Gwen Flamberg, the talented and gorgeous US Weekly beauty editor, reveals her life as a natural redhead. Do reds have more fun? It certainly looks like it!

I have been a redhead all my life. I am the only one in the family that took it from my paternal grandfather, as my dad is blond, and my mom and my sister have dark hair. There is a sweet story behind it. Before I was born, my grandfather wasn’t well, and while he was at the hospital, my mom paid him a visit. She told him he had to get better because her next child will have his great red hair. He got better and soon after, her prediction came true: I was born with the brightest orange hair!

Growing up having such pale skin had its limitations, as the hot look at the time was the tanned California glow and, of course, I could never get tanned. But with time I realized that having red hair made me unique, and that was actually a good thing. When I was fourteen, a local hair salon hired me and two other girls, one blonde and one brunette, to promote them in the neighborhood. People were much more drawn to me, and it felt very empowering.

To have a unique look helps me in my career as a beauty writer as I feel that I can connect with my readers, because I am not “the norm”.  Of course, this comes with many clichés, some good and some bad, such as a predisposition to a hot temper, super sexy, very jealous… Is it true? Well, there is some truth to anything in life…

In any case, I have always embraced it and never colored my hair, until two years ago, when I realized that the red was fading a bit, a normal thing that happens with age. My fabulous colorist Harry Josh (who also works with supermodel Gisele) lightened up the ends and gave me back my radiant color.

At times, I felt there were some limitations to what I could wear and what makeup I could use with red hair, but all of these fears have gone out the window with the way fashion is evolving. There are no more rules. I have no problem wearing red lipstick or a pink dress. Remember Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink? She looked adorable with her red hair and pink outfits, she was an innovator! I also wear orange and fuchsia lipstick, but I never skip mascara. Sometimes, I go for beige lips with smokey eyes, but I am very picky with these nude colors. They need to have a hint of pink… if not, they would look too grey on me.

Hollywood is certainly celebrating reds at this time. Christina Hendricks and Jessica Chastain, for example, were among the numerous redheads on the red carpet this year. During awards season, I usually have too many blondes on the magazine page, but now there are too many reds!

I like the freckles on my body, but I tend to cover the ones on my face as I feel that they give me too much of a “girly” look. My beauty regime includes Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense for my face (it’s tinted) and Sun Bum SPF 50 for body sun protection (it smells sooo good), but, of course, I try to stay out of the sun.

For my hair, the Royale Deep Conditioning Power moisturizer and all Philip B products, including the Drop Dead Straightening Baume.

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