Breast cancer brings many difficult and overwhelming changes in a woman’s lifestyle.

Recently launched, is the first ever community and shopping site for women’s breast cancer lifestyle needs. It’s so hard to know and difficult to find what you need during each stage of breast cancer, and the site offers all of these answers and products in one place, together with full community support.

CureDiva wants to help women feel like “Divas” before, during and after treatment. Founded by Efrat Roman, Tovi Rigler and Ester Gofer, together with two of the Born Free baby bottle founders Dan Vigor and Gil Lemel.

With product reviews, forum discussions, blogs and “do and don’t lists” for recently diagnosed women, the platform is organized according to each breast cancer stage, and leads women directly to the solutions they require, from retail items to tips, blogs and discussions relevant exactly to the phase of treatment they are in.

In addition, there’s CureDiva’s community of “Guardian Divas”: women who have had breast cancer themselves who will be able to offer real answers and provide support and clarity to users.