It is every girls’ dream to be able to pull off that sultry and sexy red lip, but to pick just any crimson lipstick can backfire. Based on your skin tone and undertone, different shades of red will complement your face. Everyone can pull off the classic red lip – it’s all about finding the perfect one for you. Read on for our guide.



When you have fair skin, watch out for blue-red lipsticks. There are rare instances when this can work on porcelain skin, but in general blue-red and ivory skin doesn’t make a great combo. It tends to look extremely harsh. Orange-based reds will look lovely on fair skin with yellow or pink undertones. By Terry’s Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in Bang BangNYX’s Round Case Lipstick in Eros and Ted Gibson’s Charice are all beautiful options.



Medium skin tones with olive and golden undertones can pull off virtually every shade of red, but to make your lips really pop try pink and true reds. Try Kat Von D’s gorgeous Studded Kiss Lipstick in Underage Red or Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick in 69.



For darker skin tones with cool undertones, steer clear of anything too bright because it will create too much of a contrast and look harsh. A blue-based red lippie will bring out your beautiful coloring: try MAC’s legendary Ruby WooLipstick Queen’s Medieval and NARS’ Scarlet Empress.


Trial and error comes with searching for the right shade of red. You may find that a blue-red lippie works well with your fair skin, or maybe the orange red looks subtle on your dark skin. Play around until you see what is the best fit for your classic red lip! Tell us your favorite red in the comments below and on!


Images via Hair Love & Makeup and Cult Beauty