Before and After: Incredible Makeup Transformations


Earlier this summer, YouTube beauty guru NikkieTutorials posted a video to her channel that proved “the power of makeup.” The video was intended to shut down outspoken makeup haters and shamers, and it sparked a viral movement. (The power of the Internet, too!) People all over the world began posting photos to social media of their half-made-up faces, to show that they’re beautiful both with and without makeup. Gorgeous Samantha Ravndahl also posted her before-and-after, above, a while back, which really put her on the map. Makeup isn’t about hiding or being ashamed of who you are – it’s about feeling confident, having some fun and loving yourself. Scroll through for some of our favorite before & after transformations that prove #ThePowerofMakeup!


The girl featured in this ‘glamsformation’ by @DramaticMakeovers has very good skin, so the difference between the two photos isn’t too extreme. The makeup mostly emphasizes her beautiful features, like her insanely gorgeous eyes and slight button nose.


The incredibly talented @JadeyWadey180 posted this look she did, and it is just stunning. Check out that glowing skin, using Gerard Cosmetics’ Star Powder for highlight and Bare Minerals’ Perfection Veil in Tan to Dark for contour.


This look is all about that unbelievable GLOW. @MayaBeaute used The Balm’s iconic Mary-Lou Manizer for the highlight.


This full face of glam is amazing! @PowderIncMakeup’s client was stunning to begin with, but this classically glamorous makeup really brings out her best features. Check out those cheekbones – don’t you just love a good contour?!


@SamerKhouzami IS the Contour King. He really puts the artist in makeup artist. Using cream contour, he can make anyone look like they stepped out of a magazine. I can look at his photos all day.


Strong brows can really make all the difference in the world. Obsessed with this look by @AnthonyCuts. He gave her some bold brows (courtesy of the one and only ABH Brow Wiz), falsies and some bold lipstick. Gorgeous.


@MyPaleSkinBlog often posts photos of her incredible transformations to cover up redness and acne. You cannot tell that she has even one imperfection on her skin. Amazing. To see how she conceals her skin, check out her YouTube channel.


What makes this wedding look by @Pipsqueeak so beautiful is that it’s completely natural, yet flawless. There’s nothing extreme about this look – neutral lips, a little mascara – but everything is applied perfectly.


@MaskCara posts a new makeover on her blog every Monday, so if you want more makeover fun, check that out. This look she did is so radiant, dewy and natural – absolutely love it.


@MakeupByTugba does a lot of bridal looks, which essentially means they specialize in immaculate, flawless looks that will last for hours. Everything about this look – from the perfect wings to the subtle contour – is stunning.

@powderincmakeup 2

This bride, whose makeup was done by the talented @PowderIncMakeup, is positively radiating! The secret? Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder…looks like it’s a product that’s worth the splurge.


@RebeccaShoresMUA posted this inspiring caption along with this photo, and it’s worth sharing:

“Wear makeup for you, wear what you like that makes you happy. Maybe that’s a bit of mascara and nothing else, maybe it’s a super contoured look with bright colors, do what makes you feel beautiful and what you enjoy. Use your face as a canvas to create on and have fun, but at the end of the day remember you are beautiful. Giving a stranger a smile, lending a listening ear, encouraging others and being kind is what is truly beautiful, with or without makeup.”


Kim Kardashian’s right-hand man, @MakeupByMario, did this look for his sister. So glamorous and beautiful! She looks half her age…the power of makeup.


Pampadour user @MeliAngel11710 posted this transformation of herself with and without makeup. She looks beautiful in both pictures. Love the difference of strong brow can make – you don’t need Cara Delevingne’s genes to have thick, bold, gorgeous brows! Fake it ’til you make it 😉

Are you inspired by these before-and-afters? Would you post your own? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR.COM!

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  • Thank you for sharing my photo!

  • Natalie Carmili-Mazloumi

    I saw the before and after makeup post (featured above) that @makeupbymario did on instagram a few nights ago. I was wow’d! His sister looks beautiful both with and without makeup but all her natural features are enhanced with the makeup. Love it!