How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

how to make hair color last longerEver since I began coloring my hair, friends constantly ask me if I would recommend they start doing it. I love my new lighter, brighter hair color, so yes, if you have the urge to do it, definitely go for it. It’s another way of expressing yourself, and just like a haircut or new makeup style, it’s only temporary. There’s nothing to lose. That being said, maintaining your hair color requires a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance. If you’re not careful, it can oxidize and look brassy very quickly. Keep reading for products, tips and tricks to make your new hair color last longer.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

Don’t Shampoo Every Day: Washing your hair every day can make your hair color fade a lot faster. Try to reduce the amount of times you wash. If you’re a daily washer, try to minimize it to every other day, then slowly make your way to every three days if possible. If you’re worried about oily-looking hair, invest in a good dry shampoo…it’ll keep your hair looking like you just stepped out of the shower. For a great, inexpensive option, try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.

Bumble and Bumble’s Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo

When You Do Wash, Color-Protect: Using normal shampoos and conditioners won’t damage your hair; it just won’t protect it, either. Shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair will seal the hair cuticle, so the dye will stay locked in. There are specific shampoos and conditioners for each individual color, but there are also hues that work for all tones, like Bumble and Bumble’s Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner.

Rinse with Cool Water: Women with beautiful, full, bouncy hair often reveal their ‘hair secret’ is rinsing with ice cold water. I’ve tried it before, and it’s…cold. If you can’t imagine rinsing with freezing cold H2O, try a lukewarm temperature. Scalding hot water, while a comforting feeling, is one of the biggest reasons for quickly fading color. On that note, also make sure to only stand with your hair under water while you’re rinsing…minimize the amount of water contact to prolong fresh color.

Sun Bum’s 3 in 1 Leave In Hair Conditioner

Watch out for Chlorine: Hair tends to fade more quickly during the summer – the mix of sun exposure and chlorine takes a toll on dyed hair. For a day spent by the pool, make sure to spritz your hair with a special hair sunscreen. Try Sun Bum’s 3 in 1 Leave In Hair Conditioner. It keeps color from fading, while also preventing split ends and controlling frizz.

L’Oreal’s Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray

Protect Your Hair Before Heat Styling: Flatirons and curling wands are honestly not great for maintaining color, but you gotta do what you gotta do. If straightening your hair is a must, make sure to use some sort of heat protectant before. L’Oreal’s Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray can protect hair up to 450 degrees, plus it’s on sale on right now for less than six dollars!

Pantene ProV Airspray Hair Spray

Don’t Use Alcohol-Based Styling Products: If alcohol is listed as one of the first five ingredients in your hair products, put them away. Try to look for alcohol-free mousses, gels and hairsprays to prolong the life of your color-treated hair. Some fantastic, and affordable, options include TRESemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse, Pantene Pro-V Airspray Hair Spray and Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Styling Gel.

Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction

Mask It Up: Dyed hair is dry hair…unfortunately that’s a fact, and something you should know before taking the plunge with hair color. It’s important to keep your hair hydrated to ensure a longer-lasting dye job. Use a hair mask once a week to extend the life of your color. After shampooing, I like to apply Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction to my hair, comb it through and leave it in for up to twenty minutes. After rinsing, hair feels softer, silkier and looks shinier.

JOHN FRIEDA Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine

Glaze at Home: When you get your hair professionally dyed, the stylist will typically recommend coming into the salon for a glaze every few weeks to add some shine between colorings. A little secret you should know is that a glaze isn’t something you need to make a trip to the salon, or shell out money, for. Use John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine once a week for a boost of shine.

Do you have any favorite tips or products for protecting color-treated hair? Share in the comments below!