How to Give Yourself a Perfect DIY Pedicure

DIY Pedicure

Heading to the salon to get your nails done is one of life’s little luxuries, but sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to venture out. Follow our guide to give yourself a professional DIY pedicure from the comfort of your own home…for a fraction of the price.


-Nail polish remover + cotton balls

-Epsom salt

-Pumice stone + foot scrub


-Nail clippers

-Nail file

-Buffer block

-Cuticle oil + orange stick

-Toe Separaters

-Base coat, top coat and a nail polish of your choice!

-You can round up these products individually or invest in a pedicure set that has everything you need, like Happee Body’s Lavender Foot Spa in a Jar! It has such a cute, homemade feel to it – check it out in the photos below. The set also makes for a great, unique gift.

Happee Body Lavender Foot SpaHappee Body Lavender Foot Spa

Step 1: Make sure your toes are polish-free by using a cotton ball and non-acetone remover (like Cutex) to remove any polish residue.

Step 2: Soak your feet in a lukewarm, Epsom salt bath for about five minutes. You can use a basin, foot bath or even your bathtub. Use this as your spa time! Read a magazine, listen to music…it’s time to relax!

Step 3: Take your feet out of the bath and begin scrubbing the bottom of your feet with a foot scrub (love this cooling one by The Body Shop) and pumice stone. Exfoliate in circular motions, focusing on the rougher areas of your feet. After the scrubbing session, rinse and pat dry with a towel.

Step 4: After you’ve exfoliated, it’s time to moisturize! Grab your favorite lotion and rub it into your calves and feet.

Step 5: Next, take your clippers and cut each nail straight across. Follow that with a coarse nail file to shape your toes into the desired shape – for toes, I think a square-oval shape looks best. Then, take your buffer across the top of each nail to create a smooth surface for your polish.

Step 6: Apply a tiny drop of cuticle oil to the base of each toenail. Let it soak in for a minute, then gently push back your cuticles using an orange stick. You can also use the stick under your nails to remove any dirt.

Step 7: Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and remove any excess oil off your toenails. This will ensure your pedi lasts as long as possible!

Step 8: Put toe separators on your feet, and sit in a way that you can comfortably reach all of your toes. Apply a base coat to create a smooth surface for your polish. Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat is a drugstore classic.

Step 9: Paint on two, even layers of the polish of your choice. My current favorite polish brand is Formula X – it applies so well, the brush is easy-to-use and it stays chip-free for at least a week. To apply your polish like the pros, swipe it down the center, followed by the two sides. Keep in mind that your pedicure will look better and dry quicker if you use very thin coats of polish.

Step 10: Top coat is under appreciated – not only does it add shine, but it smoothes over any imperfections or ridges. It’s a necessary step, especially when doing your own nails. If you want to add some extra life to your pedi, swipe on a fresh coat of top coat after one week. My personal favorite top coat is Essie’s All In One, which also acts as a base coat and strengthener.

Voila! That’s all it takes to get a salon-quality pedicure (for a perfect DIY mani, click HERE) at home. What will you do with the forty bucks you’ll be saving every month? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR.COM!

Cover image via Attitude Salons.