There’s something very confident about rocking shiny gray hair – Miranda Priestly, anyone?! Unfortunately, though, gray hair tends to be dry, which translates to frizz and a dull color. Follow these tips to ensure you get the most striking, beautiful shade of gray possible.

Increase Salon Trips: Grays usually split quickly, so make sure to keep up with those visits to your hairstylist. Get a trim every two months or so to make sure ends don’t fray and get messy.

There’s Something in the Air…: More than ever, pollutants in the environment and UV light can cause serious damage on your hair. Wash every other day to keep hair bright and luminous. Use a hydrating and brightening shampoo and conditioner, like Phyto Phytargent Brightening Shampoo and Aveda Blue Malva Color Conditioner. Since gray hair can take on a yellowish tone, many of these silver-specific shampoos have a violet toner which will counteract the shade.

Bare Minimum: One of the biggest perks of going gray? Less products to worry about! Ditch the gels, pomades and serums – these products can have a counter effect of coating grays and making them appear dull and dusty.

Go Bold: When it comes to makeup, wear a pinkish blush (a rose or peach shade), rather than something in the beige family. This prevents washing your skin out next to the striking silver.

Confidence!: Quite frankly it takes guts to step out with a hairstyle that others might be afraid to rock. Step out with a smile and show how chic, elegant and stunning gray hair can be. Who says only guys can be ‘a silver fox’?!

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