Everyone has that one beauty-obsessed friend – and if you’re a Pampadour fan, you probably have more than just one! So what do you get for the girl who loves all things beauty…but already has every shade of lipstick and shadow in the world? Read on for our suggestions:

Diptyque Candles – The luxurious –  and expensive! – candles are famous for a reason: elegant and sophisticated, they’re like no other candles in the world. The most popular scent, Baies, smells like “a rose garden by the water’s edge.” Words don’t do their fragrances justice, though. Just trust us, your giftee will love you.

OCC Lip Tar All-Star Mini Set – Perfect gift for the Lip Tar fan! This 4-pack features some of OCC’s best-selling shades, plus a lip brush. These vegan lip colors stay put like no other, so this kit will last your gift recipient quite a while! 

MAC Masterclass Brushes – The beauty world is buzzing over MAC’s new collection of brushes. Just take a look at them; they’re like nothing we’ve seen before. They kind of resemble toothbrushes, which is pretty much how you use them…instead of tapping or stippling, you should glide these brushes along your face. The set of three brushes should cover all your beauty needs.

Cosmo Bag – Ever spend ten minutes looking for a certain eyeliner, then lose patience and just go for a different look? It won’t happen again if you get the innovative Cosmo makeup bag! The design opens up so that you can immediately see all the contents of your makeup case – never lose a product in the shuffle again!

Harry Josh Pro Dryer – This hairdryer by celeb hairstylist Harry Josh is creating quite a stir. The breakthrough technology minimizes frizz while being energy-efficient and reducing drying time. If you want to gift the best of the best, this is your go-to.

ELF Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette – You won’t believe the price tag, but yes, this is really only fifteen bucks. Featuring pretty much every color underneath the sun, this is what you call a bargain! Have a blast experimenting and playing around with this 144-piece eyeshadow palette.