Marvelous Protection Hand Cream comes in a small tube that you can stick in your bag for easy travel and has a very small opening so that the cream doesn’t get all messy. One little drop on the palms of my hands goes a long way and the softness stayed put for hours.

Denser than the body butter, the Imperial Drops Marvelous Super-Nourishing Cream is suited for people that want something a bit richer in texture. You can see gold colored drops in the cream but once it’s on your body the drops dissolve This cream is best to use right after the shower when your pores are open.

Honey is phenomenal for hydrating and protecting skin, and the Imperial Honey line did a fantastic job in making honey the star of the show.
Do you use honey in your beauty routine? If so, let us know what products you use in the comments below. And to discuss and discover more new beauty products, head over to Pampadour.com!


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