Incredible Metallic Lipsticks…And How to Rock the Bold Look

metallic lipsticks

Like her or not, no one has the ability to turn a beauty look into a trend faster than Kylie Jenner. She recently added metallic liquid lipsticks to her Kylie Cosmetics line, and now it seems like frosted, glittery lips are everywhere you look. The sparkly lips are a fun, daring alternative to the ultra-matte lip looks we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few years. Keep reading for some of our favorite metallic lipsticks, plus tips on how to pull off the edgy look.


Kylie Cosmetics METALS: These are the liquid lipsticks that brought the metallic trend back to life. Available in four colors, ranging from a wearable rose gold to a bold deep navy, these are sure to make a statement. My personal favorite is Heir, the rose gold hue. Apply a nude lipstick, then apply Heir to the center of your lips to add some depth and dimension to the look – so glam. ($18)


NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream: NYX is consistently one of the most innovative, creative brands at the drugstore. If you want an extremely bold lippie, look no further than the new Cosmic Metals collection, which is full of intense colors like green, gray and vivid violet. There’s a fuchsia in the line-up too, for those looking for a comparatively traditional lipstick, but with this collection, I’d say the bolder, the better! ($7.49)


Milani Amore Mattallics: If you watch YouTube beauty videos often, you know that these Milani liquid lipsticks are considered to be the best at the drugstore. High quality at a low price point…what could be better? They’re available in eight beautiful shades of pinks, reds and purples. The only downside…they seem to always be sold out! Keep your eyes open at your local CVS/Rite-Aid/Walgreens because you definitely need this lippie in your life. ($8.99)

If you haven’t tried a liquid lipstick yet, or want to perfect your technique, check out this GUIDE to applying liquid lipstick flawlessly!


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Metallized: Urban Decay just had one of the biggest launches in beauty industry with their 100-shade Vice lipstick collection. The line features lipsticks in virtually every finish, but one of the most exciting is the metallic range. There’s a gorgeous, frosted light pink and an on-trend shimmery nude-mauve, but the clear standout is Junkie,  metallic green infused with gold glitter. If you want to get in on the metallic trend, but hate the feel of liquid lipsticks, give the Vice line a try. They’re super comfortable and long-lasting. ($17)


ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lip + Ultra Glossy Lip: You can always rely on ColourPop for two things: to be at the forefront of every trend and to be consistently affordable. A few weeks ago they released four super-metallic versions of their cult liquid lipstick, in shades ranging from a rose gold to a pinky-plum. Every shade is currently sold out, but they have metallic lip glosses available that look just as beautiful! Plus, glosses tend to be more comfortable on the lips. Try Tight Fit, a shimmery peachy-pink, or My Jam, a gorgeous golden nude. ($6)


OCC Lip Tar: OCC, also known as the original liquid lipstick, has undergone a major packaging overhaul the past year. Instead of those beloved squeezable tubes, the lipsticks now come with a more typical and easy-to-use doe foot applicator. The color range is vast and extremely unique. For the metallic look, try Synth, a rose gold shimmer, or get bold with Technopagan, an intense blackened purple with blue metallic pearl. ($16)


Too Faced Melted Metal: Too Faced’s Metal line is one of my favorite liquid lipstick ranges because it’s even more comfortable on the lips than a standard twist-up lippie. It doesn’t dry down to a completely matte finish, which usually adds to that dry feeling, so lips feel creamy and moisturized. There are eleven shades in the collection – eight Metals and three Chocolate Metals – so there’s something for everyone. ($21)


Lipstick Queen Metallic Lipstick: Lipstick Queen is always coming up with the most creative lipsticks – have you heard of their mood-ring-style lipsticks that change colors based on your lips? For their metallic line, they kept things simple: a metallic nude, red and wine. Grab them all and you’ll have every classic shade you’ll ever need. These lippies aren’t insanely pigmented, so you can use them during the day and add some sparkle to your morning routine. As always, the Lipstick Queen packaging is extremely luxe and durable. ($25)

Don’t shy away from a metallic lip color…it’s surprisingly easy to pull off! Try a metallic shade of a color you’re already comfortable with – I always reach for a metallic light pink or nude. It adds the perfect pop to a smoky eye. If you’re using a red, berry or even bolder color, try keeping the eyes simple: matte beige lids, no liner and lots of mascara. It’s such a cool and striking juxtaposition, and creates a thoroughly modern look.

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