Diorshow Mascara

As the weather gets warmer and we begin to break out the sunnies and shorts, and if you’re anything like me, you give your makeup bag a summer switch-up. Long gone are the days of heavy foundation and powdery blush – it’s too hot and your makeup will literally melt right off your face. Overhaul your collection with some fresh water-and-sweat-proof cosmetics. Read on for our summer must-haves – grab them in time for Memorial Day!

BB Creams

Liquid foundation is one of my favorite products – nothing provides coverage like that, but during the summer you can visibly see it caking and melting off. Not cute. On top of that, most foundations don’t have SPF, which you must wear every time you step into the sun. In recent years, BB creams have become super popular, and with good reason! The super light creams are hydrating, melt-proof and contain SPF. Some of the most well reviewed on Pampadour are Smashbox and Maybelline’s. If you need a bit more coverage, go with the slightly heavier Smashbox CC Cream – it corrects dark spots and contains SPF 30! If your skin barely needs any coverage, go with a tinted moisturizer – Laura Mercier’s is a classic.

Waterproof Concealer

If you’re anything like me, you need to wear concealer at all times. No beauty woe is worse than gorgeous eye makeup being overshadowed by unsightly dark circles. To ensure your concealer doesn’t fade away halfway through your beach day, go waterproof. We have two favorites – one higher end and one drugstore, both incredible. Make Up For Ever is on top of the waterproof game (we’ll get into their Aqua line a little later…), and this concealer is no exception. Long lasting, full coverage, oil-free, this will stay put through even the hottest of heatwaves. The inexpensive alternative is by NYX’s Incredible Waterproof Concealer and rings in at a wallet-friendly $5! Trust me, this will stay on even when you’re swimming laps in the pool…they don’t call it Incredible for nothing.

Water Resistant Blush

Not sure why, but many people are hesitant to try cream blushes. I guess it’s the mystery of the unknown – many don’t know how to apply it, how to blend, etc. (Hint: dot it on with your fingers! If you feel like you might’ve used to much, use a Beauty Blender or sponge to diffuse it a bit.) Cream blushes will sink into your skin and stay put – powder will feel heavy in the sweltering heat. Two classics that I’m using right now are Stila’s Convertible Color and MUFE’s HD Blush.

Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

The eyes have it! From mascara to shadows and liners, there are TONS of waterproof eye makeup options. In terms of mascara, nothing beats Dior. It grabs every lash, volumizing and lengthening. Grab the Azure Blue mascara for a fun twist. The new MUFE line of Aqua Matic shadow pencils is unbelievable: they glide on and stay on. Use the super pigmented, waterproof pencils as shadow or thick liner. On top of that, the color selection is gorgeous – ranging from funky neon colors to neutral everyday shades. As far as straight up liners go, Stila’s is pretty great. The famed Stay All Day waterproof liquid liner has definitely earned its name – seriously: go for a dip in the ocean and this stuff will not budge. Plus, they recently added fun colors to the range, including vibrant pink. So go ahead and sport it for a relaxing day in the sun!

For much more product recs, tips and tricks regarding waterproof summer-ready makeup, visit PAMPADOUR!