How to Get Natural-Looking, Fuller Brows

Brooke Shields

Bold, albeit groomed, brows have been in style for a while now, but the trend seems to be moving towards a more natural, unfussy territory. 2016 is all about the full, bushy, brushed-up brow. We’ve seen this look in the past: note Brooke Shields all the way back in the ‘80s, above. Now the boyish brow is back with a vengeance. Keep reading to discover how to achieve them (even if your brows are naturally thin), the products to use, video tutorials and more.

Ashley OlsenGigi HadidLily Collins

The photos of Ashley Olsen, Gigi Hadid and Lily Collins, above, give you an idea of what the ideal ‘boy brow’ looks like. Effortless, full, a little messy and very chic. Keep reading to discover how to get the look.

STEP 1: Begin by using a spooley to brush up your brow hair. Don’t be alarmed if it looks a little crazy – once you apply your brow products, it will all come together. You can often find a spoolie on the end of a brow pencil, like the Anastasia Brow Wiz. If you’re looking for a spoolie brush that isn’t attached to a product, try this Sonia Kashuk one – it’s only two dollars!

STEP 2: The biggest thing that sets this look apart from the bold, yet groomed brows of a few years ago is the lack of an arch. Two years ago, everyone seemed to have very defined arches. If a stray hair appeared a few days later, it would immediately get plucked. Now, it’s all about letting those strays stay. Allow those little hairs to grow in. (If you need a little help in that department, consider using a brow serum, like this one by RapidLash.) Then, take a pencil and lightly fill in that area to create a straight-across look.

STEP 3: It’s time to fill in the rest of your brows. My advice is to go with the product you’re most comfortable with. For me, that’s a brow pencil followed by a coat of Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel. I feel it creates the most natural look. For you, it might be a powder (try NYX’s Eyebrow Cake Powder) or a pomade (everyone seems to be talking about Maybelline’s Brow Drama Pomade Crayon). One product that truly took the beauty world by storm was Glossier’s Boy Brow. It’s a multi-tasking formula that thickens, grooms and fills in brows in one swipe. It was sold out for a long time, but it’s currently available in all three shades on Glossier’s website. Pick it up while you can!

STEP 4: After you’ve filled in your brows, take a clear brow gel to brush your brows up one more time. This will not only keep them in place all day, but it will also remove any excess product (especially if you used powder) and create a more natural and smooth appearance. I’ve mentioned it earlier in the post, but honestly nothing compares to Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel. It’s holy grail status.

STEP 5: For a little extra oomph, you could choose to use a brow highlighting pencil on your brow bone. It will help define your brows further, and create a lifted and luminous look. Just swipe it onto your brow bone, and use your ring finger to blend it in. Try Benefit’s High Brow or NYX’s multi-use Wonder Pencil.

STEP 6: For a finishing touch, grab your spoolie and brush up those brows one last time. You’re good to go!

Check out the videos by Topshop and Maria Fe Leon, below, to see just how easy the brushed-up brow is to achieve.

Images via BeautyEditor, Stellar, Pinterest, Olsens Anonymous

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