Gel manicures appear to be a nail trend that’s here to stay. Iffy about making the switch? Read on for the pros and cons of this nail phenomenon.


– The obvious major advantage of a gel manicure is that it simply will not chip. Even for those who manage to chip their nails after one day with a regular mani, your gel nails will stay intact for at least two weeks.

– Do you compulsively pick at or bite your nails? This is a great defense against curbing those habits. The gel is too strong to bite or pick off, so you will gradually lose that urge.

– Nails that are painted with regular polish lose their shine after a few days. This does not happen with gel painted nails. Up to three weeks after application, nails will look just as glossy as when you left the salon.

– It is an absolute no-brainer that you should get a gel manicure before major events like a vacation, wedding or graduation. I recently had a lot of weddings in a row – my burgundy gel mani lasted for three events!


– It’s pricey. If you look into it, there are varying deals, but in general, gel manicures cost roughly $15-20 more than a regular manicure. You have to decide if that is worth it for you.

– Even though there is no drying time, the entire process takes longer than a typical manicure. With all the extra filing, buffing and prepping, you’re going to be sitting in the salon chair for a while.

– Since gel is a newer technology, the colors available are far more limited. If you’re not super picky, this should not be a problem, but don’t expect to have ten different shades of fuchsia to choose from.

– Industry experts say that gel doesn’t damage your nails, but experience tells me that it does. Each time I get a regular manicure post-gel mani, it chips even quicker than usual, leading me to believe that the gel made my nails weaker. This is just an observation, everyone’s nail are different!