Apparently, makeup has been an interest of mine ever since I was a child! I vaguely remember it happening, but after hearing it in detail from my parents a thousand times over dinner parties, it is by far my favorite beauty story. I was about 3 years old and my mother went to my daycare to pick me up. She noticed that my right eye had a black eye. She panicked, thinking that someone at the daycare had hurt me. She demanded to talk to the head owner of the daycare. The owner and a teacher explained that I came to daycare looking like that and they even questioned if there were any other people at home who may have done that to me. My mother was appalled and explained that she and my father would never lay a hand on me. My mom said that she kept asking me if my eye hurt and that I continuously responded ‘no’ with a puzzled look on my face. Then she looked carefully and noticed that there was a little shimmer on my eye. She touched my eye with her finger and the black eye smudged! It was eyeshadow! My mother grabbed my hands and also noticed eyeshadow embedded under my fingernail and faintly on my fingertips. I guess I had watched my mother apply makeup and wanted to mimic her behavior, but the way I applied it made it seem like I had a black eye! 

It’s a funny story when I think about it in retrospect, but it’s also endearing as I reflect on that now. My interest and passion for beauty and cosmetics has grown throughout the years. Even at the young age of 3, I understood from watching my mother apply her cosmetics, that makeup could be used as a vehicle to enhance our beauty. That statement might seem vain to some, but I think cosmetics can be helpful when it comes to building self-confidence. It can allow us to change how we look and feel. We can feel fierce, innocent, feminine, sexy, sultry- all by using the right products and that concept fascinates me. Makeup has allowed many women to feel empowered and build their self-confidence. I have given some of my friends makeovers and their reaction to the end result is priceless. We are all beautiful in our own way and I want women to realize their importance and self-worth. I hope that makeup can be that tool that allows them realize how beautiful they are- inside and out. Makeup definitely gave me confidence to radiate and I hope that through my videos, other women can find their shine as well.