By Kimberly Taylor

When you think of the beauty and skin care line Philosophy, one thing comes to mind: beauty comes from the inside out. Choosing skin care products is a very personal experience. There is loyalty involved, trust, and a price put on what beauty and skin care is worth. When cleansing and applying makeup, women are in their own space and frame of mind, taking time out for themselves. They’re reflecting on how they would like to present themselves to the world. With hectic schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, this time and these rituals can be easily dismissed as routine. Other than the quality of their award-winning skin care and cleansing products, Philosophy offers daily reminders that beauty is a gift a woman gives to herself. Their clever and inspiring packaging is a way of exercising positive skin care and a positive outlook on life. Some of their most famous product collections are: Hope in a Jar, When Hope is not Enough, Here Comes the Sun and, Full of Promise. The uplifting lengthy messages on each package are fabulous, but even the titles alone say it all.


My Personal Favourties:


Kiss Me exfoliating lip scrub. I used to use the old toothbrush and warm water trick to exfoliate my lips. While old habits die hard, this one went out the window when I discovered this product. It makes my lips soft and smooth, and it’s put to best use before applying a matte lipstick.


Keep The Peace protective color corrector with SPF20. I use this product as a primer to even out my skin tone. It leaves my skin feeling so silky I sometimes skip foundation altogether. Also, I’m particularly choosy when it comes to moisturizers that have sun protection. Here, I get the SPF without the greasy feeling.


Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleansing cloths. Having tried so many cleansing cloths on the market, this is by far my favorite. My grandmother always told me if the skin on your face is paper, the skin around your eyes is tissue paper – treat it as such! Those words of wisdom pop into my head every time I remove my eye makeup. With particularly sensitive eyes to begin with, these cloths do the job without any irritation whatsoever. You don’t even have to rinse after use, which is an added bonus.