Halloween Nail Art Inspiration!


Halloween is tomorrow! Let your nails do the talking with some festive nail art. Fun nail art can take your look to the next level. If you’re going out sans costume, your nails can take center stage…or you can complement your costume with nail art that will add an extra oomph. Get inspired with some of our favorite designs from Instagram!


Both of these looks by @stephstonenails are pretty easy to recreate at home. Just invest in a nail striper to be able to draw the designs.


Use a sponge to create this cool and sophisticated take on Halloween nail art. Paint your nails jet black, then using a sponge, lightly tap on orange polish. (Photo via @julepmaven)


If you’re dressed up as a leopard or cheetah, this accent nail would be the perfect subtle touch! (Photo via @lucinhabarteli)


@banicured_’s looks are always so creative. This spiders and ghosts nail art is just adorable.

@banicured_ 2

Couldn’t resist adding this @banicured_ look inspired by everyone’s favorite friendly ghost. Casper nail art is perfection.


Candy corn nail art is a Halloween classic. Swap out the yellow/orange/white for any other colors, and this is a design that can easily work year round. (Photo via @thenailtrail)

@thenailtrail 2

This splatter design by @thenailtrail is bloody good. If it’s too gory for you, swap out the white and red for orange and black, or whatever your heart desires!


The muted color palette of this look by @thumbsupnails (black, white and a deep red) is oddly sophisticated. From spiders to webs to blood and stars, this busy look is so cool.


That purple color is stunning! The little spider top coat adds a cute Halloween touch. (Photo via @chelseaqueen)


Nostalgia! 3D nails inspired by that classic candy from the good ol’ days. @lil_nishi used Ciate’s Caviar Manicure and painted over each individual dot.


Grab your nail striper and create this simple black-and-orange zig-zag pattern! It’s such an easy design that only looks like it took a lot of effort. (Photo via @dailyenail)


Why so serious? Batman fans, this Joker design would complement any Batman/Catwoman costume perfectly!! (Photo via @dndang)


Boo! Jack-o’-lantern nails are a Halloween staple. So charming. (Photo via @charsnails16)


In a sea of orange and black, it’s always nice to see a splash of bright color! This vivid ‘slime’ look by @margarita_onthe_rocks is so fun.


This pumpkin design would work on both Halloween or Thanksgiving! So soft and pretty. (Photo via @so_nailicious)


Love this chic, ombre nail art by @princesslexiii! Black and red look so glam together. This would honestly work through the entire fall and winter.


Another Batman-inspired look! @kt_tk1 created this interesting bat-in-the-sky design.


How adorable is this?! Hello Kitty meets ghost…this is the most precious design yet! (Photo via @hdinails)

@hdinails 2

Love this sugar skull design by @hdinails! Rock it on Dia de los Muertos.


Ooh, how cool is this design by @aliciatnails? Spooky eyes go glam.

Which Halloween design is your favorite? Are you going to have Halloween-themed nails this weekend? Try these yourself or take it to your favorite nail salon. Let us know in the comments below and on Pampadour!