Gloss48 founder Laura Bronner shares a really hilarious Beauty Adventure documenting one of her first forays into beauty… 

When I was little, I watched everything that my big sister did.  Everything.  When she was 13 or so, she started wearing makeup.  I am pretty sure she was only allowed to wear a few things – or maybe she only chose to wear a few things.  This was the late ‘80’s (yes, I’m old) and I distinctly remember that she wore Silver City Pink lipstick (sooooo cooool), blue eye liner, and clear gel mascara.   

I have no idea why she was using clear gel mascara.  To this day, I’m not sure why one wears clear gel mascara.  But I had to try it.

 I waited until I was alone and seized the opportunity to test out her magical mascara.  I brushed it on one set of lashes – and found that it BURNED!  I ran to the sink and tried to rinse it off, but my eye lashes were stuck together.  

I knew I wasn’t supposed to be using her mascara so I suffered in silence (well, probably a few whimpers) – rinsing my eye and picking apart my lashes. 

Turns out I had used clear nail polish as mascara.  And so began my illustrious beauty career!