Say Bye to Cellulite with CelluBlue


Okay, when when I first laid eyes on this blue silicone cup at the BeautyPress Spotlight Day event on May 5, I immediately thought, oh no, not another #KylieJennerChallenge lip suctioning device. Images raced through my head of poor young girls bruising their face in hopes of achieving beautiful plump lips…little did they know, Kylie has been getting lip injections all along. I quickly learned that I was oh so wrong. In fact this little blue cup aims to diminish the look of cellulite on your skin and has been a favorite product of many French women for years now.

The amazing and energetic team of CelluBlue gave me a wonderful demonstration in their super chic French accents. I’m partial to French accents. It soothes me, as it reminds me of my late mother so they had my full attention. 🙂 I learned that CelluBlue can treat all kinds of cellulite, and it’s suitable for all skin types. It’s meant to reproduce the famous palpate-roll massage that is well known for the reduction of cellulite. This little cup is made of 100% medical hypoallergenic silicone and the cups contain no plastic, no PVC and no phthalates. Sounds good so far!

So how do you use it? The first step is to apply a fair amount of your favorite body oil (check out our beauty oil breakdown, here!) to your target area. Apply firm pressure to the sides of the CelluBlue to release air and place the cup on the chosen area without releasing pressure. Slowly let go so that your skin is immediately sucked into the suction cup. Now, start with vertical motions gliding the cup over your skin. It should slide easily, if it doesn’t, you may need more oil. Do this for 3 minutes. After that, continue massaging left to right for another minute. Next, make circular motions for another minute. If you have very deep cellulite press the CelluBlue firmly into your skin without taking it off. You need to do this process everyday for 3-4 weeks to see results.

If all it takes is 5 to 6 minutes a day to make my legs look better, I’m all in. I promised myself that I would start this weekend. Word of caution: I have read a few reviews on the product and apparently there is slight bruising the first time you use it and some level of pain or discomfort, but with continued use, these issues go away. I guess it’s kind of like the first time I used that torturous Epilady device. I screamed my head off and thought my mother, who used it religiously, was getting me back for all the grief my teenage self caused her, and the inventor of the Epilday was a sadist. After a while, that was also pain-free and I had silky smooth, beach-ready legs in just a few minutes. I will update this post after I have tried CelluBlue out myself. Seeing is believing.

Check out this helpful video for how to use CelluBlue! What do you use to deal with cellulite? Will you try CelluBlue? Let us know in the comments below and on Pampadour!