Lingerie is one of the most beautiful types of clothing, but it is also the most delicate. To ensure that your feminine La Perlas and Cosabellas stay in perfect shape, you should know how to launder them properly. Read on for our tips.

Simple bras and lingerie can go through your machine’s gentle cycle. For cotton and synthetics use all-purpose detergents, while using mild for lace. (Try Tocca’s new Delicato da Viaggio Set. 50% of sales will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation throughout October!) To protect your delicates from snagging, place them in zippered mesh bags. You can pick up Tide Fine Washables bags from The Container Store. It’s always best to air-dry to prevent any damage. Plus, hanging them on a wire with clothespins elicits such irresistible nostalgia.

For pieces that are even more fine and delicate (for example, silk), hand washing is the way to go. We love Delicate Wash by The Laundress or Hanky Panky’s Lingerie Wash Powder. Let pieces sit in either warm or cool water, then squeeze the suds gently. Rinse and roll in a towel to absorb all the water, then add them to your clothesline!

Photo via Hanky Panky