High Quality, Low Prices: NYX Swatches and Review!


NYX has always been one of my favorite drugstore brands. The prices are fair and affordable, the quality is almost always fantastic and they are consistently coming up with interesting, new products in both wearable and daring colors. What’s not to love? Keep reading for swatches and thoughts on some of their most beloved products, from shadows to lippies to that buzz-worthy contour kit!

Butter Lipstick Butter Lipstick Swatch

Butter Lipstick Swatches (Top to Bottom): Sugar Wafer, Cotton Candy, Licorice

NYX Butter Lipsticks really live up to the name – they are the most buttery lipsticks ever. So creamy and easy to apply; you can easily forget you have something on your lips. I’ve never tried a more moisturizing lipstick. The pigmentation is not that intense, which many people prefer. I think it’s great for daytime – a quick swipe and you’re ready to go. I prefer a heavier, matte lip at night. Also, these swatch very differently than they look in the tube, so swatch it on your arm before buying! ($6)

Intense Butter Gloss Intense Butter Gloss Swatch

Intense Butter Gloss Swatches (Top to Bottom): Napoleon, Berry Strudel, Toasted Marshmallow

The line of Intense Butter Glosses made a big splash when they were released a few months ago. It’s the same non-sticky, comfortable-to-wear formula as the iconic Butter Glosses, but with way more color. You don’t even need to wear a lipstick underneath these ultra-pigmented glosses, but I strongly recommend a lip liner, as they tend to bleed. Toasted Marshmallow is a gorgeous shade for fall, and Berry Strudel is beautiful for purple lovers. ($6)

Soft Matte Lip Cream Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatch

Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches (Top to Bottom): Abu Dhabi, Ibiza, Transylvania

The Soft Matte Lip Creams are probably my favorite of NYX’s stellar lineup of lip products. They wear like a stain, but feel weightless and they’re not drying at all. You can wear them on their own, or you can put a sheer gloss over it to add a little dimension. The color selection is impeccable – there are nudes, pinks, reds, deep shades…anything you could possibly want! ($6)

Prismatic Shadow Prismatic Shadow Swatch

Prismatic Shadow Swatches (Top to Bottom): Tin, Jaded, Bedroom Eyes

If you haven’t tried NYX Prismatic Shadows yet, run! don’t walk, to place your order. These buttery, pigmented shadows are perfect. The swatches above are from one swipe, and you get that kind of color payoff. They’re extremely long-lasting and vivid. What sets it apart from other shimmery shadows is that there’s no fallout, so you get that pigment look without that pigment mess. They make an impact. ($6)

Colored Mascara Colored Mascara Swatch

Color Mascara Swatches (Top to Bottom): Perfect Pear, Pink Petals, Purple

NYX’s Color Mascaras are a fun, summer staple in my beauty routine. I don’t like the idea of splurging on something I know I won’t use that often, so I love how affordable these are. The quality is phenomenal for the price. The colors really pop after a few swipes and lashes don’t clump. I think it looks best on bottom lashes or at the tips of your top ones, to keep it fun, but not costume-y. Out of the three swatched above, the green is the most vibrant, but all of them are beautiful. ($7)

NYX Color Correcting NYX Color Correcting Swatch

Color Correcting Concealer Swatches

NYX’s Color Correcting Concealer truly has it all – there’s a shade to address every skin concern. I was very impressed by how smooth and creamy this palette was, and the shades don’t crease (just set with a little powder!). They were all easy to blend and the kit as a whole is fun to play around with. If you’re curious what each shade means, check out our Concealer 101 guide! ($12)

NYX Contour Kit

NYX Contour Kit Swatch

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Swatches

At $25, NYX’s Highlight & Contour Pro Palette is significantly less expensive than most of the popular contour kits on the market. I would actually say it’s a solid dupe for Anastasia’s Contour Kit – the texture (a bit chalky) reminded me of it. Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Palette is more buttery and soft. One type isn’t better than the other, it’s simply a matter of preference. Drier powders, like NYX’s, could work better with oily skin types, since it can mattify your face. The NYX one swatched beautifully. Since there are eight shades in the set, it can work on many skin tones. ($25)

NYX Bronzer NYX Bronzer Swatch

NYX Bronzer Swatches (Top to Bottom): Illuminating Bronzer in Magnetic, Matte Bronzer in Medium

NYX has both Matte and Illuminating Bronzers. Matte is ideal for contouring, while illuminating is perfect for an all-over glow. The illuminating one was a bit too orange as a bronzer for me. I would use it as a highlighter. It’s honestly gorgeous – buttery, illuminating, shimmery, but I would not call it a bronzer. The matte one is a solid, standard matte bronzer – a little chalky, but with good color payoff. I would use it when I want to contour, but don’t want it to be very intense. ($9)

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Disclaimer: NYX Cosmetics sent these products, but opinions are fully my own.

  • The colored mascaras seem so much fun! I have never seen pastel-like mascara colors, just the more earthy or blueish ones. Really cool! Would have loved to see them one.